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20% off The Good Guys @ eBay


The Good Guys eBay 20% off runs from Oct 9 to Oct 15. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

  • Maximum discount of $1000 per transaction
  • Maximum 10 items per transaction
  • Maximum 3 transactions per account
  • Excludes gift cards

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    • Yep starts at 9am QLD time

  • I never bought from these guys. Do they jack?

  • Hopefully some good prices for a 4Tb portable hard drive.

  • I am getting this error when using the code for Dyson V10 absolute — Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later.

    • Starts 10am as per title

  • Good deal

  • I am moving into my first home soon and I want to purchase a new 65''-75'' TV preferably around the $3000 mark or lower. Any suggestions on the TVs that are on the Good Guys eBay store? Mainly using it for movies, sports, and a little gaming. Cheers

    • +1

      Panasonic 75"(190cm) UHD LED LCD Smart TV

      • Thanks for the recommendation!

        • You're welcome. It's a big heavy TV though but nice, and low input lag for games.
          You'll need a mate to help you get it into place.

  • +1

    awesome! thanks! picked up their 2TB seagate portable HDD for $70.40 -

  • +2

    Bought the Panasonic FZ 950 OLED tv 55', first time seeing a sub 2k OLED this year. Thanks OP

  • Hi all !
    How do you guys get the discount ? I got this "We ran into a problem. Please try again later."

    • "Gift cards, vouchers -> Enter code: " bottom menu, right ? or somewhere else ?

      • +1

        I managed to pick up a TCL 50" at 10am on the dot no price jacking but I'm now trying to buy something else and getting the same error after code is applied and trying to finalise payment.

      • +1

        Yes the entry box at the bottom during checkout. Worked for me just then on the Bosche Athlt handstick vacuum.

    • +1

      Check your ebay summary, I got the same error and now order is stuck on 'payment pending', but when I try to pay it says: Order service temporarily unavailable or invalid parameters in the request URL.

    • Talked to Customer Support: turned out - my technical issue, if anyone cares (initially registered on years ago, so since then it was in US domain).

  • LG C8 get in my lounge room!

    Thanks OP, you are a god amongst men.

  • +3

    Oh well… They price jacked Samsung MS32J5133BM Microwave… It was $199 till last night. Now $229. What's the point of the sale then?

    • I'm planning on getting the same microwave. I think it still works out to be cheaper compared to the 10% yesterday when i compared the different sellers for Brand New ones.

  • +4

    Price jacked for fit bit $128 -> $168
    Yeah, nah.

    • Yes. I was looking to buy one and was following the price. They should be called 'Shady Guys' and not 'Good Guys'..hehe

  • Anyone spot any LED TV bargains for 55-65 inch?

    • Not sure what models interest you but I went into Jb Hifi and picked up a Sony X90F 65" for $2549 I thought this was an ok price as GG had no Sony TVs on eBay

  • I had a look at a digital camera i wanted last night, and now its no where to be found.

  • Kenwood KVL6100T Chef Sense XL Stand Mixer $509 - 20%= $407.2 if you can click and collect.
    Awesome price.

    • It's $749 now. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

  • Bought a Dyson V10 Absolute with Ebay Gift Vouchers so come down to $750. But no more free gifts from Dyson as it was only till end of Sep.

  • +1

    Hi. I just got the stick vacuum LG MASTER CORD XERO X2 with $159.80 off the $799 price - no delivery fee as was available for COLLECTION In store

    This includes the bonus care pack which you redeem online at LG.

    The reviews are great - 2 batteries provided. Equal or Better than a dyson - and you don’t have to hold the trigger all the time for it to work. This is a big problem for my 81 yr old mum who has arthritis.

  • +1

    Weber Q2000 LPG BBQ for $329.60, free click and collect. Thanks OP!

    • +1

      I bought the Family Q with the cart for $568 pickup! Thanks as well!

    • Do you have a link for this please?

    • I almost pulled the trigger as well, but all Webers TGG sell do not have thermometer - and as far as I can see only Weber sells it.

      I think the thermometer is very important for cooking meat, hard to compromise on this.

      What do you guys think?

      • Buy a meat thermometer. We have 2 Weber Qs and as a family of 4 have never had a roast that wouldn't fit so don't be sucked in by everyone who says you need a high lid and thermometer.
        Most important is getting the temperature of the meat right, not the temp of the inside of the BBQ.

  • +2

    Received this error when trying to check out a Kindle (only item in my cart)

    Error codes: 70049 70084

    Tried to click and collect from a store saying instock

    EDIT: item is pending payment but when I click into View Order Details I get another error: Order service temporarily unavailable or invalid parameters in the request URL.

    EDIT2: called up ebay, there is an issue with my click and collect order and the payment process failed. They advised me to pay for the item to be shipped and they will generate a new voucher that will include the 20% off + shipping cost. So I will re-order it later when I've received the code.

    EDIT3: received the voucher and applied successfully, item bought :)

    • I am having the same issue and have opened a chat with eBay - they have said they could not generate a new voucher to include 20% + shipping cost. Do you know the name of the person you spoke to?

      • CodeXD - ignore this. I got it sorted - they provided me with a credit for the shipping cost after I made the purchase. Helpful eBay staff member.

        • +1

          Glad to know you got yours sorted! For some reason I'm no longer receiving notifications when people reply to my comments so I'm a bit late on the reply

  • The Braun 5190CC Series 5 Wet & Dry Shaver is a good buy at $159.20. It wasnt price jacked from $199. Too bad I used the 10% code the other day to grab it from the ShaverShop for $179.

  • I can't get this code to work, or any codes recently. I always get the 'had a problem try again later' response.

    • me too. last time chat with eBay support. But didn't help much. They said it's a technical error and will fix it asap.

  • Can anyone recommend a good dishwasher

    • +1

      Bosch if they carry them.

      • agree, but for a basic brand dishlex is a good option

        • any particular model number you recommend?

          • @ozzyoi: Dsf6106 comes in white and ss

  • Any suggestion about this LG 75UK6500PTB 75"one?
    I was tempted but I'm not sure if it's good for watching Netflix and PS4 gaming?

    • i just bought this one myself - it's the 100hz version. they have the 200hz version as well.
      I went to JB Hifi and they price matched it for me.
      Decent TV overall for around 2300 with the discount - depending on your budget.

  • I'm after advice regarding Ring, which they have at GG and with this deal brings it down to $120 and I know it is not the cheapest it has been but which model should I get if there is no existing door bell wiring?

  • "We ran into a problem. Please try again later."

    Any body else with this issue?

    • Yup, I have been getting this since 10am !

  • Is it worth to buy now LG MJ3966ASS NeoChef 39L or wait until boxing day?


    • +1

      Wait till boxing day. Price will come down for sure. But depends on how urgent u need it.

      • thanks!

      • since AUD has been rapidly devaluing the discount amount may not be good as now.

  • Does anyone know what happens when you cancel your order on eBay and paid with eBay egift cards? How does it come back to you? I cancelled an order from yesterday so I could rebuy it today.

    • -1

      EBay gift card payments are not refundable from what I've read, you'll just be redirected around and around without your funds back. I'd suggest you cancel the cancellation ASAP.

      • Really? Is that even legal? I'll see what I can do to get the gift card back, it's a few hundred dollars there.

        • +1

          He's just messing with you

          • +1

            @lordra: Oh that's good I didn't cancel the cancellation.

      • +1

        Not true at all. I've had refunds back onto the gift card balance.

  • +1

    Any idea why their normal website says things are in-stock at all of my local stores yet the ebay store says they aren't, forcing me to pay delivery? Aren't there rules about sales and that sort of thing?

    • I'd like to know this as well…

    • Seems there are items they just don’t want you to pick up..
      Looking at JBL 3.1ch 450W soundbar and pickup not allowed.

  • Does anyone know if you can stack the Samsung fridge cashback on top of this deal?

    I'm looking at the SRF717CDBLS and it would come down from $3393 to $2464.40 (C&C) after cashback.

    • Yep that'll stack on top, the invoice you use has no reference to eBay so it works fine.

  • Can anyone recommend a good portable speaker? Pref something that supports the home assistants but otherwise just good quality sound. Thinking JBL Link 20.

  • looking for a split system anyone bought this model before?

  • +1

    Wow, just got pricejacked…

    NEW Logitech 3663074 MX Anywhere 2s Wireless Mouse - Graphite Now $99 was $74
    Code wouldn't work on this item either…

    • Also $99 on their website, it is not price jacking

      • But it was cheaper at commencement of the sale and has gone up now?

        • +1

          As I commented earlier in this thread, 2 catalogues ended last night, it was known before the sale even started that prices were due to change for some items.

          • +1

            @doweyy: But for example "NEW Samsung SRF677CDBLS 680L French Door Refrigerator" at the beginning of the promo was $2888 and now jacked to $2999(by $100). But all other major sellers JB/Harvey etc it's still $2888.

  • Search Link

    Just because browsing the store on my desktop was so infuriatingly slow for some reason.

  • -1

    saw the Dyson V10 Absolute plus on wednesday. Went to buy tonight and was gone. Was not aware this happens but after reading these comments, seems price jacking and pulling items from sale is common. Oh well, missed out this time.

    • +1

      How dare stores sell out of things before you got the chance to buy? /s

      • I entered click and collect and my nearest store came up as in stock. The next day the item had been removed from the sale. I rang my nearest store and they informed me they had stock of the item.

  • Hi guys, thinking about buying
    Samsung UA75NU8000WXXY 75"(190cm) UHD LED LCD Smart TV. $3,200 after discount.

    Appreciate comments.

    • Great looking tv. Not the cheapest it has been though! i think i saw it for $2836 on ozbargain from videopro after the $500 cashback from samsung (cashback expired now though :(

  • Anyone else having issues paying? I'm wondering if cashrewards is causing the problem or it's ebay… Tried via PayPal and credit card with delivery and fair to say ebay have been useless… I'm a true OzBargainer and using my gfs card, billing address matches her card. (She won't miss $3k surely!) Found a store that will match the price, though I miss out on cashrewards and delivery is slightly more. Even at a stingy 1%, it's $30. The promo will expire before I can pay for it I'm convinced. Ebay offered 2 vouchers, but can only apply $500 and keep the balance as another voucher…don't buy heaps to justify. Or pay in full on PayPal and they will refund the difference in up to 15 business days… No thanks, even if I get an extra $7.50 via cr! Any suggestions…?

  • Seagate 2TB portable HDD now $109…. Not happy TGG

  • Hi guys, I am unable to get this discount for Weber BBQ, it wan't let me , coming full price, would like to have some help

    • You need to enter the code when you check out. Near the bottom there's a code discount button
      I just tried it. Was working

  • Wanting to get JBL 3.1ch 450W soundbar but c&c not allowed. So disappointed

  • Hi Chenkrys, you mean gift, voucher , coupon space, I tried few times it says ' This code can't be applied to your order.'

    • I have the same problem mate. I started a chat with ebay support and they offered to give me a 20% off voucher for the items in my cart. Unfortunately the GoPro hero 7 black that I wanted is now out of stock. There’s still hope for you though!

    • +1

      Pretty sure that issue is related to your account being registered in another country:

      My mate was getting that exact error yesterday, and got it fixed over chat on eBay, by them changing the registration site on his account to Australia.

      • +1

        That worked like a charm. Thanks champ!

  • have been looking for a laptop for my sister, who will be using it for mainly watching movies/streaming and work tasks like emails. ive looked at all the laptops and read reviews online but finding it hard to decide on one… anyone have suggestions ? will be much appreciated

  • +1

    Tried to buy a fridge today, but TGG eBay store said no stores in my area had stock of the particular fridge for C&C (and we needed it today as old fridge/freezer died yesterday - a real pain - had to throw a lot of stuff out).

    However TGG website said 1 store did have stock.

    Rang the store and spoke to a sales rep - they were able to match the 20% off price and sell it directly. The store emailed through an invoice that included a web link so we could go online and pay for it via computer.

    Not sure if CashRewards works in that situation (technically an in store sale, but paid online) but I went via CR anyway.
    Collected it a couple of hours later.

  • Merged from 20% Discount on Good Guys eBay

    I am not clear on what that means is the Ozbargain offer of 20% off ALL items The Good Guys sell or only things that are pre-selected by the Moderator?

    I am looking at buying a Bottom Mount Fridge is this included as well as I cannot find anything about "fridges/freezers" only "electrical/electronics" (which includes fridge/freezers)

    Thanks for your help

  • Just bought the GoPro Hero 7 Black and a Samsung Microwave. Paid both through paypal under the same transaction and was quoted from eBay for 634.06 but on my Paypal account it split it to 2 transactions that made it into 673.46. Any advice on who to contact? Paypal/ebay/the good guys?

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