What Are Your Fave Work Snacks for a Desk Job (Preferable Healthy)

Hi OzB,

Just started a secondment that will last 6 months ish where I will be sitting down/in a desk ~8 hours a day. This is a different to my previous role where I have been on my feet, walking around, pushing / moving heavy objects (which I enjoy as I think of it as a form of exercise).

I have had admin days on the desk prior, but they have only been a handful of days each month, nothing in long stretches such as this and I have never had more than 2 days in a row where I have sat down the entire day in my career.

What are some work snacks / any tips that you office workers recommend? I prefer to stay away from sugary or unhealthy snacks and have been drinking plenty of water so I can get up and walk to the toilet a few times a day.

After doing a Coles run tonight I only snacks I picked up are some cans of tuna, bananas and nuts to last me the rest of the week lol. Absolute mental blank… and those discounted tim tams were on the corner of every aisle !!!

Cheers in advanced


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