through Cashrewards

I'm going to book a serviced apartment through
Total price A$166.00
Total due now A$0.00

Special Terms from Cashrewards
Cashback when earning Rewards: 4.00 %
Standard Cashback: 5.60 %

Can you still get the cashback even though you pay $0 now?

Not sure if anyone can assist if you have booked through cashrewards. Ta

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    You'll get it around 95 days after the actual stay, at least according to my and Wotif cashbacks


    I think it's only when you pay through


    I have used many times in recent months for hotel bookings. Usually at a price higher than if I had gone straight to the site rather than clicked through. But I decided on balance it was worth it.

    Now I just checked and it seems they are declining all the payments.

    No reason given.

    This is very disappoint as its the main use of cashrewards and I certainly wont bother again is this is the way they operate

    Any tips?


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