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Free T-Shirt - Just Pay Postage from $8.62 VistaPrint


Hey Guys

2nd post so go easy please!

Just got this in the mail - moshtix members get a free customisable t-shirt but postage is required.

Men and ladies white and grey - can get other options added if you would like !

Postage costs are as follows

Slow: 21 Days - $8.62
Standard: 14 Days - $11.98
Priority: 7 Days - $12.59
Rush+: 3 Business Days - $18.40 


Mod: Removed freebie tag. Added min ship to title.

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  • Their stuff has been posted a few times before. I think it's a standard offer for anyone ("free" first item + postage).


  • +1

    Cant see anything on the main page bout it? Where abouts do we go to get this offer?

  • Where abouts does it say free T-shirt? Nothing about it in the Free section.

  • Vistaprint is good, but some of there stuff is just what you paid for… yes free junk!

    They tend to make their money from postage.

  • wonder if it will have "vistaprint" written on the back… like their free business cards !!

    • The free t-shirts don't have VistaPrint on the back (from memory, I have one but it's still in the box, I put it back in right after I looked at it because it was so horrible)

  • spam fest from this company when you sign up….. but products are good

    Incidentally, Artscow now doing personalised t-shirts


    $12.99 us delivered

    don't know what the quality is like……

    • I've heard artscow is pretty good, never personally bought anything from them though.

      For t-shirts I recommend buying your own and using iron on transfers (easy to do, put anything you want, do it yourself).

  • +3

    2nd post go easy, thats a new one!

  • Can't find on their web-site anything about so-called free t-shirt. Please provide details and/or correct the link.

  • This is a pretty standard deal from VistaPrint. If you sign up for their newsletter (warning: an email every single day), you can get better offers.

    My favourite is half price t-shirts and free shipping on orders over $50, along with a bunch of other items for free. Nab just enough tees to hit the free shipping limit plus up to 10 other free things. Win!

  • I ordered t-shirts from them for a sports club. The quality is OK, they missed colours a bit (added too many red) but ink is good and survives afrter machine wash (tshirts are almost year old now and still looking OK).

  • Why do people keep posting VistaPrint, seriously most of their products are "Free" just pay postage for the smallest quantity, all of their "Sales" repeat every few days (sale links don't even seem to expire, you can use sale links from last year to purchase items).

    Besides, t-shirt quality is HORRIBLE. I bought one ages ago, it is very thin, you can see threw it and it is not suitable to be worn anywhere. Save your $8.62 and get something better.

    You can probably get a white t-shirt from somewhere like target and sue a iron on transfer to put whatever you want on it for around the same price and get a much better quality!

    You're probably reading this thinking I hate VistaPrint but let me make it clear, I don't "hate" VistaPrint, it's just that they can't do t-shirts at all!

    Anything printed on paper/card they can do well, Their pens are alright too, even their key chains are good, but their t-shirts are worth no more than $0.20.