PowerBank with USB-C PD 20,000 mAh+


I'm looking to buy a PowerBank which is the latest, has smarts to support the latest technologies and phones (incl. Note 8 - AU Model)

I also require it to be able to charge a Nintendo Switch while playing.

Any support for laptop charging is bonus.

I've been looking at RAVPower, Xiaomi, Anker, etc…and just confused with the plethora of options available.

I do have Amazon Prime & EbayPlus subscription at the moment.

Thanks for your assistance.


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    This is what I have.
    It does ~35W PD (14.5V at 2.4A) for the Switch, which is close to what the Switch AC adapter provides (14.5V at 2.6A).

    For other devices with full PD support (20V), it does 40W (2A).


      Thanks. This looks apt.
      I'm still contemplating on Ravpower RP-PB059 and this one.
      Specs wise, the RAVpower looks better. Also slightly lighter (40gms)

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        The RAVPower isn't as powerful as the Kogan for Type C output:


        Output 1, 2, 3 & 4: 5V 3A | Type-C: 5V 3A / 9V 3A / 12V 3A / 14.5V 2.4A / 20V 2A


        USB Output:3.4A Total (Each 2.4A Max) Type C Output: DC 5V/3A,9V/2A,15V/2A,20V/1.5A


        Just a heads up - there are some complaints regarding the Kogan power bank, e.g. here.

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    Ive got a Xiaomi ZMI 20k mAh with USBC-PD. Charges my laptops, tablets and phones.

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      I think that's objectively the best bang for the buck but apparently also impossible to find in, or shipped to, Australia now.

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    Cygnett 20,000mAh ChargeUp Pro USB-C Power Bank

    45W USB-C PD port (does 14.5V-3A for the Switch), Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A port.

    Product page here.

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      I guess this is the best of the lot available to AU, albeit being priciest amongst all. Buying it now.
      The TGG Ebay price has been increased.
      Planning to use 5% off JB Hifi Gifts from Suncorp to lower it further slightly.


        The TGG Ebay price has been increased.

        Ah shame. I was/am on the fence about it, since I don't know that I need a USB-C PD powerbank but I do have a few devices that'd benefit.

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    Also worth reading: https://www.anandtech.com/show/11181/a-look-at-nintendo-swit...

    tl;dr, it doesn't look like you'll need more than 14.5V @ 1.5A to charge your Switch while playing.


    This RAVPower 26800mAh PD 30W USB-C comes down to $81.05 with ebay plus code PLUSIT15.


    Damn, I used the pointy code and pulled the trigger at $85. Ah well. I bought this also because of the 100watt airline limit.

    I would get the ankor powercore+/nintendo tweaked, but can't seem to locate any that are reasonably priced. I've seen them at 200+ on ebay, so I gave up on that and went with the ravpower 26800 with pd.


      Any reason for going the Ravpower over the Cygnett? I'm still deciding if I want to get one but I can't see a reason for the Ravpower other than 6800 more mAH.

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        Current pricing and max capacity for travelling on aeroplanes are my main deciding factors. I bought the ravpower 26800 pd for $85 and as venom mentions you can get it using coupons for $81 atm.

        I'll be predominantly using it for the nintendo switch and there are alot of positive review videos of the ravpower pd.

        To be honest i probabbly didn't need this as i bought another xiaomi 20k, but i plan on flying 17-20hr x 2 each month and want to minimise carrying too many battery packs and 100w is max you can carry on most airlines and the 26800 just comes under that.

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