Thailand Trip for New Years

HI Folks,

This is my first post for suggestions.

Me n wifey are travelling to Thailand (Phuket for new years) will be landing on Bangkok international airport (BKK) on 29th Dec early morning. I am checking out return flights to Phuket and cheapest i am getting is $540 AUD for 2 adults from 29th dec to 1st Jan through viet jet air.

Is there any cheaper option? Prefer to fly as short of time in Thailand.

Thanks in advance for ur suggestions.

EDIT: Flight to and and from BKK already booked , thai airways.

I am landing at BKK at 06:10 on 29th Dec, so my option to fly to Phuket is only from BKK and after 09:00.

return flight from Phuket, no restriction as I will be spending a day in Bangkok so any time on 1st Jan is good



    Wait so you’ve aleady booked flights to BKK??


    A bit more info will be handy - remember, Many international flights arrive at Suvarnabhumi, and most budget airlines depart from Don Mueang, do you need to factor in the travel time.

    So What time and airport to you arrive at and specific time
    What airport do you depart Bangkok from and what time
    (I assume you have booked your return flights into and out of Bangkok 29/12 and 1/1 as well)


      landing at BKK airport 06:10 on 29/12 an departing from BKK airport on 2nd, will spend a day in Bangkok


        Why didn’t you just book direct to HKT??


    12 hours by bus? ~ 1000 BAHT per person;


      good but dont want to spend so much time in travelling. have just about 3 days in phuket.


    Lot of money just for 3 nights + transfers from both airports.
    Get a mini van to whore hin or pattaya for about $6 each takes about 2 1/2 hrs


      Where can one find this whore hin? And is it aptly named?


    why go to phuket for new years when BKK is better?


      Whats there to do in Bangkok on new years eve?


        several different locations and city nightlife for afterwards.

        khao san road is the obvious for younger people (crowded but fun) and there's fireworks displays near the temple over the river etc.

        what's so special about phuket? much smaller scale. more expensive (similar though).

        i can't see phuket being any better.

        if you want quiet getaway as well (before/after) ko samet near bkk is a nice island. pattaya is sex tourist capital of thailand and only good for a laugh (you can walk with your wife it's no problem), but there's fancy shopping malls there too.


          I dont want to go to pattaya its very dirty. And yes prefer phuket because of activities, river rafting ziplining paragliding etc.


            @JohnyEnglish: might be able to go to chiang mai cheaper, can do most of those there too.


    I have been to Phuket several times and I am officially sick of it - Patong Beach where 97% or whatever tourists go there, is awful.

    Just stick to Bangkok - if its your first trip to Thailand - and spend NYE. Go to one of the many rooftop bar or restaurants for a NYE dinner - it will not be cheap but where in the world can you be up on a rooftop 60+ floors above the world with nothing above you except stars.

    My favourite rooftop bar is Grand Cru Champagne Bar ( ) but as I said, it is not cheap, on regular nights - expect to pay AUD$35+ per cocktail - but we go there everytime we are in Bangkok (a handful times each year) and spend a fortune and love every second we are up on the rooftop (except when the weather is crap or we are forced to go indoors).

    I can list of another 10 rooftops I enjoy, but you can google that easily.

    Now, otherwise, try getting a table at the world's 5th best restaurant - Gaggan. We have dined there twice now and it is pretty special.


    if you enjoy Jazz you can easily vatch a taxi to Brown Sugar. Enjoy a meal there too.


      i've been there! long time ago. i remember it because a guy in the group did a dodgy and collected a commission for bringing us there based on what we ordered. the bill came to thousands of baht for stuff i didn't even really want to order. some girls realised the scam and got out of there right away (easy for them because they weren't seated with him). i parted ways with him when i saw what he was doing (wanting to go out for more drinks afterwards).

      he also pocketed the change for every single taxi that night (with his calculations that would always make it well over the required amount - but not enough to confront him about).

      unfortunately some people are just scum like that.


    Ok guys, thanks for your input. I have booked flights to phuket. and will be there for all 4 days.


      Hopefully away from patong. One of the smaller islands would be a much nicer experience for not much more.


        I habe booked hotel at patong beach. I thought thats the best location? Though it can be cancelled. Do you have any suggestions?


          Patong on New year's will be crazy busy, like drunk people everywhere and streets spiralling with tourists.

          The main attractions are the nightlife, with a few night clubs and bars, and thousands of ladies making up the red light district (central hub), Bangla Rd.

          Daytime activities can be hanging at the mall to get some shade and air con, nice food at the beach, hire a scooter and explore the awesome coast line, get a massage, there's Thai boxing training, resorts to hide out in, a few beach activities, day trip options etc.

          Somewhere like Karon / Kata is much more family friendly without the red light district (Google Bangla Rd Phuket to see what you probably want to avoid).

          Having said that Patong is not a bad place, particularly when it's a bit quieter not in peak time.

          A place to also consider would be "Railay", for a more relaxed island vibe, although will be busy for peak season just like everywhere else.

          Patong is a party town, best seen through beer goggles.

          Plenty of places near Bangkok to get away to for 3 days … Eg Hua Hin

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    so much advice given. none taken. such is ozbargain.


    Great sugestions, guys. Visited Thailand last year, and all place I got to are recommended by the apknite Thailandiscover Thailand travel guide app. Your sharing is great for my next trip back here tho. Thanks so much.