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Oral B Vitality Precision Clean Toothbrush $17.60 (Free C&C or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


Cheapest price in recent years. If combined with 10% off eBay gift card + cash rewards, the final price will be $15.7.
Thanks TA for the Original P20TGGS 20% off The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

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  • I think Usually it is 19-20 dollars at coles or woolworths for a similar model.

  • These have ni-cd batteries in them right? If so try to spend double the price to get the pro series as they have ni-mh batteries in them will last you a lot longer.

    • It varies - they use both NiCads and NiMH in them in the same models - I've got a NiMH one. It says on the back of the handle towards the base.

  • I have tried these.

    I have tried the Triumph series and the ones in between.

    These are noticeably weaker than the rest and whilst it represents good value for money, you will need to spend extra time brushing as the action is not as strong.

    • you will need to spend extra time brushing as the action is not as strong

      According to marketing?

  • Why don't you add the Philips NT3160 Nose Trimmer for $16 pickup since its in the same area (the face/hygiene) and price (ps dont stick this in your mouth)


  • Thanks for posting. My wife and I have been using ours for the last five years….seems like a good price to replace them and get a couple of new ones.

  • I find a fairly significant difference between these and the 'pro' class of toothbrushes, but have used these as a spare etc and they are fine.

    If you are interested in investing a little more, pay for the bottom version of the pro line. In reality oral B only make a few different motors, thats what determines the effectiveness of the brushing. For each of those, they make a plethora of models with random features, timers, bluetooth and fancy modes, most of which you will not use and dont really make a difference to the performance, so the best option for most people is the cheapest one with the best motor (highest vibrations/s).

  • Need the gumcare one :(

  • It says rechargeable! How do you recharge it? Also does these come up with a replaceable head?

    • recharge it by placing it into the stand.
      comes with 1 spare head.

      the handle and stand does get fairly mingey after a month or so and constantly requires cleaning.

  • excellent deal

  • Let me guess… They snag you with the cheap price up front and then shaft you with expensive brush replacement heads?

    • yeah the heap is more expensive

    • That's the catch. I've had my Pro model over 10 years but I've yet to find an inexpensive brush head that performs as well as the genuine product.

    • Moderate:
      $4.24 each for genuine oral b from ePharmacy in a variety 4 pack (+ delivery)
      $5.83 each bought in a 3 pack for genuine ones at Chemist Warehouse

      Compatible cheap knock offs in a pack of 20 from Catch are like $0.75ea starting price

      • Costco often sell the 10 pack for $27, so $2.7 each which is a reasonable price (aside from the membership cost). From memories there was also a deal from the shaver shop ebay for about $3.2 each as well

  • Thanks OP got two - one gripe (having not used it yet) - it has to be charged for 16 hours before first use but as far as I can tell there is no charging indicator light, I just have to wait and see if it works tomorrow I guess (or was DOA or not plugged in / seated on charger properly)!

    I'm guessing it is for waterproofing / hygiene, but could be on the charging base…What rechargeable product doesn't have a charging indicator light?!