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15% off Sitewide and 25% off Monitors @ Dell


spotted this on the site.
FRENZY25 - 25% off
FRENZY15 - 15% off

+7% Cashback via shopback https://www.shopback.com.au/dell-australia
or +7% cashrewards https://www.cashrewards.com.au/dell-australia

Note: I already checked the U2415 monitor deal and it's still cheaper to get the monitor via eBay.

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    Seems everything is cheaper through eBay.

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      the ebay store doesn't contain a number of devices such as the XPS 9570 UHD iteration.


        Love to hear your opinion guys. Need a small monitor for non-gaming. Was going to pull the trigger on the Dell ebay deal the other day for the S2319H (code PDELL20 and free shipping for $183). I pay with my 10% discounted ebay gift cards and ta-dah: $164.70. Plus $1.83 (1%) cashback fwiw.

        Now at the Dell site using code FRENZY25 I can get it for $194.25 (down from $259.00) and then get $13.60 cashback (7%). Total: $180.65

        Looks like ebay wins.

        Happy to have anybody shoot holes in my maths, or alternatively question my sanity with a much better monitor for cheaper/same price. Can the deal be sweetened by something I've missed?

        Thanks legends!

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          What are you using it for exactly? If you actually don't care so much and just need a monitor, I'd go for whatever's cheapest and I'd consider second hand.


    Ended up buying a small inspiron which also wasn't on the ebay store


    Not exactly sitewide. Only certain products.

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    New LCD panels are getting released over the next few months, including some pretty significant updates to the TN panels, hence why these models (and that of other brands) are getting so cheap. If you're in the market for HDR with local dimming or a 240 Hz panel, best to sit tight.

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    Dell jacked up the price.

    2 days ago, the price for an XPS 15:
    was $2,698.99. After speaking with a Dell chatbot, they would sell it for $2,671 on the spot.

    Same XPS 15 today is

    with the FRENZY15 (you can't use FRENZY25), the price comes to $2,549.15

    so its only $121.85 saving from 2 days ago


    Hmm tempted to get the new S2719DGF - 27", 1440p, Freesync, 144Hz, TN panel.

    I know it's not IPS, but Dell panels are generally high quality. I don't use AMD but having 144Hz may be almost as good as Gsync or Freesync.


    Would love the new U3419W but it is still $1,169 after discount. Decisions.


    Really good deal for the monitors. It's the cheapest I've seen a AW3418DW but still I can't bring myself to pay that much.

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