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For those who want the backstory -
12/08/2020 - 00:36
For those with Prime..and can bear the US wait might be $3 cheaper...
10/08/2020 - 00:24
Yeah it's likely I will because it seems great. Do you have the pro version? How would you restore the license on a same machine after a...
07/08/2020 - 20:05
Does anyone know the procedure to restore the license on a same machine and/or different machine? For example, if I'm re-formatting my...
07/08/2020 - 00:18
Not having a power brick is a massive bonus on my books!
01/08/2020 - 16:17
Played this game on my iPad a few years back. Amazing story telling and excellent soundtrack. Would highly recommend.
31/07/2020 - 21:50
Agreed. Even better, give them a link to this deal -
30/07/2020 - 17:08
Amazon US works out to be $225 delivered (without any coupons) Amazon AU works out to be $218 delivered That's a $7 saving!
30/07/2020 - 16:50
Isn't the 1TB version cheaper in Amazon AU? $218.02 AUD...
30/07/2020 - 16:43
I bought one of these second hand. Been using it for the past year or so as my daily driver. Hasn't skipped a beat.
28/07/2020 - 11:51
Thanks all! I think I might stick with my Aorus Pro ;)
27/07/2020 - 17:38
Dumb question but can this record traditional CD-R audio CD's (not MP3)?
27/07/2020 - 17:37
Should I cancel my [Gigabyte B550M Aorus Pro]( and order the MSI MAG B550M MORTAR here instead?...
27/07/2020 - 09:53
I bought this set from Cable Creation last year, it seems like they no longer have stock but it has served me wonders! Even worked fine...
27/07/2020 - 09:27
Would be amazing if you could get this to work with the Nintendo Switch.
27/07/2020 - 00:20
If you don't mind, that would be great!
24/07/2020 - 16:58
Will do! Seems like a nice online community, just concerned there won't be enough English speaking players in our region.
24/07/2020 - 15:59
Thanks for clearing that up! I wouldn't mind paying if it ends up being a game I genuinely enjoy. I've purchased games on multiple...
24/07/2020 - 15:53
Thanks, awesome! What about cross saves? Would be nice if could primarily play on my PC but have the option can easily kick back on the...
24/07/2020 - 15:24
Anyone know if cross play between PC and PS4 possible on same server?
24/07/2020 - 15:19
Awesome! Nah still haven't received mine. It did say within 30 days so I'll give them a nudge if it has passed that.
22/07/2020 - 14:17