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[Backorder] Kogan Ultra Fast 20,000mAh Power Bank with Type-C (USB PD) Port $44 Delivered @ Kogan


A hidden gem in USB PD power bank. With the TAXTIME coupon code, it brings the price down to $44 delivered.

It is reported by oxymoron that the power bank is able to charge MacBook Pro at 20V/2.25V.

Be reminded, this is a back order, and ships on 8 Aug

PS: I believe the 36W is a typo, it should be 36W input and 40W output.

For those juggling multiple devices on the go, trust in the Kogan Ultra Fast 20,000mAh Power Bank with Type-C (PD) to always keep you connected.

Not only does it have an enormous capacity that easily keeps up with heavy use, its high-output rapid charging means your favourite devices will be juiced up in no time.

Perfect for the morning commute, camping, holidays and even a night on the town, with the Kogan 20,000mAh Power Bank in your bag you’ll never run out of battery again.


  • Ultra fast charge with 36W input and output
  • Can charge laptop!
  • Massive 20,000mAh capacity
  • Multiple ports for rapid charging of up to 5 devices at once
  • Compact, portable and lightweight
  • Durable and efficient lithium polymer battery

1 x Type-C PD input and output (36W)
1 x Micro USB input
4 x USB ultra fast output 15W

USB Interface 1 x Type-C, 1 x Micro USB, 4 x USB2.0
Ports 5
Dimensions 32 x 90 x 108mm
Weight 530g
Battery Capacity 20,000mAh
Battery Type Lithium Polymer Battery
Input Micro USB: 5V 2A
Type-C: 5V 3A / 9V 3A / 12V 3A / 14.5V 2.4A / 20V 1.8A
Output USB: 1, 2, 3 & 4: 5V 3A
Type-C: 5V 3A / 9V 3A / 12V 3A / 14.5V 2.4A / 20V 2A

Thanks to Red Hippo for spotting the TAXTIME coupon code.

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  • I thought TAXTIME code doesn't work on presale products?

  • Doesnt look like it can do qc?

  • These work great for the switch (very quick charging!) and also for my toshiba. Can recommend. One thing I noted is that the white Leds are constantly flashing whether charging or not. Picked two up from the last deal.

    Very slow to charge the battery via the micro usb port though.

  • Thanks O O, do you know if it stacks with referral credit also?

    • I checked their T&C, it doesn't say no, but there are disclaim

      We reserve the right in our sole discretion at any time and without prior notice to:

      add to, remove or otherwise change these terms and conditions, including, without limitation, changing the amount of credits payable to Referrers, awarded to Friends, how credits may be spent, the minimum order amounts and expiry dates for use of credits; and
      to discontinue the Program in its entirety.
      If we change these terms and conditions or discontinue the Program, this will affect your existing rights in relation to any credits that have been accrued prior to the change or Program discontinuance.

  • Is there a definitive best charger at the moment that supports quick charge?

  • i wouldn't rush on this. By 8 August, price may drop further in another sales.

    Also wait for a unique $10 or $20 off $50 email and buy it then

    Just my advice and 2 cents based on my experience with previous back orders

    • they've shipped already and the price is back to $99.
      I received mine today.. hopefully it's not junk heh.

  • Any ideas whether this is alright to bring on flights? I was thinking it may be reaching the limits of what airlines/airports allow.


  • Input Type-C: 5V 3A / 9V 3A / 12V 3A / 14.5V 2.4A / 20V 1.8A

    36W isn't typo according to specs

    • OK. But it's 40W output.

      • It's common to under-state rather than over-state specs (and even the 40W rated output might be understating a true 45W output capability), and they've probably just stuck to one number for simplicity of marketing - 36W input and output is simpler for consumers to digest than 36W/40W input/output.

        And it is in fact true that the charger DOES input and output 36W (it just happens to be able to output slightly more than that too).

  • Any idea of where to get something the same from somewhere else don’t feel like waiting

    • I'm also looking for something similar (or not as high specs) but for now. Any recommendations?

  • 5 devices. First USB power bank I've seen that can do that. Max 40W though, but I doubt someone would be charging 4 or 5 iPads off it at once.

  • Not a bad price, just wondering how the quality of these control boards. Anyone had experience?

  • I can't recommend to buy this powerbank, I bought it when they just released it for A$99.
    It's rebranded HAME 20000 powerbank.
    It always blinks with it LEDs during charging, quite irritating.
    Had a hard time to charge anything with it as well - you need to hold button for some time to start charging, and this method doesn't work reliably every time - sometimes it just stopped charging halfway. Maybe it's just my item was faulty.
    Ended up with returning it back.

    • I got two of these at around $50 each, as a cheap 20000mah battery that has PD.

      One of them seems to be OK, but when charging via the USB ports has a capacity of about 15000mah (as measured by my usb power thingy) before it flakes out.

      The other one is very dodgy. Lights constantly flashing whether charging or not, and capacity via the USB ports is only about 8000mah. Will be returning that one.

      • Thanks for the info guys.. Expected this from a cheap chinese rebrand. Type-C PD is too much of a "wild west" for me to buy random chargers/power banks.

        Better to go for the expensive Cygnett or Lifepowr A3.

  • Does anyone know what batteries are used inside? Good quality LG/Samsung or cheapo Chinese ones?

  • Reckon this would play nice with the Nintendo Switch Dock?

    • Possibly, but it's a bit iffy:
      1) Switch dock uses 15V profile, while this appears to support 14.5V. I recall reading a complaint somewhere about manufacturers implementing 14.5V as "near enough" to 15V, but not being proper 15V. I have not read too much into that particular "issue", and any potential consequences, so you'll have to look into it yourself to see if this is really a legitimate issue in practice (it very well may not be). (A similar example is AA batteries have slightly different V depending on their chemistry - whether they are regular alkaline batteries or rechargeable lithium. In most applications, this slight voltage difference may not matter, but it can affect performance.)
      2) Switch dock requires 39W (15V/2.6A). This appears to be rated at 14.5V/2.4A, which is only 34.8W over the "15V" profile.

      Having said that, it looks like some people are reporting that this powerbank can actually output 45W (at least in the 20V profile). If this charger truly is 45W, it is quite possible that it can actually do 15V/3A, despite what it is rated at (the rating could be under-specified).

      So to answer your question: maybe. Someone will need to try it and see! (Or at least measure the actual true output specs of the unit)

      (Sorry, I'm aware my answer is not much help to you!) :)

  • Can anyone recommend a somewhat cheap Type-C-C cable for PD (charging a Dell Latitude 7370)?

  • What % (roughly) would this charge an empty Macbook pro retina 13"?

  • How are you meant to charge it if they give you a micro usb cable?

    • Says that it has a Micro-USB input (not visible in the photos, though).

      EDIT: User manual shows Micro-USB port.

    • It has micro usb input, so you can charge it using micro usb (albeit, slowly, not at maximum speed).

      AFAIK it is common for USB-C/USB-C PD powerbanks to not come with USB-C to USB-C cables (or USB-C chargers) for charging them at maximum speed. Pretty sure the Cygnett Charge Up Pro, ZMI 10, and RAVPower PD chargers all come with USB-A to USB-C legacy cables only (a combo micro usb/USB-C cable or adapter in the case of the ZMI 10 and RAVPower), which will not charge them at USB-C (let alone USB-C PD) speeds either. So same thing really, except with USB-C on the end (the legacy cables won't charge any faster than micro USB, it's just a USB-C tip).

      You'll have to supply your own USB-C PD charger if you want to charge at maximum speeds.

  • If this had a better layout, I'd be all over it.

    My use case has this in my travel bag and I keep the backpack in it with a USB C cable connected for input/output. power button on opposite side kills it for me.

  • How does this receive so many ratings on kogan website while on back order?

  • tick tock.

  • Got mine this morning.

  • Just received mine, to be used as a cheap USB-C PD charger for my MBP, iPhone fast charging, and for my Nintendo Switch.

    Having a bit of trouble with it, though. It would appear that white LEDs indicate that the power bank is receiving power input (and its current charge level) whilst a red LED indicates that the power bank is outputting power. When plugged into my Switch, there doesn't appear to be any issues, however when plugged into my MBP (2017 13 inch non touch bar), the power bank switches between red and white LED's every few seconds or so, which stops/starts charging the laptop. It doesn't make a difference which one of the two USB-C ports (on the laptop) I use, and the cable that I've used for both the MBP and the Switch is the 2 metre Apple cable which came with the laptop.

    It seems like the power bank is attempting to draw power from the laptop, hence why the LEDs change colour and the laptop temporarily ceases charging. Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be? I'm hoping it's a software level fix, and not an issue backed into the laptop's hardware.

    • I received mine. Sometimes it wouldn't charge, othertimes it would. Emailed Kogan for a refund, told them what was going on. They said it sounded like I got a faulty unit. I didn't have to return it, they said I had to cut the cable and take a picture of the cut cable and send it to them so I could get a refund.

      Just goes to show, the unit is worth a lot of money ;)

      • Oh, that’s interesting to hear. I would want a replacement unit over a refund but their handling of your case doesn’t instil confidence!

  • Update: Contacted Kogan regarding the issues I was having when charging via the USB-C port. Their first response was to notify me that they would be sending a new unit (no troubleshooting of any sort). I received this unit 3 days later, and it still has the same issues (switching between charging and not charging) on my MacBook Pro. On top of that, it was now doing the same thing with my Nintendo Switch, too, which the original unit didn't (or at least it didn't happen while testing - might've just been lucky).

    Now I'm unsure if I've been given two faulty units, or if this is an inherently broken product. Most people would be purchasing this for the USB-C PD set up, so if that doesn't actually work then it's an overpriced non-QC power bank. I'm hesitant to contact them again, lest they accuse me of lying or that my devices are the issue and attempt to make me pay for the replacement unit.

    • make them refund you. as you saw in my post, they just told me to cut the cable and send them a pic.

  • Just for anyone who is interested, I received one and it exhibited the same issue as Strahany. It will start charging the Macbook and then it will start to draw power. The LED's will switch between red (providing power) and white (charging).
    On contacting Kogan they have offered to send a replacement as the unit I have is faulty. I have asked for a refund instead as I am not sure about how long they will last if they actually work.

  • Thanks everyone who has provided feedback on their experience! Very helpful to the OzB community to know how these perform compared to the more expensive (but apparently more reliable) units