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[QLD, Nth NSW] Free Meal with Mug or Large Coffee Purchase @ Coffee Club (Selected Stores)


This deal is back again but only in QLD and northern NSW.

Purchase a large takeaway coffee or mug of coffee between 8-10am and receive a
FREE Eggs, Tomato and Toast

Or, purchase a large takeaway coffee or mug of coffee between 2-4pm and receive a
FREE Half Chicken Flat Grill or Eggs, Tomato and Toast
(see below)!

Limited time offer. Not to be used in conjunction with VIP, on public holidays or with any other promotional offer. One offer per person. Offer only valid with a mug or large takeaway coffee purchase (does not include cold coffees or other hot beverages). Additional items, upgrades or changes to product will incur a charge. Valid 17/09/18 to 12/10/18.

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  • what has the world come to ?
    A coffee is more expensive than a meal now !

    Surely they wouldn't give away a more expensive item when you purchase a less expensive item !

    • just goes to show you how much they overcharge for their coffee…

      • +2

        Coffee Club overcharge for their hot beverages?

      • +1

        It's no dearer/cheaper than the other places I visit. And consistently good.

        • -2

          It's no dearer/cheaper than the other places I visit.

          I pay 80 cents for a cappuccino at my local coffee shop…

        • +6

          @jv: you can’t call the shell servo you local coffee shop.

        • +1


          Why not? I shop there for coffee.

        • @jv:

          Shell mostly sell fuel, actual cafes like Coffee Club specialize in barista-brewed coffee.

        • +2


          Coffee Club specialize in barista-brewed coffee.

          I can't taste the difference between coffee at franchise coffee shops and coffee at Shell Express.

        • @jv:

          Good for you, meanwhile the cafe business is booming for some reason.

        • +2


          meanwhile the cafe business is booming for some reason.

          You're right. Had to wait for 3 people in front of me this morning at Coles Express…

        • @jv:

          I'm certain it's popular for reasons other than brew times, but enjoy your 80c 'coffee' either way.

        • +1


          but enjoy your 80c 'coffee'

          I do…

        • +1

          @jv: shell coffee is actually pretty good, reminds me of maccas new coffee blend.

        • @nmcc08: that's not good… Haven't had shell coffee but maccas new coffee blend is nothing short of terrible. Even getting them for free from Maccas monopoly it's only in times where there's literally nothing else around.

        • @jv: Love that humour !

      • +3

        Especially considering how average the coffee is compared to how much they charge

        $3 for a good coffee or $4.50 at CC for an okay/average one.

  • Free Meal with Mug

    What kind of mug do they give you? Are they the same as the ones they use to serve their coffee in?

  • +3

    Selected stores only.

    • -1

      I don't think any of those are in Vic.

    • +1

      yes, excited for a while and realize only few stores participated.

  • No participating stores in Perth, shattered testicles.

  • Looks like only Qld this time.

  • None near me :(

  • Only QLD :(

    I went hard on the previous deal, getting it 3-4 times each week.

  • +3

    Here it comes…

    Ozbargainer 1: "Coffee Club has great coffee!"
    Ozbargainer 2: "Coffee Club's coffee is terrible!"

    Reality is that they are all individual coffee shops and the quality of their baristas change tremendously from store to store.

    • +1

      What do you mean the taste of coffee is subjective? Get out of here with your reasonable outlook on life!

  • +2

    I think it's worth mentioning the limited participating stores in the deal description, OP. Especially considering the list of stores is far fewer than the previous deal you linked.

    Albany Creek
    Albert Street
    Carrara Drive Thru
    Eagle Street
    Everton Park
    Everton Hills Drive Thru
    Hamilton Harbour
    Ipswich City Heart
    Mt Gravatt
    Mt Gravatt Village
    Pulse Kawana
    Yeppoon Esplanade

    • For Brisbane Ozbargainers, there are more stores (or more near me) than in previous deal👍

  • Also 2 in Northern NSW in above list!

  • Why only take away coffee. I assume you must sit down to eat your meal? Or do you take that away too. (Free plate and cutlery - Ill collect a whole set!)

    • Silly me - I think your not allowed to take the mug away. They'll probably want the plate and cutlery, back too.

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