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Personalized Weet-Bix Bowl $10 Shipped from Weet-Bix


To celebrate 90 years of weet bix get your self a Weet bix bowl with your name on it. Only have to pay $10 for delivery. Can buy a maximum of 4 bowls but still have to pay $10 per bowl

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  • These are available again - stock remaining at time of posting is 9031.

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    What's the normal price?

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        WOW! It's doubled in value in half an hour. I need to get in now before it appreciates further!

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      does it matter - all proceeds are tax free to the 7 day adventist church who own weetbix.

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    The promoter, in its absolute discretion, may refuse any name for inclusion on a Bowl, including but not limited to, if the promoter deems the proposed name offensive, derogatory or otherwise inappropriate.

    Where is the fun in that?

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        No you, didn't. It's limited to 9 characters.

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          Bet you're fun at parties.

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          limited to 9 characters.

          that's pretty racist

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            @Antikythera: How about Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff?

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      Damn. Was going to get one for the ex wife for Xmas! Only 4 characters!

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    What's it made from?

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      The bowls are cast iron with an enamel coating. They are food grade and dishwasher safe but NOT microwave safe

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        Very disapointing..it should be microwave safe as i always heat up my milk and weetbex in microwave!

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          Light show would be good

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          I can't tell if you're joking. Tone doesn't work in text.
          I remember reading on some cereal boxes they suggested using warm milk, so it's not unheard of.

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          At least you can pop it on the stove to heat up.

          • @dm01: I don't think I have had Weetbix with warm milk since I was a kid.

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              @xev: Maybe the time has come to give it a go again?

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                @dm01: I think I will, as soon as my 'This Guy' personalised Weetbix bowl arrives :)

        • Heat the milk in a little jug or something. I use our old baby bottles.

          Heating the weetbix is a bit yuck.

        • You heat the weetbix too?

      • Do ppl microwave their Weet-Bix??

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          You know you can put other things in the bowl.

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            @Sage: Woah, slow down egghead. Like what? What else can you put in a bowl???

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              @serpserpserp: My point is, it doesn't matter whether people microwave their Weet-Bix. You imply this is obvious but for Bunsen it doesn't seem so.

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                @Sage: Its a Weet-Bix bowl, wot else would u put in it? Coffee?

        • yep, try it. then add some honey/muesli/fruit or whatever else you fancy to improve a healthy but boring breakfast.

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            @QuickdraW: Just bananananananana for me!

            Don't like my Weet-Bix soggy, nor my SAO's…

            Alternately, butter em up & throw on some Vegemite… True aussie style FTW!

            • @Bunsen: Nah true Aussie style is also putting some wasabi, soy sauce, black pudding, houmous, olive oil and some curry powder on together with the vegemite.

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            @QuickdraW: Starting your day with processed grain based products isn't healthy.

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          I eat 5 weetbix in the morning, usually put them in my 1100W microwave for 1 minute 20 seconds. With your choice of milk.

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          No, they use a burner Bunsen.

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        Whats the point then if its not microwave safe.

        • +3

          Er, to eat Weetbix…

          • @happykamper: Who eats un-microwaved weetbix?

            Gross.. they’d be hard and crunchy, not soft and delicious.

            • @DisabledUser77742: I eat weetbix raw and unadulterated. That's right, straight out the box with no milk. I'm hardcore that way.

            • @DisabledUser77742: I know this is an old post, but just in case you were still wondering I eat my weetbix un-microwaved. I like to put a little bit of milk in the bottom of the bowl and soggy one side, then flip it so the other side is soggy, but it's still crunchy in the middle.

      • -2

        They're not cast iron, that would be ridiculously heavy and rather expensive. They're pressed mild steel, the same as the cheap enamelled "tin" mugs you see in camping shops.

        • I thought it had a "tin mug" type look to it. Thanks!

          EDIT: From the FAQ:

          "What is the bowl made of?
          The bowls are cast iron with an enamel coating. They are food grade and dishwasher safe but NOT microwave safe."

          I didn't realise itwinter's answer above was direct from the FAQ.

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            @dm01: Neither did I, but there's no way it would be cast iron. You're getting into Le Creuset type solidness for a cheap bowl. You can see the normal rolled lip of enamelled flatware on this thing.

            • +1

              @banana365: Could be grounds for a chargeback then when they don't deliver what you've paid for.

            • @banana365: Yes Le Creuset is cast iron; yes Le Creuset is expensive; no not all cast iron is Le Creuset; no not all cast iron is expensive. Lodge frying pans sell in the US for around the $10 mark and they contain much more steel than these bowls.

              • @puckman: I know, I have both Le Creuset and bog standard cast iron frying pans for omelettes (far better than any fancy pan once it's seasoned). It doesn't alter the fact that $10 for an enamelled cast iron bowl would be ridiculously cheap.

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    Up to 10 weeks for delivery…..thats a very long time.

    • +9

      When they ship it out of a factory in the depths of China by truck than long haul shipping, yeah, it'll take awhile.

      • +6

        And the children in those factories become slow with bulk orders.

        • +1

          Is that cos they aren't eating their Weet-bix?

          • +2

            @tangcla: No, Rice-bix.

            • @dm01: Someone doesn't like rice :(

  • Ordered 2. Thx OP..

    Website says if you want >4, just go back to start & order again…

  • +2

    Looks cool, I'd be happier paying $5 each. Dunno if $10 good…

    • +4

      Enamel coated cast bowls will last a lifetime… Not bad for $10 in my books…

      • +2

        You want to be known as a weet bix kid for your whole lifetime?

        • +1

          Got a problem with that?

          U dont eat cereal as an adult obviously?

        • Maybe it’s for weed bix

        • +1

          Pity the Milky Bar Kid then. Or Billy the Kid!

        • I think it means that at some stage, when you where a kid, that you ate Weet Bix.
          Or more along the lines of…once a Weet Bix kid…always a Weet Bix kid!
          Besides that, grown ups are no fun anyways! : P

  • +2

    Ordered two, thanks for the deal :)

  • Looks nice!

  • Anyone think that the bowl will hold my daily 6 weetbix ?

    • pic shows two

    • "The bowl is 16.3 cm in diameter and 8 cm in height"

      • Yep, bigger than my current 6-bix bowl. Thanks!

        • +1

          Buy three bowls.

    • just crush it

  • The bowl in the pic looks tiny…

    • +6

      That's why you get 4. Two for you and two for Mr jv.

      • +9

        I've never tried eating breakfast in stereo.

        • Wait until you try surround sound.

  • Actually you can buy more. It says:

    If you would like more than 4 bowls please complete this order first and then return to the homepage to order more!

    • +6

      Yes how very observant of you.

  • Can't seem to put my name in for some reason. Even though it's less than 9 characters, has no numbers or symbols, I keep getting:

    Invalid value: The selected name does not conform with policy

    Anyone else having the same problem?

    • +1

      The FAQ says that some names are blacklisted. Also names of organisations, brands or other commercial indicia will not be accepted.


    • +1

      ChillBro might be against the T&Cs

      • +5

        ChillBro works surprisingly lol.

    • +2

      My name's not got a banned word in it so I didn't have a problem.

      Allah and God are banned, but Jesus is ok. Homo is banned but Hetero is acceptable. Seeing what gets past the filter is quite a game.

      What do I do if the name I would like on my bowl is rejected?
      If you are experiencing difficulties with entering your name, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

      I assume they will ask for proof that it is your name.

      • +2

        Jesus is God and since this brand is made by 7th Day Adventist's they should know that

      • There are many people named Jesus in South America.

      • Fun game.

        "Diabetes" and "Fatty" are banned, "Diabetees", "Diabetic", "Obesity" and "Obese" are not.

        "Osama" is banned, "Kony" is not.

        "Trump" and "Scomo" are banned, "Obama", "Clinton" and "KRUDD" are not.

    • +1

      NICHOLAS doesn’t work…. must be a brand name of something or something offensive, lol

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