NetGear Arlo Pro 2 and Officeworks Price Match?

Hello. We have 2 $150 vouchers to be used at officeworks within the week. The only thing we need, or want, is the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 which they are selling for $798. These seem to be expensive compared to other stores. I'm not on the ball when it comes to deals, the few I've posted someone has found better almost instantly and this is despite me believing I've researched everything thoroughly. My questions: will office works price match with futu online which is cheaper, and cheaper again with 20% podcast discount? If not, does anyone know what store has the cheapest price that can be used in a price match? As an aside, these systems get good reviews on amazon and elsewhere. Thank you for reading :)


  • The first gen Arlo pro can be had cheaper. Last time I check was on Amazon AU.

    • Office works only have arlo pro 2, but thanks for the suggestion. Also, only $40 difference between the two versions at wireless1.

  • They should match with FUTU, doubt they'd also match the 20%.

    Perhaps you could sell your voucher in the OzB classified section and buy from FUTU?

    • wireless1, another ebay store, is even cheaper @ $598! And you're right, just read the price match info. Calling office works now. $200 is a big drop.

      • apparently they won't do an ebay store, but wireless1 (luckily) has a normal online store. $599 with free postage. Still talking to office works :) Jumping through hoops here but it looks good :) Woohoo! Order placed for local pickup - $569 with the 5% price guarantee. Bugger, they can't do the voucher thing online. Need to do it all in store for the vouchers. Should still be good. Thankyou all.

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