Computer Won't Start with GPU Installed

Hi all,

I've got a bit of an issue with my PC at the moment.

I was using it Sunday evening and all of a sudden it froze and switched off, and after that I couldn't get it to switch back on.

Through troubleshooting I've determined that the computer will only power up if the GPU (from this deal a few months ago is not hooked up correctly. Basically the computer only powers up if either the GPU isn't installed, or if it is installed it will only power up if JUST the 2 pin connector (from the 6+2 Pin cable) is connected, at which point I get no display output anyway, presumably because it's not getting enough power.

If I connect the full 8-pin connector, there is a sort of click from the PSU, the case fan spins about 1cm around and the lights on the GPU sort of flicker very briefly, and nothing more.

Specs are:

Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3

Xeon x3440

2x8GB Corsair Dominator DDR3

Asus RX 570

Corsair RM550x PSU.

Any insight much appreciated!



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    get the gpu tested on another machine (friend) , if ok then psu problem

    worth to test with another gpu (friend) to eliminate mobo issue

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    Faulty psu?

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    Second (third?) above comments. Sounds like a PSU issue if the GPU works in another system. Stop testing it by the way - a bad PSU can fry everything you hook it up to.

  • Thanks for the quick responses. The PSU is only ~18 months old. Would this still be under Corsair warranty (if it is the issue)?

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      How long was the Corsair standard warranty when you checked on their website?

      How much was it ?

      PSU issue sounds likely to me.

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      Corsair's standard PSU warranty is 7 years, well within it still. I am a little surprised though - it's not just that Corsair's a good brand, but even in its range of PSUs the RM550x is a comparatively solid (well designed, good components, etc) model.

      Did you get it from a brick and mortar shop? Might be worth taking it in so they can check it before you're out the (upfront) shipping costs and time and effort of RMA'ing it.

      • Yes I bought it from MSY. I don't have my sales invoice anymore but I did order it online and the purchase is still listed on my account. Is this sufficient evidence for a warranty claim?

        edit: I agree with you on your points regarding Corsair. That was why I chose it over other brands. Surprised myself if this is the case.

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          Yeah - iirc, MSY should also email you the invoice? But otherwise the record of the purchase on your account should be enough. Go in on maybe a quiet day and ask if they can test it for you.

          • @HighAndDry: Cheers!

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            @HighAndDry: You're correct I do still have the email from the original order.

            • @GregRust: Good stuff. To be safe, I'd actually take the whole computer in and ask (very nicely) if they can test the mobo and GPU just to make sure the PSU didn't take anything else with it when it popped. If it did - they should all be covered under Corsair's warranty for the PSU and you can get that process underway right there too.

              • @HighAndDry: Perfect. Thanks so much for the info.

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                I'd actually take the whole computer in and ask (very nicely) if they can test the mobo and GPU

                They can't even vacuum the store floors why are they going to do this

                • @DisabledUser26950: Exactly I wouldn't expect that kind of service from MSY, they are abysmal in that regard from my experience at least

                • @DisabledUser26950: I see MSY staff as like… my kinda geek. You tell them to do general cleaning, customer service, etc - and that'd be like cleaning the house for me. But you ask them to do stuff that's tech-related, and they're usually happy to help. Gotta catch them when they're not flat-out busy though.

                  • @HighAndDry:

                    Gotta catch them when they're not flat-out busy though.

                    Which is when?

                    • @John Kimble: Honestly it depends on the store. I remember going to one in the middle of the day on a weekday. Basically only myself and one other customer in the store - asked them if they could reflash an X370 motherboard for me because I was using a Zen+ CPU and the guy was like, yeah sure.

        • Honestly sounds like you just got unlucky as hell.

    • Depending on where you bought it also counts, Corsair is either 24m or up to 5 years depending on which model you bought.

  • As this psu is modular have you tried a different cable and psu socket?

    • Unfortunately it only came with one 6+2 Pin cable. I did try switching around the 4+4 CPU Cable with it at the PSU end and no difference unfortunately.

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    I bought this exact GPU from the same deal.

    It worked for about 2 weeks then the screen went DEAD.

    Finally I was able to isolate the issue and it was the GPU.

    I think there is an issue with their batch, because I've seen three instances of the same RX 570 from the tech mall sale become faulty AND the speed in which Tech Mall just accepted the return verified as faulty makes me think they know this batch has problems.

    • Sorry to hear that. Sadly I've got no spare GPU or PSU, so I can only really isolate it as far as it's either the GPU or the PSU. Will see if someone I know has a spare of one or the other so that I can isolate it further…

    • I had the exact same issue, also from Tech Mall eBay sale. Asus RX 570 failed after about a months usage, got it replaced under warranty. Installed the replacement, it lasted for about four hours. Got refunded under warranty. Has not had a single issue with an older Asus R9 380 card that's been in the same computer for months. My conclusion is that I'll avoid Asus graphics cards for now. Luckily I had multiple computers available all the time, so I was quickly able to determine the failed component.

      • I got them to refund the money straight away instead of a replacement and bought an RX580 instead, but again with Asus….gulp!

        • Hi mate. How did you go about sorting a refund from TechMall? eBay says that it's now outside the sellers return window?

          • @GregRust: Is it a hardware defect kf some sort?

            If so, odds are you're covered by eBay buyer protection and/or the Aussie laws.

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              @N1NJ4W4RR10R: Hopefully. I've sent the GPU back to TechMall and am awaiting their analysis. Hoping to get a refund.

  • i had a similar problem few months ago.. thought my GPU or PSU wasn't

    One of my CPU FANs was so clogged up in dust it stopped spinning, it would not not let you go pass bios, screen goes black

    Simple vacuum and my computer worked as normal again

  • It needs COFFEE

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  • Try insert RX 570 into 2nd PCIE slot

    • I have tried that but get the same result 😞

  • Hey guys. I took the PSU into MSY and got it tested and it’s all working fine, which really only leaves the graphics card as a possibility.

    What’s the best way to confirm that it is in fact the problem and if so how do I go about initiating a return from Techmall?

    • I'm pretty sure that is your issue. As myself and tsunamisurfer both had the exact same issue with the same card bought from the same place. I contacted them via eBay messaging. Did not outright request a return or refund, just sent a general message describing the issue.

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