What Are Your Fave Work Snacks for a Desk Job (Preferable Healthy)

Hi OzB,

Just started a secondment that will last 6 months ish where I will be sitting down/in a desk ~8 hours a day. This is a different to my previous role where I have been on my feet, walking around, pushing / moving heavy objects (which I enjoy as I think of it as a form of exercise).

I have had admin days on the desk prior, but they have only been a handful of days each month, nothing in long stretches such as this and I have never had more than 2 days in a row where I have sat down the entire day in my career.

What are some work snacks / any tips that you office workers recommend? I prefer to stay away from sugary or unhealthy snacks and have been drinking plenty of water so I can get up and walk to the toilet a few times a day.

After doing a Coles run tonight I only snacks I picked up are some cans of tuna, bananas and nuts to last me the rest of the week lol. Absolute mental blank… and those discounted tim tams were on the corner of every aisle !!!

Cheers in advanced



    My current fav is prunes! But really if you don't get into the habit of snacking it's a lot better for your calorie intake. Snacking has only been around since people started getting fat…


    Why snack? You'll gain weight. Trust me.


    As someone who has worked in an office (almost without moving) for more than a decade, trust me, you don't need any snacks. Water & coffee in that order.


    I snack on fruits and dry oats. Mostly strawberries as they are low in calories and delicious. Sometimes I also bring a cherry tomatoes, as they are also very low in calories. But I always bring enough snacks for the day in my lunch box.

    Other than that my tips is to get a good stand/sit desk. Its quite tiring siting on chairs all day long.. I can't compete with Scully and Hitchcock on this one (NINE NINE!). Standing up helps when you feel sore in your back or feeling sleepy. You could also install a software to remind you of breaks and stretches (my company uses RSIGuard). Or just set a reminder in your phone/smartwatch.


    Jerky. Beef, venison, kangaroo, horse, etc


    If you like Jerky…


    This is the best Jerky I have ever tasted. Also only get the Rajun Cajun flavour (usually the only one that sells out at limited IGA's and some celebrations).


    random sandwich in common fridge/kitchen


    Celery Sticks, Carrots with Hommus
    Continental Cucumber with Salt
    Rockmelon, Honeydew, Watermelon
    Strawberries, Blueberries
    Dried Seaweed Snacks (Come in 5g packs at coles, 10g packs on Amazon)
    Philadelphia Portion with Crisps
    Honey Glazed Macadamias
    Corn Puff Balls (Chicken, Sea Salt with Vinegar)
    Sorghum Popcorn (Expensive and hard to find but incredibly time consuming to eat and fun too)
    Protein Balls (Boost sells some, Freshmeals2u and Youfoodz do too)


    Water. Suppresses hunger.

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    I've been doing the desk job for 9mo now… firstly you're going to have the sorest back in the world, get yourself a good chair.

    Snacks wise… here's what I do in a day. Keeping in mind I'm completely sedentary other than walks to the loo/lunch/sink.

    I know it's boring but I know how much food is going in, I know that gets me through the day, and it's stuff I can buy over the weekend and just bring in and leave at work which allows me to not worry about bringing stuff in.

    I put on heaps of weight for the first little while at work cause I was used to having an exercise-full job like you, and eating as such. You can get a fuzzy brain if you are doing brain-intensive stuff and not eating as much, so make sure you have a big breakfast and plenty of slow-release energy stuff like nuts to balance out the stuff like fruit. I go light during the day and a big breaky and big ish dinner. With that, depending on the breaky/ dinner, you can easily turn this into a gain weight or lose weight diet.

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      Those Smooshed balls are pretty good, but they are a bit too pricey for me to buy a lot. I ended up making my own at home using a variation of this recipe: http://www.myfoodandhappiness.com/the-perfect-protein-energy....

      I cheapen it a bit further by using the Woolworths granulated nuts instead of cashews.. some other tweaks..

      No-one asked, but this is my recipe:

      Recipe: Chocolate Date Protein Squares


      1 cup of granulated nuts

      1 cup of pitted medjool dates

      1 tbsp coconut oil

      1 scoop chocolate protein powder

      2 tbsp cocoa powder

      Optional extras:

      1.5 tbsp chia seeds

      2 tbsp rolled oats

      Flavouring / essence (to taste – about a tbsp normally)


      1) Place all ingredients into a blender, except the optional flavouring.
      Tip: Place the granulated nuts at the bottom, so they have a chance to mix before the dates thicken the mix.

      2) Blend.

      3) If adding the optional flavouring, add to the blended mix and stir through.

      4) Transfer to container and compact with a spoon, forming an even layer.
      I suggest a standard plastic take-away container, which is the perfect size and makes it easy to remove the solid square from afterwards.

      5) Fridge the container for 4-6 hours.

      6) Once set remove from the container and cut into desired size.

      Experimental flavouring I’ve tried:

      Peppermint: Favourite
      Ovaltine / Milo: Good – adds a malty taste
      Coconut: Not bad
      Orange: Not bad
      Lemon: Not a fan, didn’t really work.

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        Nice! Yeah I've made some too, they're super cheap to make - I've just had a lot on the last few weeks so I've taken to buying them haha. Thanks for sharing your recipe :)

        You should also try making some home made Clif bars, that's good fun and you can make them absolutely delicious and zero waste (ish) - adding rice bubbles is one of my favourite things to do to em!

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          I've never heard of Clif bars, but they sound good! I love dates and peanut butter, probably more than I should. I'll give it a go next time I'm in a cooking mood.


        How long do they last for? Have you tried the youfoodz bliss balls?


    Overnight oats were a game-changer for me.. You can prepare a whole weeks worth, it's healthy, you can eat straight from the jar and it keeps you full. I make mine with more chia seed than anything. You can buy the chia seeds much cheaper online to make it more affordable - Woolworths sell a 500g bag for $13, but you can get a 1kg bag online for closer to $10.

    If you have a dehydrator you can make some tasty additions too. I dry bananas, strawberries and blueberries to add, or you can make fruit roll-ups as a side dish.

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    Water and pen caps.


    I have a big jar with a mix of almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds and goji berries, and I fill up a small container of this every day and bring to work. Pretty yummy, filling and healthy. You can add other stuff though, make it whatever you want

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    Dark chocolate and a glass of red


    A packet of Durian wafers.

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