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KitchenAid Bowl Lift Stand Mixer (KPM5) Red/White with Bonus Ice Cream Bowl Attachment - $399 (RRP $949) + Delivery @ Kogan


Part of the recent Kogan #breaktheinternet sales. First 600 customers. 3 hours only.

Includes bonus KitchenAid Ice Cream Bowl Attachment (valued at $199)

Easy bowl lift design and huge 4.7L bowl
10 variable speeds
Convenient pouring shield and bowl cover
Planetary action rotates around every corner of the bowl
Includes flat beater and wire whisk attachments

Fine Print:

*600 stock limit will be spread across both the red and the white models… offer ends 11 October 2018 at 4:00pm (AEDT) unless extended or sold out prior. Limit 1 per person.

EDIT: Fine print regarding ice cream bowl attachment:

Bonus item will not appear in your cart, but will be automatically added to your order. Bonus KitchenAid Ice Cream Bowl Attachment will be automatically added to your order. Subject to availability. While stocks last.

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    Oh gee that is a ridiculously great price, and that model fixes the issues I have with the regular kitchaid

    • What issues?

      • +1

        Basically for dough, the bowl flexes too much, and the neck cotter pin is continually working its way out. OK for light stuff, but utterly hopeless for dough. It isn't a rigid enough construction.

  • Is this model end of life? I can't seem to find it for sale anywhere else except eBay for a whopping $1100+. Seems like a really good deal though. :)

  • +2

    Awesome deal. Got the red thanks OP.

  • any discount codes?

    • No discount codes needed to get this price

      • $20 shipping though, any way around that?

        • Shipster

          • @MJ1: Yep, free with Shipster

          • @MJ1: Seems to be only free shipping to VIC with Shipster

          • @MJ1: this shipster thing is strange, I have signed up to it before buit never got a confirmation

        • Shipster doesn't seem available for this deal to NSW

        • Shipster criteria are that the order must be over $25 and shipping costs must be under $20.

  • Post to 2200 cost $21. Can not use Shipster

  • +1

    Do all of the usual kitchenaid bowls fit this model?

    • nope.. this is the bowl lift model, not the tilt head model (usual KA) ..

  • +2

    I would sell Ice Cream Bowl Attachment and use just a regular bowl. I don't see the point in having to leave it in the fridge for 24 hours, then make ice cream, put it in the bowl, bowl in the fridge again versus just making it now, put in the bowl and whack it in the fridge till tomorrow. It's just one more thing to have which isn't necessary.

  • +1

    does this model have full metal gearing or did they put the plastic gears in this model?
    looks like they do for these newer models. Not really a concern unless you are doing bread, which of course I do. haha.

    • +1

      would've thought pasta dough would be an issue as well.

    • Not sure exactly but for what it's worth Choice gave it a 10/10 for its dough hook functionality.

      • +1

        Well thats great to hear. I'll see how it goes anyway.
        I just so happened to just recently by a old 5K5SS kitchen aid a little while ago.
        I think it's maybe 25-30 years old and possibly still has the full metal gearing.
        It doesn't have any problem with 750g total dough weight and 58 to 61% hydration dough
        although I'm certain the machine grease in it could use a swap.

        I'm interested to see how this newer model compares.
        I only wish this newer model had the spiral dough hook but from what I gather the new hook should fit
        but shouldn't be used as this models planetary gear system is not designed for the
        vertical stress that hook would introduce.

        Alot of people say this bowl lift model is great for bread and a lot of people say these kitchenaids in general shouldn't be used for bread dough.
        That being said though I don't really see anything in this size range available to home consumers.

        If anyone has any recommendations about what would be better for bread in a similar price range I'd love to know.

  • Done! Grabbed the red one. I've been eyeing this mixer for ages but couldn't justify the retail price. Cheers OP!

  • Is this one suitable for making bread dough?

    • +1

      Manual says a max of 1.4kg plain flour or "Yeast dough up to a mixed weight of 1.7kg (3 x 450g loaves)"
      of course they don't say what hydration that's at a lot of difference between bagel dough and pizza dough.
      Also you'd probably want to use bread flour with more protein in it so thats harder for the mixer than plain flour as well.

  • +1

    Got one…now need to find a suitable dough hook attachment for it.

    • I would guess there is probably one in the box just not listed.

    • Yeah same here. I didn't realise it was such a cluster XXX with KA dough hooks. Let me know what you find, if you can!

  • Does this come with the dough attachment?

  • Great price!

  • Damn just bought the KSM45 from MYER eBay last week. It hasn't even been opened. Would probably have gotten this one instead.

    • +3

      Return it and buy this one so (if unused and in box)

  • +2

    Iv been looking for mixers for a while (months) for wifey. This has been this price for a while, the bonus is ice cream bowl but unless you make ice cream this is pretty standard Kogan price.

  • I know nothing about baking, is this better then Artisan Stand Mixers? Thinking this as XMAS gift. Wife got a old Kenwood Chef Mixer. Thanks

    • +6

      Baker by trade here, if your wife has an old Kenwood which was made in the UK, you're going to be shocked on the quality of stand mixers these days.

      I have an old Kenwood here, 901D which is dated back to the 1980s, still build like a machine. The whole point of these was to get them services though like a car, hence why they still run today.

      The new Chinese ones aren't made anywhere near as good and to get similar quality you'd need to buy a Hobart Mixer ($3000)

      I'm going to get downvoted for saying this but, Kenwood does have a good stand mixer, Kenwood Chef XL Elite. Stainless steel paddles and a high quality whisk, this beats any KitchenAid hands down but they're around the $550 mark on sale, RRP is $899.

      Dishwasher safe parts unlike kitchenaid, stainless steel, 16 egg white capacity, 2.5kg dough and 4.5kg cake batter.
      The only KitchenAid which comes close to the Kenwood is the 7.6L Commercial Stand Mixer at $1599. It only comes with a 12 month commercial warranty though not the 10 year domestic warranty which Kenwood has.

      • My Mum's got an old Kenwood 701A sitting unused, this thread's got me thinking I should get it out, get it serviced and put it to use. Do you reckon it's worth the trouble? People seem to love them. just googling a bit.

      • Couldn't agree more. Bought a Kenwood Chef XL sense for $407 during the Good guys 20% off Ebay. It's replacing my old Kenwood 701A which actaully still works fine.

      • These two are household machines. If used in business,Gear box should be oil immersed, Three phase motor for those are more reliable.

  • +3

    You can use Qantas Shopping Mall to get qantas point (2 points per $1 spend) + if you have your QFF linked to your Kogan account, you'll get 399 QFF. E.g. if you pay $399, you'll get 1197 QFF points (798 from Qantas mall + 399 from linked QFF in Kogan)

    • +1

      Wish you posted this 1hr 15 mins earlier :(

  • +1

    Thanks OP just ordered, but after ordering noticed this in the fine print that the ice cream bowl attachment is subject to availability & while stocks last… let's hope it turns up.

    • It'd be nice to get for sure but I doubt many people will use it more than once or twice.
      It'd be fun to give a go though.

    • @Trawler Thanks for noticing that, I've updated the description

  • Damnit, all gone just as I was about to checkout

  • +20

    Thank god it's sold out. I was about to spend $400 on something I never thought about buying before. I need to stop coming to this website!!

  • Damn, too slow!

  • +6

    Miserable unit. Got our money back on this (after a bit of a whinge). It's built like a tank on the outside and like a toy on the inside. The quality of the gearbox is pretty poor, nylon gears and generally pretty poor quality and construction/grease means the powdered gears start loosing teeth and the nylon gears wear or just strip if you give it a hot supper!

    Apparently the Americans have not developed electronic overload protection and resort to mechanical protection in way on stripping on snapping the gears. All this from a simple store packet dough, worked the first few times, but eventually it stripped. OK for cake mixes and such, but be careful with dough.

    If you hear the motor straining, best to take it easy. Pushing on eventually starts stripping the teeth (but this takes some time, unless you really overloaded it)

    • +1

      What is a better alternative with higher quality internals?

      • +2

        Kenwood Chef XL Elite hands down.

        You'll thank me later ☺️

        • +3

          Yes, anything Kenwood Chef really, from Chef to Chef XL. But this range is pretty much the best value kitchen stand mixers at the moment. warranty wise, purchase price, build quality, power and dough capacity which is a good way to determine a unit's usable power.

          This deal was a steal:

          The quality of engineering is much better in these units, the assembly is considerably better, better meshing of the gears, better grease, an enclosed gear assembly and better electronics. But critically it features electronic overload protection, so you won't physically damage the unit. You just remove some dough, power cycle it and continue in batches.

          Alternatively with the KitchenAid, you call them up, take it to their service centre to be told the gears have stripped and not covered as it's been overloaded (abuse?) and that you need to pay a couple of hundred for a gearbox assembly and labour.

          Yeah! KitchenAid, I'm sure that works with most of your customers!

          Problem is KitchenAid pay higher wages to assemble and produce their stand mixes in USA (unlike everyone else in China), and they do considerable advertising on TV shows (placement) and magazines. These costs do not equal a better quality product for you and me. Yet Mr. Kogan can get a few containers of these and offload them at $399 and still make a profit. Makes you think just how much money these things cost of manufacture (BOM).

          KitchenAid would be so much better if they invested in new gearbox and electronic designs. They would also need better tooling so they could produce better quality fit and finish of their parts, or move to China and get access to some pretty good manufacturing. Somehow I think the move to China is inevitable.

          P.S: Can't really blame KitcheAid, many companies do this (engineered weakness). Dyson with their critical parts (switches, retaining clips) being made with cheap thin ABS plastic and Blendtec & Vitamix for making everything really big and powerful, except the bearings and seal, which go all too often and require a replacement container, making that $1200 blender a $2000 blender after 5 years!

          • @mrhugo: This item is out of stock. I think, Kenwood Chef Kitchen Machine KVC3100W is not heavy duty as KitchenAid KPM5.

    • Does this mean the KSM150-170s are even worse?

  • +1

    I'm so sad I missed out on this by 1 hr =(

  • Is the 315W motor powerful enough?

  • +4

    I bought a US version a few years back (why are they so much cheaper over there?), then replaced the motor and armature with 240v version (very cheap and guides available online). I can confirm that all gears are steel but one, which is designed to break if something gets caught. Its very small and cheap to replace.

    • Cool idea never thought to import then change the guts.

    • How much for the 240v motor, thanks!

      • +1

        KA-W10477033 KitchenAid W10417246/W10477033/9701670 Motor Field 240 Volt $17.19
        KA-9708316 Kitchenaid 9708316/241991-4/W10417244 Armature 220 Volt $21.09
        KA-W10217542 Kitchenaid Mixer W10538289 9706596 Speed Control Phase Board 220v $7.29
        Oh and you'll need a three pin cable which I am sure you can pinch off an old appliance if you're capable of changing the above.

        • Very good price! Cheers!

          • @BargainCatch: Youre welcome. Also you might look to change/ upgrade the grease while youre in there too!

            • @wiha: Thanks wiha, I will replace food grade grease too.

  • So whats the first thing people are going to make in their new mixers?

  • Did anyone happen to get a WHITE version? and would be interested in swapping it for the RED version? Located in Adelaide, SA.

    I've contacted Kogan and they would only credit the purchase upon return, no exchange :(

  • oh, it is too late. how to spot this kind of deal - discount in 4 hours with first 600 customers only. :#

    • +1

      I don't know about the others but I subscribed to most of the categories on ozbargain and get I dunno like 150 emails or so a day about all the things people submit and just check my emails when I have the chance. I still end up missing a few things I would have liked to know about though.

  • Received mine today, Ice cream bowl came yesterday though lol. As I suspected this model does indeed come with the dough hook as well as the Paddle, whisk, bowl lid and flour pouring shield. It's just that kogan didn't list it properly.

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