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Kinder Bueno 43G $1 (Was $2) @ Coles


I love them and so does everyone I know. They hardly go on sale, don't remember the last I saw them for a buck. enjoy!!!!!

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  • Shop near my work had them for $1 for a while but they've sold out. This is good news.

    • this is a sweet and creamy news!

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      Shop near my work had them for $1 for a while but they've sold out.

      Yeah, I checked at my local Coles too but no bueno

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    They were $1 when I was like 6 and I would get one once a week for being good

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    Australia Post has a 3 pack for $3 almost permanently.

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      Australia Post , Huh! I don't think all outlets have these! Good to know.

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      Yes this. Just make sure the Aus Post you buy it from has air con. I find the places where there's no air con tends to have melted Buenos.

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    Woolworth had the dark ones last week for 1.-

    • Don't like the dark one!

    • Dark is gud.

      • once you go black, you dont go back

  • aldi has the non branded version, pretty much the same. Forgot actual price, definitely cheaper.

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      Knoopers is the best in ALDI!

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    The sharepack works out to be a better value from Woolworths.

    You get 20 individual chocolates for $2 (Tomorrow's Catalogue).

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      it's 108g for $3 @woolworths vs 129g for $3 @coles. SO, I think coles is better!

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        It $2 from tomorrow Woolworths Catalogue.

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          Amazing price, you should post it up

    • I swear they taste different.

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    this goes half price every second week

  • Yep the Aldi version is great

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    I just picked up a pack of 3 at the rejectshop for $2.
    Didn’t take a photo though

  • Kinder chocolate is better.

    Not a fan of the multiple flavours in a Bueno

  • Does this include the White variant? or just the dark chocolate one?

    • I think its any flavour!

      • It's any flavour! Just bought 20 of them in white lolllll Love these!

  • The new kinder bon bons are amazing, half price at coles till today

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    Last week it was selling $0.75 at Coles. Price increased!