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[Refurb] Asus ROG GL502VS-GZ233T Laptop: i7 7700HQ, 16GB RAM, 256GB+1TB, GTX1070 $1,559.20 Delivered @ Treasure PC eBay


Although it doesn't state it on the description I can confirm with the seller that the screen refresh rate is 120hz, they were nice enough to send me some screen shots.

Note: This has a TN Panel

Screen 1
Screen 2

Manufacturer NumberGL502VS-GZ233T
ProcessorIntel® Quad Core™ i7 7700HQ (2.8~3.8Ghz)
Operating SystemWindows® 10 Home 64bit
Memory16 GB DDR4 2133 RAM
Display15.6" (16:9) LED backlit FHD (1920x1080) Anti-Glare Panel 72% NTSC G-Sync wideview technology
GraphicDedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 VRAM
Storage256GB PCIe Gen3 x4SSD +1TB SATA 3
HDDCameraHD CamNetworking
Wifi Integrated Intel Dual Band 802.11AC

Gigabit Realtek Lan

BT 4.1 support (on WLAN+ BT 4.1combo card)

Interface1 x Microphone-in/Headphone-out jack
1 x SD Card Reader
1 x Type C USB3.0 (USB3.1 GEN1)
3 x Type A USB3.0 (USB3.1 GEN1)
1 x RJ45 LAN Jack for LAN insert
1 x HDMI
1 x mini Display Port
1 x AC adapter plug

Support Windows 10 Cortana with Voice
ASUS SonicMaster Technology

4Cell 64Whrs Battery
39.0 x 26.6 x 2.35 cm (WxDxH)
2.24 kg (with Polymer Battery)
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year Asus pick up & return warranty

Also the 17" version with 75hz display here for $1,719.20

Original PEARTREE 20% off 106 Stores on eBay Deal Post

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  • +6

    A 1TB GTX1070 seems excessive.

    • haha I just saw that.

    • LOL, managed to fit it all in

    • +1

      Turns out it's effectively 950GB though, ugh.

  • Too bad not a 17 inch thunderbolt

  • +2

    Stupid good price for a 1070 laptop. 7700HQ is last gen, but is still very decent.

    • -1

      I might be stupid but I haven't seen a laptop with 8700hq yet..in that case this is still current gen.

      • +5

        7700HQ definitely last gen now but still very good for laptop gaming.

        The i7 8750H is the successor to the 7700HQ, but with 2 more cores and this is the CPU found in most 2018 full sized gaming laptops.

        The i5 8300H is essentially a faster version of the 7700HQ.

  • +2

    Hi all, just letting people know that I have the 1060 version of this and the fan gets quite loud, I wonder how the 1070 would go. Still though, those specs and price are nice.

    • 1070 version has different cooling solution. It is still loud however, but the extra few mm added to thickness really helps move heat away from the laptop.

      EDIT: More specifically the VS variant is thicker than the VM/VT variant.

    • Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I have the 1060 version as well and I believe the 1060 is the full caffeine version instead of the HQ.

      Does anyone know?

    • I have the 1070 version, fan noise is pretty reasonable under full load.

      Paid $2500 for it maybe 2 years ago(?), don't regret. Cheap build quality and the screen is interesting but for the performance it was well worth the money.

      nb: mine is the 6000 series with the IPS screen

  • Is there a reason they still use TN panels? Is it just faster response times for cheaper? I don't think I could go back to a TN panel

    • +1

      It's mainly to save some bucks, but TN does also have lower response time which is good for twitch shooters, although OLED would also solve the issue of response time while having top picture quality, it just hasn't caught on for laptops due to cost. I haven't used a TN panel for years, don't think I could go back to one either, so used to good colour, contrast and viewing angles. My current Lenovo X1 laptop has a QHD OLED screen, it's not a gaming laptop though, but man has it ruined every other screen out there for me :(

    • +3

      Newer high end TN panels can have better stats in the areas IPS are well known for than a cheap IPS panel.

      I have a cheap IPS panel in my recent laptop that has ~50% sRGB, 25ms response times, 250nit brightness and it can't hold a candle to the newer TN panels that best it in everything.

      I haven't checked out the stats of this particular TN panel, but I would be surprised if it's not a decent one that would be better than my IPS panel.

      Notebookcheck.com is showing a good IPS panel for this laptop: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Asus-ROG-Strix-GL502VS-Noteboo...
      Does anyone have a link to the TN panel used in this one for this listing?

    • Want to know how good this particular TN panel looks? Comparable to mid- / low-end IPS?

  • so cheap!

  • +11

    How can this cost $1500 and an iPhone $2300.

    • +2

      I can tell you why if you really wanna know but it kind of makes both of us feel dumb after sharing it.

    • I mean, for one, this is a refurb,

  • Description says IPS panel as do all reviews online?

  • Does manufacturer refurbished mean second hand?

    • Yes but they may be devices barely used and near-new. Not always it's used though, some laptops may have returned to the manufacturer due to later gen laptop release or the laptop simply not selling.
      Refurbished products are OK to buy, just make sure it has warranty for at least 6 months.

  • 75Hz on 17.3" :(

    • Not to mention HP Omen 17 last year model can be had around same price but new, with 120Hz G Sync.

  • +8

    Have this exact model. Some information about it:
    I've always thought display was IPS - it doesn't suffer from bad viewing angles.
    It came with some minor scratches to screen and body.
    It uses battery when gaming - this is probably the most disappointing part although its apparently a common thing among gaming laptops
    It has this wierd issue where screen won't turn on after sleeping/being turned off overnight. Just simply putting it to sleep and turning it on again fixes most of the time except sometimes it changes the screen ratio to 4:3 which you have to fully power down and turn on to fix. Its a common issue with this model.
    Despite its flaws, I'd still recommend it.

    If anyone has any questions about I'm happy to answer.

    • +1

      The included power adapter is rated at less than the power draw of the machine? That's a big oversight by Asus?

      Have you looked into getting a beefier power supply for it so that doesn't happen?

      Could you please go into Device Manager - Monitors - Right click on the monitor and go into properties - then Hardware IDs, and please tell us the model name that comes up?

      • +2

        Not sure, its 230Watt power supply and I haven't tried anything beefier.

        For Hardware ID

        • Thanks for that.

          That's a 120hz IPS panel by the looks of things.

          I think it has the 30pin connector in the same place as my AUO41ED panel that is.. crap. I want that panel in my laptop and going to research if it's a possible swap.

          I think maybe a 230w would be the limit for portability of a power supply. I'm surprised the TDP of 7700HQ and 1070 exceed it - pretty sure the CPU is 45w max and the 1070 is 150w. Screens and solid/hard drives sip power compared to the chips. Maybe the fans it needs to keep cool are very powerful!

          • @c0balt: When I read in the OP it was TN I was surprised. Anyway its a great display.

            I was also wondering about what is actually causing it to go over 230W. It drains quite slowly and isn't a problem for my 2hr gaming sessions.

            • @FireRunner: Do you have the 6000 series CPU (the older model) or the 7000 series? Mine is definitely IPS in the 6000 series version

              • @unique452: Its definitely the 7th Gen: i7-7700HQ. Product number matches. Its actually the same seller.

            • @FireRunner: It's very possible that Hardware Unboxed had a different panel in their unit or were misinformed by the rep. They usually don't get things wrong so there may be a reason why they said TN yet the information I found using the model number you gave states IPS

    • Mainly interested in max brightness, clarity and viewing angles.

      Have bad experience with TN panels especially with laptops where I have a limited angle I can tilt the laptop on my chest lying down to get a perfect picture.

      Kind of the main reason I switched to a desktop even though I would benefit from a laptop way more (using a tablet in bed as we speak because lazy af bed user ftw)

      I tend to use laptops also in very dim lighting so bright af screens is a benefit in my use case scenario.

      I am contemplating getting a side table with extended arm laptop mount for my bed so I can game, browse, whatever in bed.

      Have found some contenders for my tablet but honestly I don't mind holding my tablet for now but laptop definitely needs something to rest on.

      Thoughts? Questions?

      • +2

        I must admit I'm NOT super picky with displays.
        Viewing angles are not a problem at all.
        It doesn't go super bright - I can stare at it at full brightness without hurting my eyes if that can be used as a reference.

        EDIT: Also it appears my screen is IPS

        • I am the total opposite.. I would pay extra for a sharper, clearer, brighter screen display with vastly superior viewing angles as for me the screen is the most important part of the system after the bare processing power and with this amount of processing power both graphically and computational an inferior screen would be a total waste and mean a pass from me and rather look at more better screen specced laptops.

          I forgot which laptop it was that I saw as a display unit once but it decimated all other laptops around it and they were all high end GTX1080 laptops. Might have been the predator but can't remember now but the unit was in a dimly lit room meant to showcase it's clarity versus the competition in dark room conditions.. it was insane I thought it was a prank hoax but I checked it out settings and all and nope seemed legit.

          Wish I could remember it now but gg rip memory.

          • @AlienC: Alien: see HP Omens, either new 15 on eBay with Proper10 code, or last year 17in in HP Store. Both have 120 or 144 panels, G Sync. See Notebookreview forums for details about panels, tons of info. 15 inch has best 15 inch panel you can get in a 15in laptop at about 500 less than the nearest competitor.

      • Projector pointed at the ceiling? It sounds like you want the best experience laying in bed and I think it would be hard to top a projector pointed directly up so you can lie back and get super comfy.

        • +1

          It is in the cards.

          But my walls are honestly a little weird and different and have toyed with the idea and realised it wouldn't work for this bedroom.

          Tablet right now is giving the best experience but cannot pc game on a tablet.. Have tried with some pc streaming software.. we are definitely not there yet for tablets that is.

          • @AlienC: Also tablets are also a pain to keep uprightcompared to a traditional laptop with a hinge. Even a Surface Pro doesn't work that great in bed.

            I've tried a lot of things over the years to game comfortably in bed. It's just not really possible without arms going numb after ~30 minutes unless using a controller and a TV at the end of the bed.

            Laptops are great for watching movies in bed and light surfing/work, but they are not designed to be propped up on a doona that's over your knees as one hand is on the keyboard and another on a mouse as you game on it. They get super hot and your arms get numb quickly.

            Steam Link on a TV at the end of the bed might be worth looking into.

            • @c0balt: No room in the room for a TV unfortunately unless I block my only working window and shift sideways which would ruin comfort factor by 100.

              Have considered wall mounting but the size of TV I was thinking of scared the crap out of more when thinking of worst case scenarios.

              It is an odd predicament and what pains me is if I had any of the other rooms in the house it might be easily doable.. Honestly considering renovating the downstairs unused but still pretty much construction site condition basement.. it is super cool down there also and has it's own bathroom just needs a lot of wall repair work and some flooring besides concrete and then some proper electrical work.

              Maybe that should be my project for the summer.

              Would be awesome to have another room for visitors maybe.

              • -1

                @AlienC: It's actually a basement below ground level? Can't beat that for a place to chill during summer. Or warm up during winter. Just make sure it doesn't flood, and consider putting a sump+pump in under floating flooring as things can get real messy fast if water comes in and you don't have a way of getting it out.

                Yeah maybe give up on the idea to game in the bedroom. Should just be for sleeping and.. horizontal fun, so the experts say these days.

                • @c0balt: Pretty much. We'll because it is on a hill with lots of inclines and valleys it won't really flood in the natural way of filling up it will just pour into the backyard which is even lower house is on the top part of the hill backyard goes down.

                  But yeah the basement gets no sun but still has a window to the outside backyard kinda but because of all the awesome shade it is very nice and cool.. Honestly it is the perfect gaming hub kinda especially with right next to the bathroom.

                  I am starting to get tired and a little bit fatigued so I am going to stop posting comments for more until I get some rest and think more about these topics.

                  Thanks for your input so far everyone that have all been for the most part helpful.

    • Was yours a refurbished one as well? How long have you had it for?

  • The display and wireless drivers get messed up on this model after a windows update. It's because the chipset package confuses Windows… and it doesn't help with the way ASUS supply the packages for updates

  • Thoughts on the 17 inch one with 1080 for an extra $450?

    Asus ROG Strix GL702VI Laptop i7 7700HQ GTX1080 16GB RAM 256GB SSD 1TB 17.3" FHD


    • Great price, check the thermals though. This 02 series is poorly reviewed for thermals, even more so than gaming laptops usually are. Fan noise would then be my next worry, check Notebookreview forums and see. You do get a year warranty, but that won't cover the product running at 80-100 all the time.

  • As someone who likes to play at high FPS at the cost of graphics settings, I would go for i7-8570H + GTX 1060 (metabox) instead of i7-7700HQ + GTX 1070. At higher FPS, "stress" relatives shifts on the CPU from GPU.

    Great deal nonetheless. Only 2 left, hurry if you want it

  • +1

    With the Proper10 code, you can get a new HP Omen with 144Hz G Sync and 8750H, NVME SSD for under 1900. Much better IMO. These Asus GL models are rated poorly for their thermal design also.

    • From where? Which model? Can you share the link/details?

      • +1

        Yeah I haven't figured out how to post deals, but the seller has it poorly listed on eBay. It's under HP Gamora, but the model numbers (4TK etc) can be cross Googled to show they are a few of the HP DC models, which are the new HP Omen 2018 15 inchers. Variants are 1060/1070 max Q/1070 max Q with 512 GB SSD instead of 256 that the first two come with.

        HPs website doesn't list the NVME drivers, but all models are the same and have more or less identical specs. The advantage to HPs higher prices are the 4 zone RGB keyboard lighting versus the 2 zone on these models, which I don't care about in the slightest.

        Only potential issue with these are the thermals, which is pretty widespread in 8750h laptops with discrete graphics. The screen is literally the best you can get within several hundred dollars- and the next brands up usually have same thermals and no G Sync.

        Havent got it yet obviously though, only just bought :)

        • Damn man that is good, thanks a ton for sharing

          Looks like I'll buy it

          • @Sopzo: I have been looking at this daily for 2 weeks, this Proper10 code could not have come at a better time. Asus GL503VM from this seller is OK deal, but still TN, no G Sync. GL502/702 should be avoided.

            • @Spikey699: Found the HP you are talking about - looks like $2499 for the sort of equivalent before discount? Is an extra ~$6-700 worth it for a better screen (144 gsync vs 120 gsync), newer cpu and worse gpu (1070 maxqvs 1070)? Am I missing something?

              • @avarice: It's 2399, no?

              • @avarice: This laptop is 60Hz G-Sync, not 120. So big difference there. Pointless to have a 1070 paired with 60Hz for G-Sync really. But yeah, the HP screen is one of the top rated, much faster MS response also I believe. IPS also, which is a positive in my book, YMMV. The thermals are better, CPU is better. Faster RAM, faster SDD type.

                2399-10% = 2160, so 600 different. A bit of money to be sure. But quite different specs.

                Not to mention new versus refurbished! Earlier comments mentioned scratches on body and screen. I don't consider that refurbished, I would be pissed if I spent 1500 for a scratched screen laptop.

        • Found the listings. They're indeed poorly listed…

          Am I the only one seeing a completely empty description on the eBay listing? Doesn't instill much confidence

          • @whirlpool_guy: Click on Read more in the Item description section

          • @whirlpool_guy: Yeah we will see. Pretty high rated seller though. If it was 0 rated with that listing would have been a very different thought process!

        • Btw you should post this as a separate deal

          Just go to "Deals" and then "+ Submit Deals"

  • Deal is over! Has anyone found anything similar at similar price range. The Dell G5 is just less impressive.

    • +1

      At similar price, only refurbs, so eBay. If the GL503VM is still available, that seems to be great, although 1060 not 1070 Max. Screen very highly regarded though. Might not have G-Sync.

      Search eBay for laptop 1060 (or 1070 as per your desire) and sort price high to low, scroll until you get to 1700ish, keeping in mind Proper10 code will net you 170 off at that price (i.e. 1700 starts you at 1530, more if there is a Peartree discount).