expired Anet A8 3D Printer US $145.44 (AU $205.17) + Free Delivery @ AliExpress E-Watch store


I've been looking for one of these for ages and this is the cheapest I've seen.


EU Plug also means you either need to be comfortable putting a new plug on yourself, or you need to buy a replacement cable. EDIT: Or use a travel adapter (Thanks Porthos).

This printer comes as a kit, so be prepared to assemble it yourself, although instructions can be found online.

I have no experience with this printer, but from the reviews I've seen it's rated as a very capable first 3D printer, and is easily upgradable.

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    EU Plug also means you either need to be comfortable putting a new plug on yourself, or you need to buy a replacement cable.

    Or just use a travel adapter?


    how do these compare to the ones Aldi sells?


      Ask yourself this, do you care more about the print or more about the process? If it's the process buy the Ender 3, if it's the print/product buy the cocoon from Aldi.


      The Aldi printer has a metal frame where as the Anet has an Acrylic frame which can warp under heat. The Aldi printer is a rebadged Wanhao Duplicator i3 if you want to do further research.


      Whats the Aldi ones worth when they're in stock?

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    Spend the extra 50 and buy an ender 3. You'll quickly out grow this even after spending 50-100 on the required upgrades.

    The ender 3 is the best entry printer you want now.

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    Something doesn't seem right about this Mk2b heatbed + acrylic support frame. My Anet A8 came with an alloy H support + different heatbed. This may well be a clone of a clone of a clone. Also be very weary of the Anet as they disable thermal runaway on in the firmware which is a very important safety feature. Be prepared for hours & hours of tinkering for acceptable results. OP look into the Ender 3 it's only $50 more and so much more bang for buck.


      Thanks halfluck (and others), you were right and the Ender 3 does look like the better option. Luckily my A8 order hadn't been shipped yet, so I've cancelled my aliexpress order and ordered an Ender 3 instead. Cheers


    Sounds like the Anet is soo 2017 which is when i picked it up. I love it but from what i've read, the Ender 3 is the 2018 go to.

    I'm keeping an eye out (for sub $300 machines) because i wouldn't mind a second printer, but i think i'll hold out until newer features justify the expense.

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      ender 3 is sub $300 currently

      I'd say you'd probably enjoy building your own one instead though


        Great price! I'm amazed that Gearbest are only charging $7 for shipping, when I was recently looking for a 3D printer the shipping charges were $50-$100, which seemed reasonable considering the weight. Could the shipping price be a website error?


        I did enjoy building and understanding the a8 but now i find that building and learning 3d modeling (in my case fusion 360) does take up alot of time. Every project needs measuring and modeling/iterations which takes time. I'd rather the time be spent making personalized projects than have the next printer be the project although the thought has been been lingering.

        Nah, i'd rather a pre-made kit that needs tinkering than scratch building as a second printer. I do like solving problems but prefer if there were no problems to solve if that makes sense.

        Lets see what Q4 2019 has to offer :p

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    I own two of these. (Bought one, then my friend sold me his cheap)

    1. This is a good kit for someone who doesn't have a 3D printer, but is mechanically minded
    2. The power supply is pretty rough, chuck out the cable and use an Australian one. You'll need to know what you're doing. You can swap out the stock PSU with an ATX PSU.
    3. You will need to fix the connectors for the heat bed etc. to avoid burning them out
    4. The stock firmware is pretty terrible. The Anet A8 is supported in the latest Marlin firmware
    5. Be prepared to print a lot of upgrades

    That being said, I had heaps of fun building mine and tweaking it to get the print quality up. I run mine via a Raspberry Pi and a package called OctoPrint. There's options to watch the print via webcam, take time lapses, turn off the printer after a print if using an ATX PSU etc.


      Thank you good information.

      I'd like to start learning about the process and technology of 3D printing. Can you recommend an informational site to get started for someone who is IT proficient but completely new to the process?

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    owned 1, heavily modded. one of the best budget printer.


    you have to tweak a lot. you might be lucky to have a good one out of the box, even that, you are not even close to reaching the potential of this thing.

    i use this to build my hypercube once i understand how 3d printer works. and then sold it.

    you just cant go wrong with it.

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    Have one, which I have upgraded to an AM8. This is great if you love to tinker, upgrade over and over etc.

    If you're after plug and play get the ender 3. You will easily spend more than the price difference upgrading the anet, so it's not the cheaper option. It's the tinkerers option.


    Can't wait for the CR-10s to be on special again.


    Price is ok but I wouldn't recommend it any more.
    I purchased one a while back and like everyone else I had to make a lot of modifications. Tinkerers may enjoy using this model but I think that the Anet A8 is a bad investment for anyone considering purchasing a 3D printer today.

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