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32 Audible Original Audio Shows (139.5 Hours Running Time) FREE for Subscribers (Save $839.54) @ Audible


32 Audible Original Audio Shows with a total running time 139.5 hours free for Audible subscribers, a saving of $839.54.

Audible introduces Audio Shows — from gripping original series to binge-worthy comedy, jump into these podcasts, perfect for any time.

Title Running time Saving
100:1 The Crack Legacy 4 hours $34.76
Audible Presents: Live from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 6 hours $30.38
Bad Reception 6 hours 20 minutes $34.76
Beta Life 12 hours 30 minutes $37.98
Bill Bryson's Appliance of Science 1 hour 40 minutes $20.28
Bullets and Blood — The Secret History of Hollywood 19 hours 10 minutes $45.57
Damned Spot 1 hour 40 minutes $36.54
The Dark Web 4 hours 10 minutes $30.38
Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch 4 hours $31.21
Fry's English Delight (Series 1) 1 hour 52 minutes $10.60
Fry's English Delight (Series 2) 1 hour 52 minutes $10.60
Fry's English Delight (Series 3) 1 hour 52 minutes $10.60
Fry's English Delight (Series 4) 1 hour 52 minutes $10.60
Fry's English Delight (Series 5) 1 hour 52 minutes $10.60
Fry's English Delight (Series 6) 1 hour 52 minutes $10.60
Fry's English Delight (Series 7) 1 hour 52 minutes $10.60
Fry's English Delight (Series 8) 1 hour 52 minutes $10.60
Hot Mic with Dan Savage 15 hours $34.76
How Not to F*ck Up Your Kids Too Bad 5 hours $34.76
The Jungle Book: The Mowgli Stories 2 hours 30 minutes $19.75
The Making of a Massacre 2 hours 10 minutes $36.54
None of Our Business 2 hours 40 minutes $34.76
The Owl Field 1 hour 10 minutes $19.75
The Path to Pride with Lance Bass and Nikki Levy 1 hour 9 minutes $4.17
Pitch 3 hours 43 minutes $34.76
Real Crime 4 hours 30 minutes $31.21
The Stephen K Amos Talk Show 4 hours $30.38
Unheard: The Story of Anna Winslow 4 hours $31.21
What Were You Thinking? 3 hours $36.54
When the World Listened 4 hours 10 minutes $31.21
Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel 6 hours 40 minutes $36.54
Where Should We Begin? Season Two 5 hours 20 minutes $36.54

Previously this deal was about series 1 to 8 of Stephen Fry's English Delight. The deal was updated to include the list of all 32 Audio Shows. The old deal description follows.

8 Free Audiobooks - Fry's English Delight Series 1-8 (Save $84.80) @ Audible (Active Subscription Required)

Fry's English Delight Series 1-8
Almost 18 hours of English Delights for free for active Audible subscribers, a saving of $84.80.

English national treasure and renowned wit Stephen Fry explores the highways and byways of the English language in these celebrated programmes.

In each episode, Fry explores the oddities and celebrates the curiosities of the language we use. His love of words is indulged with infectious enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity at all times. From puns and metaphors to clichés and gibberish, this famously witty, incisive and engaging series explores the joys of the English language.

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  • +1

    Isn’t this a bit like saying “hundreds of hours of movie and TV content FREE for Netflix subscribers”?

    • +6

      No because not every Audible Original audio are free for subscribers. Some deduct your subscription credit or require additional payment.

      And your audiobooks remain accessible even after you terminate your subscription. Does Netflix do that?

      • That’s fair, I didn’t realise you kept access to them after the subscription expired.

      • Please correct me if i'm wrong, but these titles (the content of the post) are only free while you remain a member?

        So, yes, it is like the netflix analogy?

        • +1

          No because u pay to be a member, then you also pay for content.

          • @serpserpserp: But this content is free…

            • @yozza: Yes but in Netflix you don't pay to be a member, then pay again for content.

              So the Netflix analogy is not correct.

    • Difference being that you can get it now, deactivate your subscription and still listen.

    • +4

      Just to clear all remaining doubts about subscription and access to free contents, I cancelled my Audible subscription to confirm this for you. All audiobooks that were in my library, including these 32 Audible Original Audio Shows are downloadable after I quit. Happy now?

      Note these differences in terminology.

      1. What you and I call a monthly subscription, Audible calls a membership. When you paid $16.45 per month to Audible in exchange for a monthly credit, you are enrolled in a membership according to Audible.
      2. You need an Amazon account to sign in to Audible. You and I would call this a membership to Audible, but Audible has no special term for these non-subscribers.

      What happens to my audiobooks if I cancel my membership?

      Good news! The audiobooks you have purchased are yours to keep, forever. Canceling your membership does not affect your audiobooks at all. You can listen to your audiobooks on the Audible desktop site or any of our mobile applications at any time. Happy listening!

      • Thanks mate!

  • Ooooh what an amazing find!

  • Will go great with my echo dot I just got! Was just about to cancel my Audible membership but will do this first, thanks OP!!

  • +1

    This got me. I tried to cancel my membership and they’re like “look at all these things you need an active subscription for”. I feel like they beat me…

  • If its on the Aus site (I use the UK) - definitely get "six degrees of assassination" its free on the UK site and is the best free one I've heard.

    • It is not available on Audible AU.

    • is there a way to log in to the UK site? or are memberships locked to a location?

  • Thanks. Just downloaded a bunch. Have to admit I am a huge fan of Audible.

  • Also note: Stephen frys Victorian secrets is free on the app (not website)

    • Already posted here. People were reporting various success in getting it through the web and the app. It is possible that they were confused about being Audible Members meant they were subscribers.

  • I wish they'd put Dan Carlin's Hardcore History on .au

    • $13 For Wrath of the Khans is a BARAGIN!

  • Thanks OP.. had just made my monthly payment this month and wondered whether or not to stay on

  • Awesome cheers for this

  • This is a very good deal. Thanks!

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