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BOSTANTEN Leather Belt 30% off (Waist Size 42-46) $16.09 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Bostanten Amazon AU


MATERIA: The men belts is made of genuine cowhide leather with new design buckle.
SIZE: 1.25"/3.5 CM wide belt. Suitable for size 34-46 waist, plz buy one size larger than your waist.
EASY TRIM: Big and tall belts for men with easy removable buckle allows you to withdraw and trim the belt body to your ideal size.
VERSATILE: Ideal men accessory to wear as an everyday belt, goes great with uniform, jeans or formal wear.
Removable buckle, you can change belt sizes to match your daily style. Enclosed in an Elegant Gift Box

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Bought this last time; this is a very good belt. Very well presented and good workmanship. Highly recommend.

  • Hey , OP
    genuine , top grain or full grain 'cow ' hide?

    • genuine , top grain or full grain 'cow ' hide?

      good question, I would like to know too
      Plywood is genuine tree wood too :) But if you are getting a mahogany table at plywood table prices, wouldn't you like to know why :)

  • bought this last time as well. Good belt.

  • That buckle seems completely over-engineered to me

  • That buckle….does it transform?

  • +4 votes

    how good is the first review:
    Beautiful belt with one small caveat. The clip to undo the buckle is very difficult to undo under pressure (when it is tight).
    I cannot help but think of the scenario where you go out on that big date, eat a little too much, and get invited up for coffee … and you can't get your pants off!

  • I better go to sleep, wallet is thinning LOL.

    Thx OP.

  • Since OP doesn't mention in title and/or if anyone has bad eyes and doesn't see it this belt is a RATCHET belt, ie no belt holes but a ratchet system with a different locking system.

    Still goes around your waist though, not for actual machinery

    I wonder if I can get 6% off with cashrewards as well

  • Was looking for brown or tan, not available unfortunately..

    Although the Amazon photo is interesting where the guy has this belt wrapped around his hand and holds it next to his face.. So odd..

    • I was also confused about this part, but then I worked out what had happened.

      All of the other photos are just mistakes, which have been accidentally uploaded by someone who clearly doesn't know how to dress themselves, and is trying to impress mummy.

      This "belt" is basically a legal knuckle-duster, and the excessive engineering of the ratchet is a great defence if you did ever end up in court.

      The case would be as simple as below:

      Defendant: (Shows photo of traditional knuckle-duster) This is a knuckle-duster; you can clearly see it is a crude, simple design, devoid of any real thought or precision.

      Judge: Okay.

      Defendant: (Shows belt) This is a harmless, high-quality fashion statement, suited to the professional gentlesir.

      Judge: I don't follow?

      Defendant: Look at the sophisticated engineering of the ratchet system; clearly different to a knuckle-duster.

      Judge: Case closed, you are free to go; and look sexy as hell with that beautiful belt when you do.

      Disclaimer: I wrote this using my phone, and I'm not used to typing anything longer than short messages (although this site is definitely changing that), so my punctuation and grammar may not be particularly fancy.

      N.B. I do love the look of this belt / non-weapon, but the lack of clarification from the OP regarding the material quality has made me very reluctant to actually buy it :(

  • Looks neat, but too skinny for this (size 28-30)

    • I bought one as you can just trim it? Hopefully haha

      • Yes you can. I have a different kind (just known as an automatic belt on ebay). There is a tab on the back side which you can lever out to release the teeth that hold the belt in place. Simply cut with scissors and reattach.

  • You getting anymore ?

  • got one… it arrived today.. nice belt for around $21

  • Got the belt today & wow it's pretty good one. Much like the one at Kickstarter but they screwed around with delays for more than half a year so then I cancelled the order. Great racheting system. Wish I can order another one.

    Happy as Larry.

    • Hopefully we get a three month feedback from you as well.

      It is near impossible to get quality leather for this price

      • LOL yeah lets see in 3 months. Though I wont use it daily.

        The "cheap" price is matching with the quality level (its good but not excellent). At least it is not a cheap, fake & shitty ebay quality, where it would crumble the first time you use it.

  • Ah dude. 4 stam four strength leather belt?!? AUGHH! Level 18? Ughaughhh