expired Double Data on Selected 24 Months Mobile Phone Plans @ Optus


Optus has almost all their 24-month post-paid plans, offering double the data for Optus My Plan Plus handset plans and My Plan Flex leasing plans.

My Plan Flex to the $105 p/month plan offering 200GB (100GB+100GB) of data

Link https://www.optus.com.au/shop/mobile/phone-plans#view-plans

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    ooooft….these prices are sooooooooo high on the note 9 and iphone.

    At least they're not as high as Telstra who are charging $4000 for iphone XS maxx 512gb, 30GB.


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    $135/50GB a month for the Max 256GB, is that a decent price? Normally $2049 to buy phone outright, plan is $3240, so effectively buying the phone and paying $50 a month for Optus with 50GB.

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      Meh deal

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      Better to spend another $5 a month and have 200gb, so $54.60 a month for 200gb

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        But if you're never gonna use 200gb, you're wasting $5 a month or $120

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          Get a data sim only plan and do data pooling and disconnect home internet? Also will need a 4g router

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          I just got rid of my ADSL as I got speeds of 1-3mbps and got a 200gb plan plus a cheap second plan to share data. I put the second sim in a Netgear Nighthawk M1 and get speeds of 35mbps (it's a 5g ready hotspot so will get up to 1gbps next year). The best part is that my work pays for most of the 200gb plan as it's my work mobile. You can easily use 200gb with 4k on Netflix.


          @carleast: It's not easy to know exact values of Netflix usage, as it varies based on the bitrate as much as the resolution.

          4K - ~3.5 GB to ~7 GB per hour

          Theoretically 200GB is 30-60 hours of 4K Netflix a month. However, there is considerable risk of exceeding the limit: $10 per 1 GB. Optus is fully aware of this, so it's often 4+ hours out-of-date (Optus warns it's up to 48 hours). If 4K Netflix was accidentally streamed for 10 hours extra, $350+. What steps need to be in place to make sure this doesn't happen? My phone can track and limit usage and it can be set roughly in sync with Optus (day of the month of new billing cycle). Will setting the warning and limit be enough?


          @carleast: very naive to think that you can watch 4k on 200gb a month, we're on Telstra cable and often exceed 200gb when the kids watch YouTube one or two hours a day. And it's just 1080p at most.



          Why you got a second sim? Cant you just use the 200gb sim on the router?
          Can you explain your logic? Because i really wanna use the 200GB at home on my 4g router


    Can i buy the iphone xs on 100+100Gb per month for 115$ every month?
    Then use the sim on my home's 4g router?
    And use the iphone on another sim?

    I dont have landline at my home so i already pay 80$ for capped at 15mbps 4g home boradbandfrom Optus


    How long is the double data offer on for does anyone know?


    @joshuah: The cheapest Optus portable modem is $60. It usually works smoothly for 3 months and (~25mps) then drops to 7-10mps regularly. I exchanged to a new one several times, got the same issues.
    Maybe a $200 Netgear modem helps to utilise 4g speed.


    @carleast: How do you use Optus sim on that Telstra's Netgear Nighthawk M1?

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