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Weber Family Q $567.20, Weber Q $329.60, Weber Baby Q $255.20 (Free C&C or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


On the back of the popular Ray's 20% Weber Range deal this offer from the Good Guys eBay store is just a little bit better.
Cheapest price in a few years for the Q3100 and not a bad deal on the Weber Q and Baby Q either.

All models are the LPG variants.

Weber Family Q now down to $567.20 C&C
Weber Q now down to $329.60 C&C
Weber Baby Q now down to $255.20 C&C

Full range of accessories also seem to be available - Just a few that I've selected are below
Family Q Half Hotplate down to $60 C&C
Q Half Hotplate down to $55.20 C&C
Baby Q Half Hotplate down to $47.20 C&C
Weber Breakfast Plate for Q and Family Q models down to $35.20
Weber Breakfast Plate for Baby Q down to $27.20 C&C
Weber Q Grill Pan down to $29.56 C&C
Weber Small Fry Pan down to $65.95 C&C
Weber Large Fry Pan down to $68.00 C&C

As usual if you managed to get 10% off discounted eBay gift cards you can save a little more.

Original P20TGGS 20% off The Good Guys eBay Deal Post

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  • i need a NG one :(

  • -2

    Not sure what people like about these bbqs. From my experience they are too small, overpriced and impractical.

    • +1

      They are built really well, even the Ziggy bbqs (which IMO is about the same build quality) are about the same price and size. I have been through a bunch of the cheaper bbqs and they don't last as long.

      • +1

        Weber customer service is fantastic too.

        • +4

          My 4 year old Weber was rusting around the grill. Weber sent a replacement straight away, no questions asked. Never had customer service like that ever!

    • Some people don't have the room or need for a bigger BBQ, or like the fact you can throw it in a car boot. They last forever, and if you do eventually upgrade to something bigger they're still great to chuck a roast or something in.

  • Weber has a new range I think, maybe in addition to the Q range - have a look at their Spirit range.

    • The Spirit range has been around for ages, they may have updated it recently but it's certainly not new. They're also a lot more expensive than these things.

  • +2

    I would suggest buying the specialist models. Although you will always pay full price for them, they have a temperature gauge, higher lid for large roasts, and piezo ignition. IMO worth’s the extra coin for a bbq that will last a long time

    • Totally agree, almost bought in TGG yesterday and realised it doesn't have the temperature gauge, that's something you can't compromise.

      Well, now I know I have no other option besides buying at full price on Weber stores.

      • +2

        I am still a beginner with BBQs but one thing that I have read is to consider is that the temperature gauge on the BBQ is not very accurate. But you are saving approx $200 going with the non premium BBQ. For $30-50 you could get a good digital thermometer that will allow you to remotely monitor the temperature of the BBQ and the meat as well.

  • +1

    IMO, if you are serious about bbq.
    Get a cheap NG bbq off gumtree and a weber kettle bbq for some charcoal goodness.

    • +3

      ……..However if you're not that "serious" about BBQ and want something small/portable and good quality, these are great.

    • -1

      Someone who is serious about BBQ wouldn’t get a Webber kettle.

      • Is there something wrong with Weber Kettles? I was thinking of getting one.

        • +1

          Nothing wrong with them. In fact some of the best BBQ you will ever do is on a charcoal weber kettle. Can I suggest the middle size smokey mountain over the kettle? Can be used as a kettle with the advantage of also being able to smoke meats.

          • +1

            @cvas: Come over to my house and I'll cook you something on my Kamado.

      • what is the reason for this???

  • Any reason why i would be getting - This code can't be applied to your order. error?

    • Did you holiday to a US/UK address for an international promo code?

      • Yes haha was a short holiday, thanks for the reminder

      • I've now fixed that but am getting - We ran into a problem. Please try again later.

        • +1

          Possibly an issue at the store end but try clearing cookies/cache, log out and back in again, use an incognito window?

  • Anyone reckon i'd have a hope in you know what in getting BCF to price match this price?

    • Buckley's. No where I've seen would price match an eBay discount code.

  • The code works for me, but when it comes to paying for it - neither of my credit cards seem to work (AMEX & MasterCard). Anyone else have the same issue?

  • Thanks OP! Tempted by the Weber Baby Q. Anyone have one? Keen to get thoughts on the size. It's only for 2 adults.. we like to think we'll 'entertain' but we never do.

    • +2

      Should be more than enough for two people. Our Q feels huge when I'm just coming for my wife and I. I'm still surprised at how little gas it uses too. Had half a bottle left over from my old BBQ and after 6 months of intermittent use the bottle is still going!

      • Awesome, yeah I think baby q is the go. Cheers!

      • +3

        Yes that's quite normal, it does feel larger when nearing climax.

        • +1

          I had no idea what you were on about… then I realised what auto-correct had changed "cooking for my wife and I" to…

    • We have the Q2200 and it's barely enough for 2 when we grill some snags/steaks and veggies.

  • +1

    Is the only difference between the Q and the baby Q is the size? If so, how much bigger is it? The stand shown with the gas cylinder, is that extra? Where can I get that from?

  • Does anyone know if as the models have upgraded, if they've all remained the same size?

    I've got a Q305 and am interested in getting the half hotplate, but wondering if it will be the same size.

    • +1

      IIRC they are the same dimensions the model number change was for a styling refresh.

  • Bought a Q + half hot plate + cart.

    • Now you just need a stand…

    • did you get the discount "

      • yes, no issue at all. used today for the first time, pretty happy with it.

  • Any good deals on the Family Q Cover ? Wondering if it is worth getting - fairly expensive at $70

  • sorry guys this discount cord won't work for me, tried few times, it says' this code can't be applied to your order.' any ideas

    • Are you sure your region is Australia? did you change it to use a US/UK eBay code recently?

      • thanks I got it when I did from my another device , did not work from desktop , mac , don't know the issue yet

  • Picked up my Weber family today.

    I forgot I actually need a gas tank.

    Do I just buy one from Bunnings and then fill or swap n go in future?

    Our first proper bbq. I’ve been doing charcoal

    • +1

      You could buy a cylinder from Bunnings/BCF/Anaconda etc and then it'll be brand new and you could keep getting it refilled at any of the locations that do so.

      Or you can go to a Swap n Go location and buy the cylinder from them and then just use the swap n go facilities. Your first charge is higher for getting the cylinder and then $20-$25 for each cylinder swap.

      The trade off is that swap n go cylinders are usually much older but there's the convenience of swapping at a servo in a 5 min job. Whereas if you buy your own you know the history of it but getting a refill will take longer than the swap. I don't know about refill prices or cost of a brand new cylinder though (they may vary regionally) so one might be significantly more cost effective but it depends on your cost vs convenience threshold.

      • Awesome. Yeah may cop it on the chin and buy a new cylinder.
        Thank you

        • +1

          Have a read of https://gasbottlerefills.com/ for more information and pricing info for your local area.

          The authors on that page give a really good overview of gas bottle FAQs and general background specifically in Australia. They also have codeword offers with gas bottle refillers for discounts.

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