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Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones - Black $374 Delivered @ Mobileciti


These headphones have been around this price from a few different sellers and posted quite a bit, but might as well put this in the mix too. Australian stock with free express shipping.

Original Mobileciti - 15% off <$500 deal post

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  • great deal bro!

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    Look like 370 mark became the standard price for this headset. Nice

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      got it for 351 with uk sitewide code

  • $340 TRS, should I pull the trigger?

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      I would. I am hoping there's a deal just like this 2 months before I depart overseas

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      Get some friend of yours to buy from CBA staff deals @JB HiFi. It is $347.89 I have posted a screenshot in another thread. GST free is $316 mark. All the best.

      You can have them for $347.89 if you are a corporate client I.e CBA ANZ and other professional bodies.

      Here is the screenshot for CBA Staff

      Use JBGift card from here : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/JB-Hi-Fi-Gift-Card-30-50-or-100-...

      Use PUMPKINS code to get $35 dollars ,

      Actual price : 347.89 - 35.00 = 312.89

      • clicked on the gift card page and got "We looked everywhere. Looks like this page is missing."

      • i thought you cant use GC on that website as its an exclusive one

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          Correct. can't use GC on JB commercial site

      • https://www.jbhifi.com.au/General/Help-Centre/Gift-Card-help...
        Gift Cards are not redeemable for goods purchased from JB Hi-Fi Solutions (including goods purchased from JB Hi-Fi Solutions websites).

        still a better price if you can access their website, but can't stack GC with them unfortunately.

      • Had a look at the JB HIFI commercial site and it was $387 I think. Do they have different prices for different companies?

        • Yes, I've been in twice for two different organisations and it's been different pricing one was $353 and other was $379.

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    i am a little outdated with this but intending to get a pair. are these as good as the bose wireless headphones? the QC35?

    • I think they are better than the bose to be honest

      • Had to happen at some point. Am a Bose fanboy so hoping this will lite a fire under their ass.

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    Could at least give the other guy some credit..

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      The $440 guy?

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      Ya the poor guy. 1st post, best effort, but got bashed…

    • I wasn't gonna take credit for this as I mentioned the code in the comments, but his deal got pulled and I don't know his user

  • Will these be any good for use with a television? I don't know a huge amount about headphones, but I'm worried about audio latency.

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      Wireless there'll be a bit of latency, not sure how much, but reviews say there's a fair amount. If you use it wired it'll be ok. But to be honest for a home environment, there are better options, especially for cheaper! This is better for noisy environments and things like commuting, etc - the noise cancelling is the main feature of these headphones

      • Gotcha, thanks mate! Did a bit of research and it looks like I should be looking out for either the Astro A50 or the Sennheiser RS 185.

  • Can we price match with Harvery Norman

    • I doubt they price match deal with coupon codes, but worth a try.

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    Just picked one up from Harvey Norman flagship store for $370

    • which guy did u talk to? I tried three reps on chats last night, none of them want to match

      • Just show them this post, they will do it

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      Finally got it matched at Arburn. Thanks trancemission

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    Fcck me! It getting cheaper and cheaper.

  • I had Sony Mdr-zx770bn I wonder how much better these are?

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    If you would like a real deal and if you can access Good Guys Commercial, you can score these for $274 on there. Godspeed.

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    • Hey mate, any chance you can screen shot this?

      • No worries, here you go:


        • Thank you, you're a legend! Before you ever buy these headphones, PM me first so I can repay you for this.

          • @sm007h: You're very welcome. I've already purchased a pair, but thank you kindly!

  • Good price!!!

    Found this video quite informative, comparing with the Bose QC35


    how do users find these wireless headphones for workouts at the gym and/or running?

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