expired 60% off NYX Makeup at Target


First post, be kind. Nyx offers high quality makeup and is cruelty free.

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    Nice, these are rarely more than 50% off.
    Awaiting stupid comments about bargains have prices something something dollar sign.

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    Well it wouldn't be hard to just copy and paste a couple of prices into the post! Great sale though, thanks for sharing.


    Cheers OP. I would +ve vote but I'm "associated" and the system won't let me remove it without contacting a mod. Don't have time for that crap haha


    Any recommendations?

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      Liquid lipsticks?

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      These are all the products I regularly use and recommend, especially the setting sprays and brow mascara!

      Make Up Setting Spray in Dewy or Matte (I love the dewy one personally but they both work great, depends which finish you prefer!)

      Pro Makeup Tinted Brow Mascara

      Soft matte lip cream

      Micro brow pencil

      wonder pencil (I love this for covering pimples/other blemishes or on my waterline to make the eyes look bigger without looking as stark as a white pencil, great for outlining lips too to get a really sharp line)

      Jumbo Eye Pencil in the shade Milk (Very popular as a base on eyelids to make eyeshadows pop)

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      "NYX Pro Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil - Black Bean" as a base for a smoky eye look.


    Thanks OP, i ordered. needed new concealer and powder anyway. but 60% is better than a priceline sale

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    Thought they were a pack of batteries from the thumbnail, what a disappointment..


      Same. LOL. Should I buy anyway? Would probably be just as useful as the 200 eneloops sitting in my drawer…

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    Post if anyone finds stock! Target is terrible at stocking Nyx properly, even when there are no sales, they only have like 6 items on display.


      Agree. I've wasted so much time trying to find these specials at Target for my wife….so many stores hardly any stock and zero care factor when asking for assistance.

      I'd rather pay more and get decent stock and assistance from Priceline when on sale….

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      If you know what you want, there's free shipping with Shipster when you spend over $25. I've used Shipster for Target and returned the items (clothes) I didn't want, but the items that you can return depend on what's covered in their refund policy.


    Do they have any long lasting lipstick? Like the kind you basically need make up remover to get off? Thanks

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