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20% off The Good Guys @ eBay


The Good Guys eBay 20% off runs from Oct 9 to Oct 15. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

  • Maximum discount of $1000 per transaction
  • Maximum 10 items per transaction
  • Maximum 3 transactions per account
  • Excludes gift cards

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    gopro hero 7 black is $589 at the moment. could be a good deal when combined with pre purchased 10% gift cards,

    • +1

      Where are these cards you speak of?

    • Nooooooooo! I bought one in the morning with 10% off :(
      Should've waited a bit longer… Arrgh!!!

      • +1

        Return it and rebuy!

        • +1

          I thought the same however they are charging 20% restocking fee

          • +2

            @igoforthebest: Have you confirmed this 20% restocking fee with the store? I can't find it on their TCCs

            • +1

              @OBH: Its there policy have had the same problem but i also.asked if they will do the price guarantee with this on previous orders & got it back that way so give it ago
              Good GUYS customer care line
              "" 1300466348 "" ring them as thats only way you'll get the right answer & DONT forget to get a reciept number & time & who you spoke to from them about the call as I did this & got $$ back
              GOOD LUCK !!! 😊😊

    • I might upgrade my Hero5 Black edition I bought from them earlier when they gave the 3 way grip with the purchase.

      Hardly ever used it but with my upcoming overseas trip I cannot resist and with the eBay gift cards I still have it should come down to ~$365?

      • +1

        Claim the TRS on it when you pass customs to save even more

      • How do you math to get $365?

        • $589 -20% (coupon) -10% (Ebay GC) -$58.90 (TRS) = $365.

          And -1% Cashrewards, then $361.

          • +1

            @datafellows: $589 - 20% = $471.2 - $45 (450 x 10%) = $426.2 - $58.90 (TRS) = $367.3 - 1% (cashrewards) = $363.627

            Thank you.. damn this makes me wanna upgrade from my GoPro Hero 5 :(

            • @tukangbakso: Thank you, math never liked me :)

              All I know that the more $ the better, except on OZB :D

    • Do you think these will still be available on the 14/15th?

      I can only claim TRS if I buy on the 14th

      • +1

        Offer Period. This offer commences at 10.00 (AEDT) on 9 October and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on 15 October 2018 (“Offer Period”).

    • I just grabbed one for $476.46 delivered. Didn't have the 10% gift card but still seems like a great price for a product just released! Thanks for heads up!

  • +1

    Choice ;)

  • +9

    Lmao TA out here making everybody broke ;)

    • +1

      Why? You don't need to buy something just because there's a % off promotion…

      • +29

        Yes you do. :)

        This is OzBargain after all.

      • +7

        Think you missed the humour in that one, buddy :P

      • Heresy!

        Burn him at the stake!

      • +1

        get a loada this guy

        • Nvm, wrong thread

    • Only making you broke if you are a sheep.. Are you a sheep?

      • +11

        Of course! I’m on Oz-BAAAA-rgain!

  • How does TA find these deals so quick?

    • +13

      You think he's called Tightarse for another reason?

      • +1

        Why can't it be for more than one reason?

        • +10

          Versatile arse?

    • +21

      He works for Cashrewards who get notified of all the eBay sales upfront so TA just posts them before they each start.

      • +2

        And that's why I believe it should be marked as associated or privileged or similar. Neg away.

    • +7

      You really think TA is a human

  • You just saved me 10% - just in the nick of time

  • Shitty that most of their appliances aren't on their eBay page…..

  • +1

    OLED sub $2000 or am I dreaming?

  • +1

    GG, just bought a soundbar using the Pumpkin code, why does this always happen to me

    • return not possible?

    • Never had any issue with returns providing you have change of mind and never opened the product.

      • need to pay for return postage, no?

        • I just go to the store. Not a big fan of having things posted back.

    • +2

      Ok Balotelli

      • Hahaha wow that's an obscure reference :)

    • I'm looking at getting one for my TV, just wondering which one did you end up buying?

  • +1

    Can someone suggest a good soundbar that has atmos?

    • +3

      There's not a lot of choice at the moment. Sony has one or two models. More importantly, though, atomos in soundbars is a gimmick - don't do it…

    • +10

      soundbar that has atmos

      LOL reminds me of people who want phones that have 4K and HDR on a 5 inch screen

      • +1

        I assumed they were being funny

        • The people who wanted 4k TVs 5 years before there was a single source of 4K content were all deadly serious…

      • HDR on small screens is nice, but 4K is very much unnecessary

    • +1

      If you bought the eBay gift cards the lg sk9y comes to about $746 from appliance central once you factor in cash rewards.

      Don't expect much from Atmos using upfiring speakers though, I got the k950 and it does nothing except lift the soundstage higher but does not feel like sound is coming from above your head.

    • +5

      Atmos in a sound bar? No. Not at all. In name only.

      Honestly, I have a proper 5.1.2 atmos setup with ceiling speakers. It’s great! But the lack of content makes it not so great. Not really worth it.

    • +1

      You can buy a decent 5.1.2 Atmos setup for the same price as a Atmos soundbar.

      Avoid soundbars if you want Atmos.

  • +3

    I got ebay gift cards lined up and the code. All I need to do is to figure out what to buy….

    • Yep. It would go good with the recent Xbox one x deal. Just need sound bar to go with it

  • +2

    Not able to see PS4 anywhere.🤔

  • +1

    Got my eyes on that Bosch SMS88TI01A.
    Thanks TA!

    • did u buy it? I am looking to buy as well but confused with Bosch SMS66MI02A. Not sure which one to buy

      • I actually ended up going in store before the sale and checking out the dishwasher. Now have become undecided in a freestanding or built under.

        • oh

    • +13

      Try typing Xbox one controller into the search bar.


    This seems to be a good deal after 20% off

    • Aldi versiom is 8 bucks

  • LC C8 55' OLD currently @ $2795 should come down to $2236!

    I've heard the B8 will be released locally soonish (xmax?) and should be sub 2k for on par performance.

    Decision, decisions…

    • +4

      unless u love the lg OS that much .. the pana is just as good if not better.

      • Which Pana and is it as good for games? I'm so close to pulling the trigger but realistically I have no reason to rush.

        • +1

          Panasonic is supposed to be the best home theatre TV but comes close to the LG C8 for gaming. Really though, if gaming is your top priority I'd go with the Samsung QLED range as they have super low input lag and support freesync:

          Being a bargain hunter though, I think the Panasonic is the way to go. It will be brilliant in all areas.

        • +1

          I bought the lg B7T earlier this year for $2k, and it is amazing, the improvement oled has from my oldish Sony lcd is amazing. Highly recommend the LG oled TV's. The OS is also great and even the remote is really good. The only thing is I think HDR is a bit better on lcds as they can go a fair bit brighter than oled, just has a bit more wow factor on games like horizon zero dawn I thought.

  • +1

    Nintendo Clasic Mini for $95.96 after discount if you do click and collect

    • They stock both the NES and SNES, so that's cool.

  • +24

    I thought I'd just let everyone know, the main catalogue ends 10/10, so if you want to buy something that's currently advertised for a good price, check on TGG main website as to when the product pricing ends. This can be found under the price on the product page.

    E.G The Small Appliance Sale ends 10th of October, so please buy before 11:59PM on 10/10 to get the best pricing.

    • +7

      Great tip. Thanks doweyy :)

      • +14

        You should have provided this information.

        This is why you aren't a power user.

  • Vacuum cleaners under $300 anyone or any recommendations ?

    • +2

      Our dyson cordfree has been awesome!

    • What size home do you have? I bought a $99 Volta with 5 year warranty(!) that's just perfect for my 1 bed apartment. Great suction, not too noisy and very compact for storing away. More money saved for other things like surround system!

    • Take a look at Bosch athlet, gets good reviews.

      • Yeah I used to own a refurbished one. It was great on hard floors and rugs. Unfortunately I abused it a bit too much during renovations. Going to buy a new one this time. Comes to $238.40.

  • +4

    No iPads or Galaxy Tabs on their ebay store. No bargains for me.

  • +2

    Been looking for a Kindle Paperwhite for a while, glad I didnt pull the trigger from pumpkin code

    $174.00 atm on tgg ebay with 20% off it will be $139.2.

    • +4

      Yeah this is perfect for me too, bought Kindle Paperwhite through this deal for myself and now will buy one for my girlfriend too.
      Now we can pretend to be smart and intelligent together!

  • Thanks OP.

    • But he didn't put prices, and we like to see prices.

      Bargains have prices.

      • You forgot the /s

        • +1

          Too late now.

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