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Free eBooks: Scientific Computing with Python 3, Python Machine Learning, Advance Python Machine Learning @ Packtpub


Couple of free ebooks. Enjoy :)

Scientific Computing with Python 3 - One Day Only
Python Machine Learning
Advance Python Machine Learning

You can also find more Permanently Free ebooks at bottom of page

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  • Sure enough.
    And go to the bottom of https://www.packtpub.com//packt/offers/free-learning?login=1
    and you'll see 6 other free Python books (and 24 others).

  • Python is so popular these days. Wonder if the crash will come?

    • I don't think so, not for some time. When Perl and Ruby were comparatively popular, for example, it was easy to find articles criticising them for some reason (readability, portability, speed…), but it's (currently) difficult to find any articles criticising Python. Moreover, with US universities and colleges shifting to Python, from Java (from C++) as their introductory programming languages, and so much Python being taught as part of the CS-in-schools programmes, there's going to be 10+ years invested that people won't want wasted. It's currently too big to fail, and there's no replacement in sight.

  • this is awesome, thanks for sharing

  • It looks like subscribing will give you access to all books for free (with a 14 day trial)

  • Can also download 'Scientific Computing with Python 3' here.

  • Very good thanks, did not know about this mob.

  • Thanks for sharing. Also got one book earlier from one of the previous deals.
    The book was very well written.
    Thanks OP.

  • Thanks, I was looking for something like this

  • I've been using python for about 5 years now. I highly recommend once you have the basics down with the language, learn pandas and numpy next. The documentation on pandas site is actually very good. I highly recommend the youtube channel data school. He will show you pandas and sklearn. Get on kaggle and start practicing using the free data and notebook service they have. Also sentdex has a bunch of cool videos on all sorts of things you can do with python. I think the only book I've paid for that was actually more useful than free resources you can find online is the book 'Writing Idiomatic Python' by Jeff Knupp. This will show you the python way to write code, so it is clean and readable.