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AtreGo Men Athletic Safety Shoe Bulletproof Indestructible Steel Toe Lightweight $40.07 + Delivery @ Susuway eBay


I just want to share this deal for all you
Item Specifics:
Type:Safety Shoes
Toe Shape:Round
Features & Fastening:Lace up/Steel Toe/ Lightweight/Bulletproof
Material:Genuine Leather / Cowhide
Outsole Material:Rubber
US Shoe Size(Men's):7.5-11
UK Shoe Size(Men's):6.5-10
EUR Size:40-46

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    How do we know that is bullet proof?

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    Well…steel toe shoes are definitely not bullet proof. There was an incident earlier this month. Very graphic. The guy decided to test that theory… with his foot still in the shoe.

    • Damn. I thought I'd buy it just in case someone took aim at my pinkie toe

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    Please upload video of man's foot being shot with this shoe on.

  • Those do not look to be leather / cow hide.

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      Hey it doesn't say 100% leather & cow hide. It could be just a bit and they technically could label it as such.

      • It must be a very small bit, and is not visible.

        • That's because they aren't:

          Item Specifics:
          Material:Fabric, Rubber, Anti-puncture Textil
          Outsole Material:Rubber

          • @Tiggrrrrr: The ebay page shows that now.
            It previously stated "Material:Genuine Leather / Cowhide" (as per the post here).

            That would be a cause for complaint if anyone ordered against the previous description.

            • @GG57: Oh it still states that in the product details up top, I am assuming they have just reused an old listing and only updated the main content.

              But you could theoretically get a free pair of shoes if you order them and then put a dispute in because they aren't leather/cowhide…

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    "Using Non-Metal Light Weight Material" and "Bulletproof Indestructible Steel Toe" sound very innovative

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    Key Features:
    -New Tech! Special Bulletproof Midsole with Ultra Lightweight Design, compressing protection 15,000 Newtons
    -Safety Toe Cap impact protection 200 Joules (Crashworthy plastic)
    -Anti-Slip resistant outsole (Oil or Water conditions)
    -Shock Absorption

    The midsole is made of bulletproof material, I think.

  • Material:Genuine Leather / Cowhide

    OP which parts of this product does that refer to please?

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    hmm listed price in title is wrong and cheaper option shown on the same page. this one Price:AU $43.09 AU $3.99
    other option Price:AU $23.79 AU $20.99

  • Wow, these sound like they belong in a Jean Claude Van Damme movie where he'll do the splits mid air and block bullets with his foot.

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    Lol..Well this is a load of BS.

    • Username checks out.

  • I'm still waiting for the version 2.0

    Comes with a toe activated flick knife

  • How, exactly, are these bulletproof?

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