$300- $500 Mobile Phone with Good Camera

I'm looking for further suggestions for a midrange phone with a great camera.
Saw this post from April.
Samsung Galaxy S7 fits the bill, but is there anything newer?

* Good camera
* $300-500
* Not too big (lg v20 is too big)
* Decent battery life

Samsung Galaxy S7 is $549 from Kogan (and cheaper on ebay, though I didn't see any sellers I would trust).
There is also the Sony Xperia XA2, $549 from JB HiFi
Also saw the Nokia 6.1 for $399 at JB HiFi


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    S8+ for +$50 more when on sale?


      Thanks, maybe a little bit too big for me. I don't know how I feel about the curved screen also. But I'll keep an eye out for S8 deals


        It's honestly not much of a stretch, it's form factor really makes it easy to use.

        I'd bet it's better to handle than the Xperia XA2, maybe you can demo both and see which you prefer


        The width of the S7 is a smidge wider than the S8.

        Go and try one in store at jb hifi. You'd probably won't notice the curved screen.


    China droid?

    I have a Meiji m6 note. Had it for 3 months so far.

    Great camera. Great battery life.

    About to buy one for my eldest daughter to replace her iPhone 6s.

    I paid ~$160 delivered

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    Nokia 7 plus has a pretty decent camera and a great battery life !

    also Sony XZ1 is within the price range (sony's designs don't appeal to everyone though) Great Camera though , they're also one of the few manufacturers that have kept the compact series around for people who want smaller phones !

    just two that i could think off the top of my mind


    you can grab the 3i for 431.28 right now from bing lee ebay 20% off and using the 10% off gift card


    Motorola G5 plus.

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    Xiaomi Note 5 - TechTablets has a fairly in-depth review (although he has the Chinese version without the Google Apps, if you opt for this one just be sure to grab a "global" version.


    I personally have this phone and have been very impressed with the photo and video quality.


    Nokia 8 ($699 RRP, $455 actual) if you like then
    Moto Z ($699 RRP, $395 actual)
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ($679 RRP, $419 actual)
    HTC U Ultra ($699 RRP, $360 actual)
    Oppo R11s ($559 RRP, $479 actual)

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