Infringement Notice Placed on Windscreen Has Wrong Registration Details, Should I Still Pay?

Hi OzBargainers.

I received an infringement Notice form the local council (in Western Victoria) for parking on the nature strip at the local railway station.

The interesting thing though is the infringement notice has got my car number messed up. It has just interchanged one of the alphabets.

Now the question I have is, should I still pay the fine or just forget about it as it hasn't got car number on it? Does the council guy who issue infringement notice would have taken any photo for the proof & if they have would they be able to re-issue or correct the car number on the infringement notice?

Hopefully you guys can help me decide whether I should pay or forget about it.

Thanks in advance.

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    I mean - they got the infringement notice to you so they know who you are and where you live, and obviously have the right car plate number on the system (otherwise they wouldn't have been able to find you to begin with). If you need cashflow, or just want to stick it to council, you can tell them they got it wrong - they'll probably retract and issue another with the right details, and you get some extra time to pay it. Maybe they'll be feeling generous (or lazy) and not re-issue it. Try your luck, but don't expect to not have to pay it (so if you have to - put some money aside for it).

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      Sorry I think I didn't make myself clear here. The infringement notice was stuck on my parked car. I don't really know whether they got my actual details or not.

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        Oh - in that case, wait for a reminder notice to see if they actually got your details right. If they didn't and you never get one? Go buy a lotto ticket or something =D.

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    wait for them to contact you again with the wrong number and give them your plate number.


      I got pulled over for speeding once. The out wrong licence plate on the ticket. Got the reminder to pay notice end write to civic compliance saying “there was an error” the fine was withdrawn

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    I mean, sure the thing is wrong but if the inspector took a picture, they could always reference that and see the actual number plate.

    However, this means the onus is on council to fix.

    Leave it for now.

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    Inspectors always take a picture…they will trace it eventually…the manual error is obvious

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    Id wait for them to chase it up. Dont pay it yet. They incorrectly put in the detail. 101 in writing tickets I would have thought. The question is was it for another car. You have some delay. At the end of the day if you did make the infringement that it says you will need to pay eventually.


    Don't pay, keep everything, standby for actions from the other side.

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    Do nothing. Wait for them to chase you.

    Worst case, you pay the fine somewhere down the road.

    Best case, no fine for you!


    Did you park on the nature strip ?

    You dont know if someone with a similar rego also parked on the nature strip and put it on your car .


      I did actually, it is for my car for sure. The number got fudged in the last two alphabets in the notice.

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      This happen to me once years ago. We all had holden commodore company cars. A colleague got a fine and placed it under my wipers. I almost got sucked in but checked the fine a week or so later to see the time required to pay and noticed a different rego

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    Ring them up and ask why your taxes are paying some retarded Profanity wages that can't even get 3 letters right.
    And why they haven't worked this out yet are they just as stupid or stupider? Or do they just hire very stupid people to make the phone staff look good.
    If you don't get a response out of that I'd be surprised.


      I was about to neg you until I got to this:

      If you don't get a response out of that I'd be surprised.

      And you made me lol.


    The council will have to withdraw the fine and reissue it.

    You will not get out of it cause of the error

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