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Nice a Tank Girl 30th Anniversary comics bundle has started on Humble Bundle presented by Titan Comics.

Tank you for stopping by. It's time for another anarchic adventure with Humble Bundle and Titan Comics! We're celebrating the 30th anniversary of the notorious pilot and outlaw, brandisher of profanity and bra rockets, friend of mutant kangaroos everywhere… Tank Girl.

The comics can be downloaded in PDF, EPUB & CBZ formats.

Pay $1 or more to get:

Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising #1-4
Tank Girl: Carioca #1-6
Everybody Loves Tank Girl #1-3
Tank Girl Classic #1-5
The Power of Tank Girl

Pay $8 or more to also unlock:

21st Century Tank Girl Complete
Solid State Tank Girl Complete
Tank Girl Classic #1 - Full Colour
Tank Girl Classic #6-10
Tank Girl: Skidmarks Complete

Pay $15 or more to also unlock:

Tank Girl: Gold #2 Special Edition
Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank Complete
Tank Girl: Gold Complete
World War Tank Girl Complete
The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #1-2
Tank Girl Classic #11-14

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