I have 4 different supers from previous jobs and I have no idea what to do

I cane here as an international student and have changed quite a few jobs in past 3 years. Every job had provided different Super and I have no idea how can i merge them into one?

Is there any place where I can the list of super I have?

Thank you


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    Choose one fund and merge the rest into that. A bit of paperwork and time but not complex.

    If in doubt call your favourite fund and get them to step you through it.



      Your new job(s) should have provided you with a form to combine your super.

      Call your current(or prefered) super provider, ask them to send you the form and close the others.

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    No paperwork involved (generally) when merging through the ato site & mygov

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    when i signed up to hostplus, it searched for all my super accounts through my tfn, and offered the option to bring it across. took two seconds.

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    The ATO site above will show you.
    Combine them. Free and easy to do. The provider you choose may do it for you.
    In the future tell your employer to use your super fund. They cannot force you to use their.


    Login to Mygov My.gov.au and setup your ATO. There is a menu options to merge your super. Real easy. Take you 5 mins.

    My wife was putting it off for years thinking it was a hugenjob with forms etc and we sorted it in 5 mins.


    Really easy thought ATO site


    Your ATO account will have the list of supers you have. If you are happy with your current super then give them a call to help you do the transfers.