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[Switch] Super Mario Odyssey $63.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This favourite game is available at good price after comparing with other stores

This comes with Free Delivery

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    As an alternative, $62.60 delivered @ Catch with code P5OFF for eBay+ members.

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      Note that if you buy it off Catch on eBay, you have to pay $10 shipping (unless you got eBayPlus, which then it would be free).

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    Paid 62 day one in store.

    I know people might have bought a Switch since then, but in general for Nintendo games in particular, the launch price specials are usually the best deal you will EVER get. Paid about the same for Splatoon and Mario Kart, give or take a couple bucks either way.

    This is about the best deal you'll ever get for a first party title outside of launch deals. And Odyssey was an absolute banger of a game, one of the best 3D platformers I've played in years, cannot recommend enough.

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      I paid $58.90 in July, not including Cashrewards and the Amazon $20 for new customer offer, so not really.

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    I wish digital was a similar price .. need a sale on eShop gift cards!

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    I price matched Amazon's price in JB. They were happy to sell for 63$.


    something slightly off topic. is there any reason to continue buying games brand new?
    i used to only buy brand new games but now that they don't come with manuals i find the condition of second hand plastic box + cart is almost always the same as brand new, and it's obviously much cheaper.


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      Brand new ones definitely haven't been licked.

      For some serious reasons:

      • You would have to wait a while to play a game after release
      • Used prices are not always significantly cheaper (Recent second hand eBay sales of Odyssey are $~50-55)
      • Some games might have a small print run and be difficult to find later on
      • Some games come with extras or DLC codes

      Not every game needs to be bought brand new, but there are some where it is definitely preferable.

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      Switch games tend to hold their value so if you can get a good price at launch, there's no reason to hold out. For games on PC and other consoles, game prices can drop quite a bit in 6 months but you will have to decide if you want to wait. I do however notice launch day prices have been fairly good and prices do go back up a week or so after launch.

      My problem is more to do with my pile of shame where by the time I get to actually play the games, the prices have already dropped below what I have paid. I have come to the realisation that I should only buy games at launch if I want to play them straight away, otherwise I just delay my purchase. Hard to resist during the Christmas or end of year sales though. I sometimes feel like I'm more of a collector than a gamer…


      Every time I'm about to buy a switch game I check second hand prices and they're always around the 50-55 dollar mark, when the game is on sale it'll go down to about 62~. Personally I'm willing to spend a couple bucks more to get it delivered and knowing it's brand new with warranty.


    I'm actually waiting for the 10% off Amazon on Cashrewards or Shopback to bring it down even further.


    just paid 44.75 delivered at catch, with $15 off spend over $60 (CATCH3T9C) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/407217 and 20% off catch gift card. although the cheapest was 42 at HN with system issue