Best Way to Book SYD-HKG-SIN-SYD

I've only ever booked return trips, single destinations overseas.

I was just wondering if anyone has any advice for booking a trip from Sydney to HKG, then to SIN and back to SYD? (either methods or particular search engines)

Im looking to travel over Dec-Jan, my dates are pretty flexible over that time. It being the holiday period, im not expecting any bargains, but would definitely be aiming for cheapest fares possible (and non-stop).


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    You could check whether multi-city fares are cheaper or split your trip up into two legs. SYD->SIN return and SIN->HKG return.


    Might be able to do that cheapest on scoot or maybe air asia.

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    Try query multi-city in Expedia, it would be a good start to compare prices. Sometimes it may be worth the extra money to book with a single full serviced airline as usually they consider your trips as multiple stopovers, I think Cathay would do this route


    Try multi-city in cathay pacific or singapore airlines. It is definitely cheaper to do it this way than booking 2 legs.


    book Singapore airlines, to hong kong
    u will have to transit in Singapore, both ways, check how long u are allowed to stay in Singapore, cause some allow stay over limit


    Singapore airlines - transit on the way out and stopover on the way back

    In any event, do a multi-city search on any flight search engine should get you the flights available