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5% off Sitewide Coupon @ FC Moto


FC-Moto 5% Off, also applies to already discounted prices!

Bought a helmet at a 30% discount to their retail price + another 5% totalling 35%.

The coupon excludes shipping.

By comparison to AU pricing, you can save close to $280 on a Shoei GT Air Helmet (cheapest comparison I found to be the helmet warehouse).

Save a bit more by paying in Euros!

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  • Nice savings, Though the helmets are "technically" not allowed on our public roads due to no Australian Standards sticker…What a load of crap - can buy the identical helmet here just costs a shit ton more.

    • This has not been the case for some time - ECE helmets are legal across australia: https://www.motorcyclelife.com.au/ece22-05-helmets-now-legal...

      shame FC-Moto charge relatively high postage. I want to get a new Shark Evoline Pro and with shipping it's cheaper to get it from chromeburners. YMMV depending on the product, obviously.

      • Thanks for that. I'm in Queensland and I knew we made the change a few years ago, but I didn't realise that the rest of the states had followed suit. I had wondered what happens if you had an ECE helmet and rode interstate.

      • +2 votes

        <picks myself off the floor> you'e saying state & federal govts worked togther to remove regulation and benefit companies and individuals?

      • Yep I completely agree! Chromeburners is cheaper once you include shipping.

        I was trying to choose buying a helmet from Chromeburners and FC-Moto. But I wanted to use a courier (I don't trust Aussie Post and never gotten anything from Chromeburners before). So after I factored in including a courier for both, the helmet I bought ended up being cheaper with FC Moto.

      • Sweet ! I had no idea they had made them legal, awesome!

  • FC-moto often does 10% off sitewide coupons via email (also on coupon websites)

    • I could be wrong, but all the 10% off codes I got were only off RRP. This was the only code which worked on already discounted prices.

  • 5% off on ozbargain is more like free advertising not a bargain for sure.
    Also $34 to send a t-shirt to Australia.
    OP do you know the meaning of wise shopping?

    • To each their own, but it's definitely something to include when looking for a helmet or other such exxy bike gear. Plus, considering they do have reduced items, an extra 5% off just helps a tiny bit more.

      As a Rider, the overall savings of the reduced items plus an extra discount would consitute as wise shopping.

      • wise shopping

        Just you forgot the meaning of wise which is the DHL delivery fees and as others have already said it's more convenient to buy in Australia.
        But you're right, to each their own.

  • Perfect timing, as OP said 10% discount codes via email newsletter is not for items already discounted. We usually size up in-store locally and buy online, no shame :)