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Managed to get the navy version for $33.20 delivered from Amazon back in March with the 60% appliance sale and new user coupon. Great solid...
12/06/2018 - 09:18
[@dreamzz](/comment/6021062/redir): Probably why this is a posted deal for the 6 and not the 6s/7/X
06/06/2018 - 12:52
# IN THE BOX Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal **Type-C USB Cable** Storage Box Tripod User Manual Cleaning Cloth edit: Actually I just realised that...
05/06/2018 - 14:27
No, you can change it to charge in the original currency so your credit card company does the conversion.
07/05/2018 - 11:55
Same. Bupa gave me nothing, this 5% code worked on flights for this weekend
06/05/2018 - 23:14
Ubiquiti Unifi AC Pro AC1750 Wireless Access Point $172.00 @ Sydneytec eBay
Back on sale for this price again with the eBay code, has been a couple of $s cheaper before. Ubiquiti UniFi AP-AC-PRO 802.11ac Dual Radio...
03/05/2018 - 17:19
26/04/2018 - 22:12
Absolutely. To make it worse, our class exercises were from a Brazilian book (with CD), but our teacher was Portuguese
26/04/2018 - 13:54
Pronunciation is very different. Much further apart than Latin American vs. Iberian Spanish. Some verb tenses are different, and very much...
26/04/2018 - 12:34
Cool app! Thanks
26/04/2018 - 10:24
Does anyone know if USB speakers will work with this?
23/04/2018 - 17:35
[@sn809](/comment/5848904/redir): Could be true. Although this is the other way around, the last time I did a port out a day later to Kogan...
15/04/2018 - 20:06
Mostly will just disappear... Once you port out, your account gets deleted off of Kogan's system
15/04/2018 - 19:45
Someone's used it already. Thanks for the gesture
09/04/2018 - 13:13
Has the IPv6 bug been fixed yet?
06/04/2018 - 10:45
I had this SIM on my trip over Nov-Feb recently. Worked well in all the countries I went to (France, Spain, Italy), but you could tell that...
05/04/2018 - 18:33
Any luck? I have a feeling Westpac might just ... forget about their deal
05/04/2018 - 12:16
Got another 9 days to go. Was your deposit in there 55 days from today? Or just account opened?
03/04/2018 - 20:59
Is this the equivalent in Micro USB?? 1.8m US$5.49 shipped:...
02/04/2018 - 20:42
Perhaps there was an exception for my case because it was a trial free month, or the simply just changed it since then, so you may still be...
28/03/2018 - 19:53
I'm pretty sure when I cancelled with them last year during the free month trial, it was halfway through the month and there were no...
28/03/2018 - 18:57
[@anyeong](/comment/5778447/redir): Ah, my bad. Thanks for that. Was trying to figure out how to work with two of these and my docked...
25/03/2018 - 20:34
Which laptop do you use that can output 2x4k plus laptop? (at 60Hz??)
25/03/2018 - 13:20
I get this at Dresslily: *Error,this promotion code has frequency of use restrictions, for 228705401*
18/03/2018 - 11:30
I feel like I've come in too late for these discussions.. But if I'm doing a 99.999% of non gaming/video work (GIS). 60Hz is fine, right?...
16/03/2018 - 12:18
This attitude Sydney residents have is the reason I left it 10 years ago and will never return to call it my home. Looks like nothing has...
04/03/2018 - 17:18