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[eBay Plus] Sony WH-1000XM3 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones $356.40 Delivered @ Addicted To Audio eBay


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    Cheaper here from the same store here (until 31 Oct): https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/411220

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      yeah but this one would be much better deal for those who got 10% off eBay GC :)

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    I wouldn't be able to pay more than $300 for this product after the Good Guys deal :(

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      that's commercial, not everyone can access that price.

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        not disagreeing but being an OzBargainer, I struggle to pay above the lowest price :(

      • That's not commercial, that's "commercial" that was accessible to almost anyone who made the effort.

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          Really, it wasn't. Paid memberships (for most) and waiting half a week plus phonecall chaseups to get a GGC account activated

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            @justtoreply: Downloaded a copy of the uploaded receipt, walked in to JB HiFi, "yeah shouldn't be a problem", shabam booda bing!

            I think luck had everything to do with it then again maybe it was my good looks or lack there of in which case they may have felt sorry for me.

            • @oO0Dam0Oo: You price matched with the $274 deal on 30th?

              • @wahkow: 29th JB HiFi

                • @oO0Dam0Oo: I tried the same yeseterday (30/10) but was denied twice, also told at both JB's that there wasn't aany left in stock and it could take several weeks for them to arrive back in stock.

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    Just wait for the price dropping to $300 at Christmas:D The Ozbaragainers have revealed how much profit can the retailers make on this price.

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      I disagree. Mark-up and profit are different. A normal business has to pay overheads including staff, rent, overdraft etc. I do not begrudge a business making a reasonable return.

      • We will see in Christmas sales. No need to waste time on arguing on their margin though. I also reckon their cost charged by Sony is also dynamic. After selling such massive pairs, Sony may almost recover their R&D cost so that is why further drop happens after a product has been released for a few months.

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    no way people pay over $300 now for this

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      I'd say most people aren't anal enough to hold out for the cheapest price record to be broken, they'll just buy if the price suits them.

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    holding out for a sale in January. due to travel at the end of Feb, so can't purchase now because I want to claim TRS. reeeeeally want a pair though! tried them on at JB & was stunned by the comfort/fit & noise cancelling

  • Buy only if you need it. Coz those prices are gonna crash!

    • Why?
      You know something?

  • Waiting for a Bose QCII comment

    • Already happened

  • Can this be used for Gaming as well ?
    is there Audio delay ?

    • I tried it for PUBG with discord and it worked fine. I wouldn't recommend it for gaming though as the mic isn't as great compared to gaming headsets.

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    Costco (Casula/NSW) sell it for 349.95, but need membership.

  • Comfort wise are these good? I had the Mark 1 version and it had minimal padding. Can't stand it because it was pressing so hard on my head so I went to buy the QC35 instead

    • At the time of typing this comment I've been wearing my XM3's for about 4 hours. I completely forgot I had them on at points, if it wasn't for the fact I can't hear any external noise around me..

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      No real issues comfort wise here, they can get a little warm on the ears after a while though.

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    I just went into JBHIFI asked for cheapest price and they did it for $299.25. No online hassles.

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      Can you please post the receipt?


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        You can do the same thing and walk into a JB and ask for the same. If they give you a price that is higher ask for lower. If they ask you what price give that price and see what they will do. If they don’t match just say thank you and try another store.

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          Thanks for that mate.

        • Did you get white / silver?
          Is black available?

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            @0xFFFF: yeah I decided to get silver and I don't think the price was conditional on colour.

        • Thanks a lot! Fantastic price!!!!!

          Has anyone used the receipt and matched the price?

          Also, technically, this doesn't qualify for TRS as the price is just under $300:
          "your purchases are from a single business with the same Australian business number (ABN) and total AUD 300 (GST inclusive) or more"

          Will have to ask the sales guy to make it $300 even :-)

          • @vrsac: yeah I don't they they'll complain if you want to pay more haha

        • Interesting. They wouldn't match it for me in another jb store today…

          • @findingbargains: oh really? That sucks, do you have another JB close by?

            • @bkhm: Pretty much all the other stores that I called are out of stock. Never mind, ordered from Qantas.

  • I guess I can't stack P5OFF with this PLUSME code right? Coz I haven't activated my ebay plus trial yet so I can't really test it.

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      • Yea, I'm not surprised, thx m8