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AAPL is worth $960bn today up from $300bn when Steve died. Wish I knew a few more companies that could stagnate like that.
19/04/2019 - 19:17
How happy are the VW sales staff to have a bunch of people with no intention of buying wasting their time?
18/04/2019 - 19:52
This seems like a great deal, but I am slightly wary of how well a chocolate-and-pate containing hamper travels across the Nullarbor?
15/04/2019 - 17:09
Stolen photos, lies about location and shipping, unusually low price - what could possibly go wrong!
14/04/2019 - 14:03
They receive good reviews from reviewers who seem to give all of their purchases 5 stars.
09/04/2019 - 23:48
Yes, physics gets in the way of doing it all optically. But smartphones do a whole load of computational photography to get around the...
08/04/2019 - 23:49
Short-distance commuting (2-3 km) and looking good in the retro style are her priorities. I just want to get her something she’ll be...
08/04/2019 - 21:19
Looked, then saw the $600 price, then stopped looking.
08/04/2019 - 21:12
I got one half... the return leg on 14 July is 169.01. Also if you just want one way, then 8 September is at 169.01.
08/04/2019 - 19:04
I could get PER to Berlin for 309 each way (dates in September), but long transit in Singapore.
08/04/2019 - 18:59
Teenage daughter wants retro-style city bike, such as the following ones:...
06/04/2019 - 16:10
02/04/2019 - 21:16
Go to any Kogan deal main listing. Click on “Hide” in little grey letters and select what you want to hide.
02/04/2019 - 01:01
Usually around $1300-$1599, the latest JB catalogue (starting 4 April) has this camera for a sweet $799....
02/04/2019 - 00:17
Just looked at an XPS13 (9360) i7-8550U with 16Gb RAM and 512Gb SSD. This is on Dell eBay at $1679 which is $2099 less the 20%. Checked on...
29/03/2019 - 13:55
Isn’t this the point of the 28 degrees price protection?
28/03/2019 - 22:57
I was wondering how afordprefect had a 13” MacBook, not a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.
27/03/2019 - 23:41
Is there a 13” Macbook?
27/03/2019 - 22:47
Windows only...please put in title!
25/03/2019 - 23:34
But half the RAM (8 v 16) and half the storage (256 v 512). If you're in the market for a 16/512, then surely an 8/256 is just not an...
25/03/2019 - 11:48
Where do you go to get this price? The list of partners does not seem to include any .edu.au places.
24/03/2019 - 17:44
If dealer offers you under “market value”, then just sell on Carsales or Gumtree and go in without the trade-in. If you can’t sell it...
23/03/2019 - 20:54
So how does this add up to $2000? What you’ve said seems like less than a morning’s work. But if that’s all that is involved, I’ll...
23/03/2019 - 16:01
Well known to be legit. I’ve bought through them and subsequently had warranty items dealt with at local Apple Store with no issues.
23/03/2019 - 00:30
What is the “dealer delivery charge” on most quotes, and does it represent actual costs incurred by the dealer?
22/03/2019 - 20:17
Midrange SUV = CX-5, Sportage, Tucson
22/03/2019 - 17:23
I have been wondering about starting a thread about car buying, so this has arrived at just the right time. I am in the market for a new...
22/03/2019 - 17:16
The pictures in that ad do not show a MiBand 3. Also I’m not sure whether the fast and free “Royal Mail” delivery to “mainland...
21/03/2019 - 01:13
Or use PROGRAM20 at No Frills to get it down further...
20/03/2019 - 10:13