expired $4.95 Sandisk 1GB SD Card @ ShoppingSquare.com.au


Offer from the No.1 Australian Sandisk Online Seller

$4.99 Postage Australia Wide with transit insurance ($2.5 postage for each additional unit)

Brand New with 5-year Warranty from SanDisk

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Shopping Square

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    Wow every day memory gets cheaper and cheaper - this is a nice deal. and the shipping price is reasonable especially for multiple purchases


      Yeah. Paid $100 for a 32MB Compact Flash back in 2000 for my Kodak 2MP camera. Now you get 30x the capacity, 1/10 the price, although the sensor of a typical P&S camera only has 5x the resolution (10MP).


    It does makes you wonder how much profit the manufacturers of these cards were forking in before isn't it? I got one around $80 for a 512 MB card just years ago.


      A lot of it goes into start up and research. The price paid on the cards back in 2000 was helping them recover some of the millions poured into research and the initial costs of the factories (and setting up supply chains etc).

      That was all probably paid off a couple of years ago. From here on, any new factories can build machines based on the best of what already works, etc or just old factories can produce the newer stuff.

      Very little cost to continue going forwards, compared to the original discovery etc.

      It may go the same way for Blu-Ray … you know, 5 years time the price drops massively. Though, as it's Sony's proprietary technology, not sure the drop will be as massive …


      The price points for storage remain constant; you just get more for your money. Hence a number of years ago I spent $100 for a CF card. I'd probably spend the same these days but I'd get more storage for my money. (In this case 1GB vs 16GB).


    Its says "Our Price: $8.74 GST Inc"


    ahk, thanks


    Postage is not acceptable.


    I got those cheaper on eBay
    URL http://tinyurl.com/6ng3oo

    even from the same shop!! FYI apus auction = shoppingsquare.com.au



      Yes good find - looking back at all the past completed deals by apus - very few have sold for more than $10 including free shipping. (This deal $4.95 with $4.99 shipping = $10)

      Some as low as $5 with free shipping. So if you are a little patient you should easily get this for at least $6-$7 and from the same vendor.

      And same deal for should see you getting 2GB for around $13-14 with free shipping - lowest $10 odd and highest with Buy now $17.95

      Then also 4GB selling for around the $20-23 mark inc postage -all Sandisk (some under $20)

      Pays to shop around AND read the OZbargain members comments for great tips!!!

      — Guess it also puts a watching brief on all Shopping square posts, especially since its the vendor who posts them with special codes that are NOT that special


      Yeah. Sure. I will recommend everyone to go to eBay and bid on SD cards from ApusAuction because they are usually sold for under $10 delivered. No point bidding on the Chnese/Hong Kong sellers as 80% of their SD cards are Genuine Hacked with lower capacity.

      The problem is, when more people go and bid on their eBay auctions, the price will actually go up to a point that they are not cheaper anymore.

      Aargh. Pretend I have not said anything. Ssshhhh… No, there is really nothing happening there on eBay. /me starts bidding on eBay…


        So bid for a 4GB version they go for $20 inc shipping and leave the 1Gb ones for others ;wink wink


    I have bought Sandisk Memory from ShoppingSquare before. Bought 3 4GB micro SD cards when they were buy 2 get 1 free. Huge problems. Not recommended.

    Most likely you will not get a retail boxed item just a plastic case.

    I paid them $2.50 each to ship three items and I received them in a Registered Post WIDE envelope. No protection. Nothing.
    There is no mention of this on their website.

    I would assume that when I purchase from one of Australia's largest retailer's I would have gotten a full retail product.
    What seemed cheap from them, ended up to be a major disappointment :-(