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Samsung 860 EVO SSD 1TB $238.50 Delivered @ Shallothead eBay

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  • Oh man… Now I have trust issues. What's to say if I buy this you won't post another deal that's $10.80 cheaper :(

  • Looks like we got another price war on hand, maybe it will drop to $200 for 1TB.

  • And to think I just upvoted your older post like an idiot

  • Yesss! Still in the cart and hadn't checked out.

  • Just purchased the deal from Flash Pro $249. :(

  • Am I the only person getting "We ran into a problem. Please try again later." when I was trying to apply the coupon?

  • Good drive and not bad price I paid around $400 locally to rebuild my dads Early 2012 Mac Pro about 4 months ago full restart was taking around a minute 20.

    After replacing the drive with this, runs like a dream full restart 10 seconds.

    Info: There seems to be an issue with the 970 pro's, even Samsung recommended staying away from them.

    • 970 Evo's too?

      Link by any chance?

      • No it was a direct conversation they only mentioned pro,

        They took a nose dive in price and the pro's were marginally more expensive, when I said would I not be better with the pro being higher spec he said no

        I asked why considering the price drop.

        Nothing I'm prepared to state as a fact, that would cost me my job.

        That was enough me, besides we have already hit max transfer rates through the current bus system

  • Do i do i or wait?

  • Is it worth buying this as a storage drive or just stick with something like the Seagate Barracuda?

    • This drive would be best utilised as an OS drive for faster boot times, read/write. As a storage drive it depends on what you are storing and how quickly you want access to it. You will often see this used as a drive to improve PC performance, accompanied by a HDD for mass storage due to $ per GB.

      • That's only because of the high price of SSDs traditionally. I think as we see SSD prices continue to fall, people will increasingly forego HDDs altogether, even for storage.

        And if OP has only modest storage needs (ie 1TB is more than enough), then I would recommend this SSD puely because they are far more reliable long term. Of course, proper backups should always be made but that ever present looming threat of HDD failure becomes a non issue. Speed is just an added bonus.

    • This should be your slick games and programs installation drive, not for storing movies and other large files.

  • Is NVME significantly more expensive? Wondering if I should be hanging out for a deal on them.

    • Yes. Your motherboard would also need to support nvme.

    • I have 256gb Samsung 960 EVO NVME for OS.
      1TB Samsung 860 for Games and other programs.

      less than 10 secs windows. In game (DoTA 2) in 15 secs.

      Pretty sure you can buy an adapter. My Mobo was NVME ready.

      Its well worth the upgrade.

  • That is roughly what I paid for 250GB 2 years ago

  • This is outrageous. I swear I paid like $100 more for the last edition of this drive 6 months ago.

  • Damn these bargains! looks at drawer full of 860 Evo's

  • Do Shallothead have an ABN and tax invoice to claim TRS on this? Keen to get two and hit the threshold for TRS.

  • Just bought the 1tb Evo 860. Can't beat the value at this price. My 3770k / Z77 system will be happy.

  • bought one at $276, bought another at $238, i'll probably buy another at $200 at this rate

  • Hi
    Would anyone know if this fits a laptop?
    Asus k53s?

    The laptop currently takes 3 minutes to start up.

    I'm looking to increase the start up speed.

  • second time ebay code apply doesn't work on me, with both deals :(

  • Arrived today bought a 1TB Samsung 860 for $238.50