expired Nakedwines - $100 Wine Voucher - New Accounts Only - Min. Order $179.99 (12 Bottles for $79.99 + Delivery)


Similar to previous deals, received voucher from COTD.
Code: CTD818 Password: JNW15PJ3

*Valid for 30 days from receipt (probably not limited to 30 days)
**See website for full terms and conditions
***Be careful when putting your order. If you don't want to subscribe to "Angels", you have to opt out. I subscribed in the past but then I cancelled because I was not buying enough wines to keep paying $40 a month (the amount stays there, and you can have a refund if you cancel), found the options a bit limited, and I bought wines somewhere else. Delivery was usually on the next day (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth metro areas, for orders placed before 3 PM).

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  • +1 vote

    12 bottles for 79.99

    Not really worth much more than that…

    • +1 vote

      Some people might disagree, that depends on the selected wines. Some bottles are sold for $15, $20, $25… Someone will probably pay 179.99 for a pack of 12, others can pay 79.99… You will buy somewhere else… People have choices in life…

  • -1 vote

    Be prepared for lots of cold calling

    • +1 vote

      Unless you give a fake number, or on the first call you clearly say that you want your number removed. I did that (second option) and I haven't received any new calls (more than 12 months now).


      Been using them for a while, not 1 call.

  • +5 votes

    OP, with due respect to your efforts, this is actually an everlasting deal from this company. It can be found everywhere. They tie your account to your credit card, so if you'd like to use another special deal all you need is another credit card. But based on my experience (multiple purchases) I doubt that you'd like to do this to your taste buds twice. Most of their wines taste very plain and some are very bad. There are so much better wines at your local bottle shop for $7-10, which you don't have to buy in a dozen.

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