expired Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones $399 & Bonus $50 Hey You Voucher (Free Shipping for Members or $14) @ Sony Store


Hey guys,

A little work around, but if you click on the link for the deal, then search for WH-1000XM3 on the website you should get the special partner offer on the headphones.

If you’re also a member or sign up to be a member with Sony, you’ll also get free shipping saving you $14. According to T&Cs you’ll also receive a $50 Hey You voucher.

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    Cant see the Hey You offer..


    Maybe include the actual product type in the title rather than just a model number?

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    think the real deal here is the 2325$ a7m3!


    Thanks for visiting via OzBargain - don't forget cashback via CashRewards!


    This may work with AMEX offer too.

    Spend $1000, get $100 cashback at Sony Store

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    It looks like ~$400 is the new RRP? I Ducked the model number after getting the other 5% off deal yesterday and saw this:

    https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/headband-headphones/wh-1... => $399


    Is that just me or that Hey you promote is no where to be found??

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    Owned since the qanatas sale. Have taken multiple flights, domestic and international, public trans, been inside construction site…

    Purchased mostly because of airfare travel and construction in my area.



    The noise canceling is amazing. It drowns out everything, Public transport, airfare, drilling, girlfriend

    Constant High pitch sounds can still be heard…
    E.g. Construction drilling sounds are gone, but vehicle reverse sounds can be heard. High pitch grinding (metal cutting metal or stone), baby cries even if in constant pattern…
    If you turn on music or anything it does distract but not remove to a degree


    The seamless Bluetooth across devices sucks.

    Turn off BT on current device, turn on BT on new device.
    e.g. if I'm using them with my phone and turn on my laptop (with BT already turned on, laptop), need to turn off BT on phone, and off/on BT on laptop
    hoping they patch it via update. (Reading nose reviews seems that manage this better, haven't used nose because NC in these is best based on reviews)


    Call quality is amazing, tested both ends.

    Download the app from gplay/istore because it offers updates (stock day 1 update for android users)


    flown to the USA twice now and these puppies were on 24/7. The "head clamp" sydrome some headphones have is not so bad, but make Sure to use a neck pillow, otherwise unwanted vibrations will be heard if touching things (obviously)

    hand gestures are great

    makes life easier, I never need my phone anymore to change songs, answer calls, etc

    Sure I paid top dollar but no regrets, these things are fckin fly. I'd like to try on Bose QCii now just to compare…. Are there in store display models anywhere?

    Thanks OZBG


    Can only see them for $499


    Voucher is limited to first 100 orders

    Hey You Voucher offer is valid for the first 100 orders or until 23:59 AEDT 19/10/2018. Just valid for WH1000XM3 purchases. Voucher will be sent via e-mail in 14 business days after the order is confirmed and invoiced. Excludes Sony Staff, Partners and Sony X.

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