Android TV and TV Tuner 2018

Hi there,
I am after an Android TV unit with TV tuner to watch live free to air channels as normal antenna. After reading number of discussions, i need a help to decide

  • Vodafone TV ($144 outright, has tv tuner built in)
  • Xiaomi Mi box ($70-80, not sure if i can watch live FTA , not catch up one)
  • Amazon stick ($69, not sure too).

Is this worth to spend almost double for the Vodafone TV ?


  • Is this worth to spend almost double for the Vodafone TV ?

    Yes considering the other two don't have a built-in tv tuner(but wait for someone to confirm)

  • I have a mibox running Kodi. Kodi has a IPTV addon to watch live TV. The only channel I cannot watch reliably is Channel 10 because Channel 10 has a sh*t Freeview stream. Alternatively, you can download Android TV apps and watch the live streams directly on Android TV.

    Also, I am sure you can watch Freeview steams on any Android device, not just mibox or firestick.

  • So there is possibility that i can watch FTA channels streaming. Which one should i buy , mi box or fire stick ? (Obviously the specs of stick is lower than mi box but considering the warranty and reliability isuue)

  • I've used the Freeview app on Chromecast and it's shit. Quality is average, loses signal/connection (despite strong connection + 100/40 nbn), and just downright annoying

    Give me a standard aerial any day over it!

  • Your TV has live tv

    Vodafone TV box can't record TV only watch unless that's changed

  • Another option is hd homerun and the Android app. So you can use one homerun between many Android Apple devices

  • This would depend on what you are trying to watch it on - TV, PC monitor, phone?

    You can try the official Freeview app on a phone, and cast it to your TV

    You will probably need to install the channel 7, 9 and/or ten apps, so that Freeview app can use them.

    Setting up casting from phone to TV, depends on which TV and phone combination you use.

    This is a free, no ads app (other than the ones on TV itelf).