Jabra Elite 65t -Vs- Bose SoundSport Free


Keen to hear thoughts on which of the above mentioned headphones you'd pick and why?

Bose seem to have a much better battery life, looks like double.
I kinda prefer the Jebra look

Price is not a factor.

I should probably add that they'll be mainly used for commuting and in the office. Might get used in the gym once I decide to join :)



  • Could not recommend the Jabra enough. Use it everyday, commuting, working, at the gym, running etc. Not a single problem whatsoever.

    Have dropped them a fair few times too, but still working great. Almost tempted to buy a second pair..

    I've also heard that they look a lot more low-profile in the ear than the Bose

    • great. thanks for the feedback.
      i'm definitely leaning towards Jebras simply due to looks. appreciate your input.

  • Haven't tried Bose but I've owned Jabra Elite Active 65t for a month now and can't fault them. Really useful for commuting and has never fallen out of my ears. Only tried to take a call with them once and it was perfectly fine for the other person even though I was outdoors with a fair breeze coming through.

    • thanks for the personal experience feedback. Much of a difference between Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t?

      • I think the main differences are the active is sweat/rain resistant and they're supposedly supposed to stay in ear better but not sure whether it's true.

  • In case you didn't know - get 40% off the Jabra pair with a Debit Mastercard:


    • thanks for that. I'll get them via my MasterCard rewards points. Have plenty and I don't use them for anything. Just remembered about them haha