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Cycling Socks $5 a Pair (Was $25) + $10 Postage @ VeloOne


Veloone is a boutique cycling apparel shop. For the non-cyclists that means lycra! Also for the non cyclists, loud socks are a big part of the road cycling scene. These guys are having a sale on a range of difference sock designs, sizes have been picked over a bit but when I bought there were plenty left just not all sizes for all designs. I bought 5 pairs and it charged me a flat $10 in postage. let the 'Sock Doping' commence!

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  • Serious question, and pardon my ignorance, but I have been led to believe that a lot of the more professional cyclists shave their legs for improved aerodynamics. I appreciate that these socks aren't knee-high but would it then be more logical to wear ankle socks?

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      The jury is out on why cyclists shave their legs, my vote as i sit here with well manicured pins is peer pressure!

      Sock height is a major issue in road cycling, very short socks are a crime against cycling. Ankle socks on a very hot day maybe OK but generally longer (but not oo long) is preferred.

      Here is an article:


      and another:


      Basically you want a pair reaching about 9 inches up from your heel most of the time.

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        The jury is out on why cyclists shave their legs

        Uh, so you don't have to deal with hair and sticky bandages when you crash.

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          Have read all sorts of theories from aerodynamics to skin rash even to a guy that totally shaved down to save the weight of his body hair (seriously!!). I think the most powerfull motivator is to fit in with everyone else at the coffee shop! Addendum, the sourcebook covers this in Rule 33 http://www.velominati.com/the-rules/#27

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        Gees, that vote down was a bit harsh for an informative reply. Here's my upvote to balance it out.

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      shaving is for football players. I wax my legs.

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      • Thank you sir, the definitive source!!!

    • Dried blood pulls if there is hair. Pain levels dependent on how bad injury is

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      Aerodynamics is not the main reason for shaving legs. Few reasons for that. Easy to give massage and to reduce infections when they have a wound as a result of an accident.

  • What's the difference between these and any other socks?

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      They have CYCLING in it's branding. So you know they're sporty 🤠👌

    • Probably the colour and design. They say the socks are Australian made and that they have mesh panels in strategic locations to allow airflow that cools your feet in warm conditions. Cotton/Nylon blend. This is my 1st order so I've never seen any before.

      • but the mesh would benefit any sports, and not just cycling

        • but generally cycling socks are thinner, and don't offer much cushioning, if your sport needs that.

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          True and I often wear some of my vast collection of cycling socks for other purposes. I'm sure these guys will take your $$ no matter what you want them for.

  • good, but not in my size. If they were size 14 id buy

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    So many socks…purchased. thanks OP!

  • Seems to be a good price for (what you hope are) well made cycling specific socks.
    Except I picked up a few at the last Rapha sale for not much more

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      Yeah, that's right, they totally designed these specifically for cycling and those unique design features make a significant difference to cycling performance. No longer will cyclists have to be "caught dead" wearing other non-cycling socks and a good thing too as no one is riding far after their death!

  • I'm ashamed to say I was one of those cyclists using gasp… normal socks. But I have seen the error of my ways and ordered 7. Hopefully they arrive soon so I can wear them with renewed pride!

    Thanks OP!

    • your secret shame is safe with us!

  • I'm size 45 - had to hedge and buy two of each of the M and L.

    The jerseys look nice, but a bit on the expy side!

  • Thanks. Bought 5. Need to shave my legs now

  • Buy 20 for free delivery!

  • Mine arrived last night, look pretty good!

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    I bought 3 styles and they're not all the same height. Size is the same but some are shorter. I emailed asking the question but no response yet.

    • Same for me. Let me know how you get on. I bought 4 pairs and 1 pair in particular appear noticeably smaller?

      • yeah the orange one