Bought a Set from Amart Furniture. Missing Sofa


Just wanted peoples opinions on this.

I bought this set recently: and was able to pick everything up today.

Upon collection, I realised that the Sofa was missing. I contacted the receptionist, who also looked at that webpage and said something similar to: "It does look like there is a sofa. Ill have a chat with the store manager to find where it is, then I will call you back". She has not called back so I was just trying to find some more information here.

After I finished putting everything together, I had another look at the webpage and realised it did not include a Sofa in the product description.

Now I am wondering, is that picture false advertising? A lay person would know that the plants/pictures/rugs etc is decoration, however I think that anyone looking at it would assume it contains the sofa pictured.

I had a look at the ACCC website and thought these paragraphs are relevant:

Fine print and qualifications
It is common practice for advertisements to include some information in fine print. This information must not contradict the overall message of the advertisement. For example, if an advertisement states that a product is ‘free’ but the fine print indicates some payment must be made, the advertisement is likely to be misleading.
It makes no difference whether the business intended to mislead you or not. If the overall impression left by a business’s advertisement, promotion, quotation, statement or other representation creates a misleading impression in your mind—such as to the price, value or the quality of any goods and services—then the behaviour is likely to breach the law.



EDIT: My problem and arguing with you guys is not because I disagree with what you are saying. I agree that I should have read the description more carefully. I have stated that multiple times. Giving snarky replies like, why is the house not included, does not achieve anything.

I looked and read the 13 piece set which includes both sofas pictured. I then looked at the 11 piece which was $700 less and missing one sofa from the picture. I thought from then on that the smaller package had one less sofa and cost $700 less. $700 is a reasonable price decrease for one less sofa no? Yes if thought out properly, and in hindsight, I should have wondered what else was missing, as there was 2 less pieces, but I did not at the time. It is one of those cases where you see, but do not actually take it in and consider it.

EDIT 2: Amart has agreed to upsell to the 2x sofa package for the price difference which is all I really wanted. I am not trying to take advantage of them for a free or discounted set

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  • +65 votes

    Kori - 11 Piece Package.

    • Consists of a 7 Piece Dining Suite with Matte Black Rocket Chairs
    • 1x Buffet, 1x ETU, 1x Coffee Table and 1x Lamp Table

    do you want the tv as well?

    • -23 votes

      My problem is that the 11 piece package is listed under the category of "Living/Dining" and is being sold on a Furniture website. The TV cannot be reasonably assumed to be included, based on the picture

      • +24 votes

        The picture shows many things besides the 11 pieces listed below the photo.

        • -8 votes

          My conclusion was drawn after I had a look at the 13 and 15 set pieces as well. Anyone can figure out the cushion is not part of the sale. The sofa is being pictured in a living room set, on a furniture store, and is actually included x 2 in the 13 piece

      • +5 votes

        it clearly lists what you get and when i went to school all that added up to 11


        A sofa cannot be reasonably assumed to be included.

    • +15 votes

      Needs a *floor not included.

      • -7 votes

        The ACCC website also has something that addresses that:

        There is one exception to this rule. Sometimes businesses may use wildly exaggerated or vague claims about a product or service that no one could possibly treat seriously or find misleading. For example, a restaurant claims they have the ‘best steaks on earth’. These types of claims are known as ‘puffery’ and are not considered misleading.

        I.e., the photo including a floor would not need a *floor not included, as if truely claimed, it is "wildly exaggerated"


      do you want the tv as well?

      and the matt, and the painting on the wall and the windows….. and vases with plants

  • +14 votes

    It says 11 piece package:

    “* Consists of a 7 Piece Dining Suite with Matte Black Rocket Chairs
    * 1x Buffet, 1x ETU, 1x Coffee Table and 1x Lamp Table
    * Kori Range Constructed with High Density Board and Faux Timber Laminate
    * On Trend Design
    * Ready to Assemble”

    • -14 votes

      When bought on the phone like I did, the only thing that is displayed on the screen is the photo. I know I completely missed the product details and specs at the bottom. My attention was mainly focused on the huge photo, and how it differs from the 13 piece set.

      • +4 votes

        I see what you are saying, but it is very clearly written in the description.

        I can't watch the first 2 seconds of a car ad where I can get X Model car for $XXXXX, and miss the part that says for the bottom model, and then go and demand the top model from a dealership. It is up to you to read the ad in its entirety.

      • +2 votes

        When bought on the phone like I did, the only thing that is displayed on the screen is the photo

        You don't know how to scroll?

      • +1 vote

        The list of what it contains was displayed on the screen when I looked at it on the phone. Just had to scroll down a little bit.


    I understand people's opinions so far. E.g. I need to look more closely at the description.

    However, I just wanted to know purely regarding that photo which is also a form of advertisement? If I wanted to make a case regarding rug and cushions as well, I guess it would be under the same thought process at the sofa. However, the website's pictures are very confusing, and the 13 piece set definitely includes 2 sofas

  • -1 vote

    I don't get why they don't explicitly list each piece in the description. Why list only 4 out of 11 items?

    How many pieces did you pick up?

  • +3 votes

    Funnily enough there is a stupid grey couch in all the amart 'packages' … seems kind of dodgy to me?

    Why have a full size piece of furniture in the photos if it's not included?

    Regardless it should have been sorted on pickup / delivery, not it is actually a problem.

  • +2 votes

    I don't think it is unreasonable to ask to be able to return it based on the misleading picture


    If you really want the sofa, and the 13 piece set definitely includes one, you could always ask for an exchange?
    One would think they'd be happy to oblige since you would be paying a bit more for the larger set.

  • +1 vote

    At any time within 30 days of the date of your purchase, we will happily exchange your goods for goods of equivalent value or provide you with a full refund, however you will be responsible for all transportation costs. We will do what we can to minimise those costs.

  • +7 votes

    Unfortunately return is not possible anymore as I had already build the ETU, Buffet, Dining and Coffee table before returning for the second half of my order (and realising no sofa).

    I guess this experience teaches me to read more carefully.

    Maybe they will accept the price difference between the 11 and 13 piece, and give me 2 sofas for that price.

    • +1 vote

      It doesn't hurt to ask, and if they say no you can always buy another sofa from elsewhere.
      Good luck in your sofa quest :)


      When you went around to the pickup with the order docket and checked off still no alarm bells but no problems building a flat pack from scratch.

      • +3 votes

        I didn't include one part of the story for clarity. The coffee table is not actually here yet. I was told there was some furniture not in store yet. I didn't get the coffee table nor the sofa, so I assumed neither was delivered.

    • +2 votes

      Looks like an easy upsell for them - credit the 11 piece, invoice the 13 piece (if the 11- and 13-piece are identical apart from the sofas). Go for it.

  • +7 votes

    at least you got the rug and the pot plants

  • +2 votes

    So you knew there were 13 and 15 piece sets as well as the 11 piece but didn't think to look at what the difference actually was? Or wonder why the 11 piece was $700 less? What did you determine the difference was between the sets by looking at the photos?

    I've had a look with my phone as well and it's quite clear to me. I'd like to sugar coat it, but frankly you've stuffed up.

    • +2 votes

      I did wonder why it was $700 less. The photo for the 11 piece set is missing a 3 seater couch. A 3 seater couch is roughly $500-$1000 when bought alone


        But 13-1 doesn't equal 11…

        • +2 votes

          I know it doesn't. And hindsight is 20/20. But the fact that the 13 piece set includes the sofa and also includes it in the picture is misleading.

          • +4 votes

            @Tech5: You've spent 1.7k on a fairly big piece of furniture. How have you not done more due diligence on what you're actually getting by reading the description…


    Never mind that… is the Gorilla included?

    • +1 vote

      I thought that was a trick from the beginning who was hotter after the hottest blonde left the stage.

  • +2 votes

    I agree with you.


    How much for the windows?

  • +15 votes

    you bought something online, on your phone. for $1700 without even reading the basic description of what it is that you are buying.

    i thinks thats the real story here.


      Ah you are associated. Can you explain why the same sofa, in a larger set is pictured as well as actually included. But in a different set, it is pictured but not included. That is misleading.

      • -11 votes

        no im not. i made a joke on something once and one of the admins taged me as associated cos it pissed him off. so now im just randomly associated with alot of stuff.

    • +4 votes

      Agreed. OP is wanting to blame others for effectively not being able to read.


    Now I am wondering, is that picture false advertising?

    Its a 'serving suggestion' picture just like when you look at food packaging.

    The listing was very clear to list what was included

    Consists of a 7 Piece Dining Suite with Matte Black Rocket Chairs
    * 1x Buffet, 1x ETU, 1x Coffee Table and 1x Lamp Table

    Thats the 11 pieces.

    Did you expect to get the mat, tv, vases and flowers as well? No…. why is that?

    • +1 vote

      Because it is a furniture store as I said. And because the other 2 sets also have the sofa in the picture. And the sofa is actually included.


        And how are those sofas presented in the image?

      • -1 vote

        And because the other 2 sets also have the sofa in the picture. And the sofa is actually included.

        But you went the CHEAPER set aka less pieces, so no sofa for you….

        It was very clearly listed what was included or you could have asked what was included while in store. Never assume!

        Your problem is no different to say this random bed from another company

        Does everything come with the side draws? No…

        • -2 votes

          Well that one does say Norway Single Bed as the title.


            @Tech5: and yours said 11 pieces too, when clearly there was MORE than 11 pieces.

            The point is, the picture is a 'serving suggestion'.

            As you picked up the issue BEFORE you left the warehouse, you could have returned it without questions, but instead you come here to complain about your own silly mistakes in misreading.


              @JimmyF: It seems to be a running pattern with your comments where you tunnel vision a particular issue.

              I wrote above that "I didn't include one part of the story for clarity. The coffee table is not actually here yet. I was told there was some furniture not in store yet. I didn't get the coffee table nor the sofa, so I assumed neither was delivered."

              I was not given a order docket for the entire order. Only for the items I had picked up. I was told verbally that anything not on that order docket means it has not arrived at the warehouse yet.

              I did not pick up the issue before hand. I returned home with the first load, built it. Went back for second load. Came home, double checked how long the sofa and coffee table would take by phone. Was told sofa was not on the order


        And you can't read?

  • +16 votes

    I ordered some lingerie online, I was so upset when it didn't come with the hot model wearing them in the picture.

  • +6 votes

    Based on the image provided in the 13 piece set ( I would totally say it’s misleading. Yes, the numbers don’t add up, and yes, if you are looking at the 11 in isolation it is absolutely obvious the couch isn’t included..

    But I agree that when comparing with the 13 piece set, which includes one extra piece of furniture in the image, it’s not unreasonable to assume the 11 piece would also include the same items, that is, any sofas in the image.

    That being said, when spending that much, I would be reading the description 2-3 times to confirm what I’m buying.

    • +3 votes

      Definitely. Taken in isolation, 11 pieces is 11 pieces. And the description is very clear. But I guess what confused me was that in some sets, everything in the picture (excluding pictures/plants/cushions obviously) was given. In other sets, it is included as decoration only.

  • +4 votes

    I bought some Victoria's Secret undergarments for the missus, to my shock Karlie Kloss didn't get delivered with the Bra. I'm wondering if that's false advertising.


    This is why I never purchase furniture on my smart phone..


    Sorry OP,

    It says 7 piece and what’s included

    You wanting the sofa is like you wanting the tv , rug, cushions , potted plants etc.

    It’s showing you what it could look like in a living room.

    You screwed up. It’s not false advertising they don’t owe you anything.

  • +2 votes

    I’ve no idea whether that is false advertising or not, but I think they’d probably happily give you your money back rather than test it.

  • +5 votes

    It's rife at the moment. I bought a new Corolla the other day and the Toyota chick from the TV ad wasn't included.

  • +1 vote

    I Ordered some tradies undies and was pissed when the honey badger wasn’t included.


    The image of the sofa is from the side. Didn't you wonder what it looked like in terms of style? Did you wonder why you didn't get to choose the fabric? You just blindly bought it with absolutely no idea on size, colour or style? Do you think that's normal?

    You are 100% wrong and have no case.

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