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Fujifilm XF 27mm F2.8 - Black $199.95 ($99.95 after Cashback Redemption) @ Ted's Camera


Price is $199.95 but you can get a $100 cashback bringing it down to $99.95. You can also get a $10 voucher if you join ClubTed bringing it down to $89.95.

"The Fuji XF 27mm f2.8 lens adds a pancake prime to the growing line up of Fuji XF lenses. With a 35mm equivalent focal length of 41mm, this lens is perfect for a variety of uses such as street, landscapes, portraits and architecture. Leave the 27mm f2.8 on your Fuji X series body to have the ultimate, high-quality, lightweight travel combo."

Link to Cashback Promotion

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    Oh wow, this is a no brainer at this price IMHO. Great lens - has the usual Fuji sharpness, is reasonably bright, and very compact.

    • Yep i thought it was a bargain at 150 with the last cashback. No reason not to have it now.

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      Do Fujifilm lenses work only with Fujifilm cameras?

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        • Indeed due to the construction of the lens using it for other cameras (e.g. Sony Alpha, MFT) might not be desirable.

        • Ta

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    prepare for disappointment with Ted's stock

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    I was about to post this! I was so pissed off that I couldn't get the 35mm and 27mm from the ebay sale recently. After checking a few sites, I stumbled upon Ted's which is actually cheaper than the ebay deal (119.2$).

    I actually had DigiDirect to price match this as Ted's doesn't have the silver. Bought it for $199 ($99 after cashback), picked up from Melb CBD.

    Additionally, I checked out the 35mm f2 when I was in the store and one of the sales rep actually offered me a discounted price of $480 which would bring it to $380 after cashback (tried haggling down to $440 so I can get the ebay price of $340 after cashback but he couldn't do it).

  • Thanks for sharing this! I missed out on the eBay deal but glad this is cheaper!

  • Fantastic find. Thank you. Will go perfectly with the X-T20 I picked up a few days ago in the ebay sale.

    Ken Rockwell has a fantastic review of this lens here: https://kenrockwell.com/fuji/x-mount-lenses/27mm-f28.htm

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      Remember, Ken supports his growing family through his website (especially Ryan, who's been doing a lot of growing the last few years), so don't forget to make a donation, use his buying links…blah blah blah…

      • +3

        Which is why I go to Christopher Frost if I need a lens review.

        • +1

          Chris is good.

        • I've never watched any of Christopher Frost's reviews, but you're right, Christopher also has a good video review of this lens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2DxYVxtZ4w

          But poor Ken. Won't someone pleeeaaassseee think of his children?

    • thanks for the link, but it seems like the bokeh is not bokeh enough as per Ken's review.

      • +2

        You don't buy this lens for the bokeh.

  • Bummer… just pick up one today, bought via their ebay store last Fri for $237. Good lens.

    • Oh sheet.

    • +1

      Claim ebay price protection

      • Within 48 hr though…Bought last Friday, pick up Mon , ~ > 48 hr.

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    Only fits fuji cameras?

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  • Shit… someone convince me to sell my x100f for an x-e3 or xt20 so i can cash in on these sweet ass deals

    • +1

      I'll try.

      'You should do it'

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    Can't complain at this price but minimum focus distance on this lens is atrocious and there rendering it quite useless for close up shots (eg. Taking photos of food)

      • +4

        Last time I checked, photographic skill doesn't allow the lens to focus at a closer distance.
        If you have nothing useful to contribute, maybe you should just keep quiet like you normally do elsewhere except when you are in front of your computer screen

  • Been fighting off the lower price ranges but this is just too perfect for travel. Thanks OP.

  • How do you get the cashback?

  • Anyone knows of a good deal with the XF 10-24mm F4? Missed the last deal.

    • Same for 50-140mm F2.8.

    • also 16-55 f2.8

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    For a second I thought this was a robot vacuum.

  • Anyone has any idea, can i claim more than 1 lenses (different focal length) ? i am a bit confused with the T&C statement.

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      As many as you want

  • thank you op,bought one,when I was paying,one couple were there to buy this lens too

  • Thanks OP. Got this lens for $179.95 from Teds Chadstone today as they were having an additional 10% off storewide for Chaddy's Shop Till You Drop event. Great compact lens.

    • any idea when the deal expired ?

      • Deal's expired. It was a one day event at Chaddy which was crowded as.

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    And Now it's $69.95!!!! 15%OFF @ TEDS and $100 cashback!

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      and NOW, about 4 hours later, it's excluded from TEDS 15%off.

      • Thanks for the info, mate :) wont be getting it today.
        will be getting 16-55 2.8 and either 56 1.2 or 50-140 2.8
        still thinking

  • Same deal again. This time bigger and better https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/419935

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