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MARKUS Swivel Mesh Office Chair, Dark Grey $229 (Was $249) @ IKEA


Hello everyone, recently I noticed at Ikea that OzBargain's runner up favourite (cue controversy) cheap office chair had a price drop with the re-release of the dark grey fabric colour, and the phase-out of the really ugly beige, and sort of ugly light grey colours. I had been waiting for the colour to come back for quite a while, so I ended up buying one.

Very comfy and reliable chairs, I have one 4 year old one still working perfectly fine; the seat cushion has flattened only slightly. The variable resistance tilt function is nice too. I've removed my non-adjustable armrests as they don't really fit under the desk, unless you have a really tall torso.

Overall, I think for the price this is a very good chair, much better than similarly priced chairs from Officeworks, Freedom etc. If you go half a price bracket up, the Buro Metro Aluminium would be $279, or $329 with adjustable arms @ Winc. If you want anything better you'd be paying $700+ for your Herman Millers and Steelcases.

The genuine cow leather MARKUS is at $329, which I believe is a drop from $349.

10 year guarantee for the frame and moving parts. Takes 15 minutes to assemble.

Stock very limited in Sydney stores at the moment (can online order if you really need it - click and collect is a $20 fee wtf), but plenty in the other states.

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    Thanks OP was just looking at these not too long ago !

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    Get this. Better chair, $100 off for grey @ $249.

    • Have to agree. I got one of these recently; it's got adjustable lumbar and neck support which the Markus lacks.

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        It's another $50 for the armrests if you have arms and want to rest them.

        • $249 is inclusive of armrest. Without armrest it's $199

        • @wongjy12:

          My bad.

    • $249 grey is cheaper because polyester seat and headrest vs leather in $349 colours.

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      Hmm thanks for the heads up, didn't spot it at Rhodes.

      I think its $199 if you don't want the armrests; I'll go have a try when I'm next at Ikea.

    • I believe this chair does not recline as far back as the markus. I did prefer the adjustable features but I don't really find the markus uncomfortable. Also, the armrests look better removed with this chair than they do on the markus (mounting holes under the chair instead of on the side).

  • I have the "glose black" version of this chair. The coating on the coated fabric of the headrest has flaked off in the head area and is starting to flake in the arse area. (not under the cheeks but behind it, so all the flaking is on the backrest.)

    Gas lift function still works fine. Nothing has fallen off.

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    I need adjustable armrests

    • You can mod the chair to lower or raise the armrests. I believe it also provides a bit more width.

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    $229 (Was $249)

    Was $199

    Looks like a price increase to me…

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      Good on you jv, I'm so jealous that you built a time machine so you could go shopping before inflation occurred.

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        before inflation occurred.

        Did the inflation occur before or after they decreased production costs?

        Also, inflation since that date to today is around 3.5%.

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          I'm aware that my comment was exaggeratory, but you can't point to the price of a consumer product more than two and a half years ago and say "Oh look the price has increased since then" and then expect anything other than "That's interesting but does this really have to do with what I'm purchasing today?".

          Long term RMB appreciation and labour cost increases in China will make all products Made in China more expensive over the long term, beyond local currency inflationary pressures.

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          but you can't point to the price of a consumer product more than two and a half years ago and say "Oh look the price has increased since then"

          Yes I can, I just did…

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          Oh, such banter.

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    Base is heavy and good and can swivel around 50 degrees, but no ergnomic design.
    I do think this chair's neck cushion part suits a 180cm guy better because I wouldn't stick all my back and waist to its backrest.
    Got my light grey one 2 years ago, and then jumped into various gaming chairs.

    • I've had the chair for a month or two and feel like I might have to go down this route too.

      Any recommendations on a gaming chair?

      • Lots of brand, famous one as DXRACER, following by SecretLabs and AKRACING and ZQRACING….blabla, seems all of them source from the seats in racing vehicle.
        But I don't like SecretLabs, some of its backrests feels too flat

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    Got this on sale for $99 about 2 months ago. Good chair.

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      Wow amazing price, didn't even see any news for that.

      • Yeah it was SA only. Maybe NT/WA too. Don't recall seeing it for VIC/NSW.

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      • Thats my question

      • They had an Ikea Family sale for SA only, I was gonna buy the leather one for $349 but then I checked online and saw the fabric grey was going on sale for $99. Went there first thing on first date of sale.

    • From the bargain corner? I don't believe it's ever been that cheap :/

      • It was from their Ikea Family sale. Only had a couple in stock and was only for SA.

  • Save $20… bargain of the year.

  • I can highly recommend these:

    No headrest, but I prefer that. I don't like headrests in chairs.

    Plus, it looks the business.

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      It looks like it's worth $40.

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