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Personalized Weet-Bix Bowl $10 Shipped from Weet-Bix


To celebrate 90 years of weet bix get your self a Weet bix bowl with your name on it. Only have to pay $10 for delivery. Can buy a maximum of 4 bowls but still have to pay $10 per bowl

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  • So… Just saying… Enamel chips, and cheap enamel probably chips quicker. Don't let your kids eat out of them if you see chips or cracks.

    Source: owner of much chipped camping gear.

  • Ok…has anyone who ordered one of these recently received a notification from Aus Post saying

    "Your delivery from DHL SUPPLY CHAIN is on its way" ?

    I ordered two of these Weet-Bix bowls, and today received two notifications from Aus Post like the above, with tracking numbers. They don't correspond to anything else I'm expecting, so I'm thinking this means the Weet-Bix bowls have shipped.

    According to my tracking numbers, the two I ordered departed Alexandria, NSW this evening.

    • +2

      Sorry, false alarm - it was something else.

  • The comments in this deal are hilarious.

  • Why is this a bargain?

  • Yeah this doesn’t seem like much of a deal. Enamel bowls aren’t anything fancy and $10 postage clearly covers the cost of the bowl shipping and a tidy bit of profit for sanitarium…

  • I wrote my name on my bowl with sharpie. Saved $10

  • +1

    Ordered this with my kids names, thanks

  • This would be good for my dog

  • Great souvenir but not so practical bowl for home use

  • anyone actually received theirs?

  • +1

    Just received shipping notification!

  • Got my email just then. On its way

  • They could have never sent this and I would be none the wiser.

  • So when are we getting these again?

  • Just got my tracking details for eight (8) bowls. Will hopefully arrive in time for Xmas.

  • Got my shipping notification today.

  • Ordered and paid for two - one per child. One arrived and was addressed to the other child.

  • Got mine today. Was damaged in the post… Pretty annoying since I can't get a replacement now.

    • Oh that sucks. Didn't come in a box?

      • +1

        It did but the Fragile label was opened already! I've emailed Sanatarium to try and get a replacement, then I'll head down to Aus Post to get full comp for it.

  • -1

    Received mine yesterday, size of the bowl is much bigger then expected, bigger than your normal cereal bowl and too big for my 3yo :(

    • Weren't the bowls like 12cm or something? That's what Put me off.

  • So after waiting few weeks my bowl was supposed to arrive yesterday but nothing. Today ,decided to check the auspost tracking to see where it's stuck. Shipped back to sender due to incorrect address!!
    I couldn't see this first time I checked tracking but now the address looks like a serial number with my name in it. Bizzare. What a waste of time and money on postage. :(

  • Received one of mine. It's damaged. So annoying

  • Received mine today. No damage luckily.

    The name was smaller than shown on the promotion. A bit disappointing.

  • Stoked with mine it's huge!

    • Thats not what she said.

  • I received both of mine. First arrived fine with no damage. Second arrived damaged (with a note inside stating, 'We have tried out best to make sure your bowl has arrived in the best condition but if you have any concerns about it please contact yada yada yada…').

    Worth noting that the bowl with no damage didn't come with that note and the damaged one didn't have any enamel chips in the packaging which brings me to believe they knew it was damaged before shipping it out. Enamel chips off each time the bowl is held lightly now and having a chip on the inside of rim has made it unusable to eat out of. Maybe can re-gift to my dog for Christmas… :/

    Product scores 3 Dusty Sheckles out of 9 on the Dust Scale.

  • Received two out of four…. one chipped to buggery…. so annoying!
    Let us know if anyone manages to arrange a replacement!

  • Bought 13 for family for Christmas. 2 were duplicates so I expressed my concerns but Rory from weetbix replied that no more can be manufactured and that it is as per their records. So 2 children will be missing out. Now reading these comments, if some are broken… What a waste of time and money ffs

  • mine arrived today
    The shape is more like a bowl that Lassie might use than anything else.
    The bottom of the bowl is tiny and ony 2 weetbix can fit across the bottom so its hard get my 4 weetbix suitably covered in milk.
    Someone failed design 101.
    Mine wasnt chipped but if it was I wouldnt be stressed as I will on gift it to the dog for Christmas, I believe it would meet his standards.

  • Anyone know how one would remove a name from a bowl? And then replace it with another name? All I have in mind is some kind of paint remover and a sharpie :\

    • +1

      I would be more inclined to paint out the existing name and then paint new name on top ,
      Removing the existing name might damage the enamel and lead to damage.

      For example my name is on the bowl in red so you could paint a red oblong to cover the existing name.
      Then paint new name in white on top of red oblong.

      Maybe even get a label to stick over existing name.

  • My first bowl just arrived (without damage). I was surprised at how deep the bowl is. My second bowl which I ordered at the same time still hasn’t shipped yet, which is a bit odd, I would have thought they’d process them FIFO.

    • It took a long time, but my second one finally arrived today.

  • I ordered 4 and none have arrived … I received an email, from a no-reply address apologizing, but no estimate of if or when I will receive mine. I will be leaving this religion immediately as clearly their God is fake.

  • I'd be very eager to hear if anyone has been able to pursue any of the problems they have experienced with a successful outcome.
    I was very annoyed that they screwed up my order but after engaging with their support team it seemed like nothing could be done, so I just left it.

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