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Xbox Game Pass 3 Month Membership $9.99 @ Xbox


This showed on my xbox dashboard. Not sure if this will show for existing users. Have a look and confirm if you see.
I assume, it is may be on new or inactive account like mine and I didn't had/use game pass before on this account :)

@ Your Xbox Dashboard : Go to Store -> Deal -> Membership -> Xbox Game Pass

Enjoy :)

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    This is targeted mate not for everyone

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    For those it's not targeted for you can cancel your recurring payment then recheck later that day or day later. Doing this got me 12 months for the price of 6 as each time 50% off 1 month popped up. YMMV

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      If you get that offer again remember to pay via Paypal and you'll get a bonus month through an Xbox message. That gets you 2 months for $5.48

    • Yes! Totally agree with this, if I forget to turn off recurring billing after each added month, I don’t get any offers (obviously I guess).

  • The deal shows up on my xbox and i have only used game pass trails

  • Well at least there's no "bonus code in the email" situation here. That's proven to be a straight up sham.

  • Mine was giving 50% off one month last week, this week is 50% off three months. That's on top of the one year + Forza's last month. I'm certainly set for gaming for the next couple of years now!

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    If you're lucky enough to have this, it appears to stack.

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    This is also available via the Microsoft Store on PC. https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/CFQ7TTC0K6L8

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    So…. I just got this offer on my home screen. Never bought bought Game Pass before. Purchased it, then noticed that the offer stayed on my home screen. Purchased it again to see what would happen and I now have 6 months for $20. So I just went and bought it another two times. 12 months for $40. Pretty good seeing I was about to buy Forza Horizon 4.

    Now considering making another 4 or 5 purchases.

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      Worked for me too, got 2 years worth. =D

  • Wasn't originally showing up for me..

    Just checked again and it is now showing via the Microsoft website (link above).

  • Deal showed up on my Xbox and website a few days after my Game Pass expired.
    Could purchase multiple times via console.

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    Didn't show up on my home screen probably because I already have an existing sub. But clicking on this link (https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/CFQ7TTC0K6L8) works for me and got my Game Pass extended for another year by stacking 4 purchases for $40!

    So awesome, thanks all!

    • Thanks. First option is to join. Then keep using the but option.

      Check your subscription end date here https://account.microsoft.com/services/

      Appears that from above you can at least do this 8 times (2 years)

  • Just wondering if the deal has already expired?

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